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9-11 Age Category Second Prize

First Prize 1. Kruthika Prakash
1. B.Adithan 2. Aatishya Mohanty
2. Devki Jayanti Pande
Third Prize
Second Prize 1. Anupama Gopalan (Bangalore)
1. P.Adarsh (Coimbatore) 2. Anuradha Rao
2. P.Shanthala Shenoi
Third Prize 1. Ayesha Dash
1, Aakhaya Singh 2. Shreeya Kumaresan
2. B.Abhinav

12-15 Age Category

First Prize
1. Anjney Midha
2. P.Abhinav (Coimbatore)
How can I make earth a Once there was a beautiful Mother who gave birth to ten children. They lived in small
beautiful home. There was a snow covered mountain on one side, a beautiful garden
greener place? on the other side and a fresh stream and fruit bearing garden covering the house.

It was a rainy day and the children were playing in the stream happily and they had a
bullock cart to carry them everywhere. They had a guest to their house, an angel
dressed in white and black,named "Science and Technology". She taught them to
build and invent things .They soon started to work on a motor that was fixed to the
cart and the bullock was removed.

The motor cart ran so fast that each child wanted a cart for themselves. So with the
help of the angel they chopped the trees in their garden and the place soon became
barren. They built a factory from where lot of waste was sent to the stream and there
was a lot of noise around .The clouds around turned dark due to smoke.

One fine day the house was covered with flood due to the melting of ice from the
mountains. They had no fruits to eat and the water tasted bad. The mother was
coughing and swooning slowly. She had tremors and there were cracks on her skin.
The children and the angel were so worried that they surrounded the mother and
asked her what is wrong.

The mother replied,"my dear children, my life are in your hands, you follow the foot
steps of the angel, but don't hurt me. Too much of anything is good for nothing". Hope
you understand my imagination. We are the guardians of our mother earth.

Each one of us should remember that the breath of our Mother earth is in our hands.
We cannot live without Science and technology. But we can make a wiser use of it
without polluting and chopping our Green Earth.

NAME: B.Adithan
AGE: 10 years
SCHOOL: Don Bosco, Egmore, Chennai
How can I make earth a us use plastic bags is because of the shopkeepers. Not that I am putting the blame directly
on them but if they stop giving people plastic bags to carry goods then no one will use them
anymore. After all, the collection of plastic bags, have come from shopping. There should be
greener place? a law about plastic bags being banned and only paper bags or cloth bags should be allowed.
In Kodai Kanal in Tamil Nadu, plastic bags are absolutely banned. The shopkeepers use
only bags made of newspaper.

All the used plastic bottles in your house can be also put to some use. You can plant some
plants into them, like money plants and watch them grow. The glass bottles can be sent to
the recycling industry. Did you know that glass is one hundred percent recyclable
On March 23, 1989 a disaster occurred at sea. The Exxon Valdez oil spill was the biggest
manmade disaster to occur at sea and deeply affected plants and wildlife. During the first
few days of the oil spill, dark sheens of oil covered large areas of the sea. The oil eventually
got washed-up near the shore and caused more environmental disasters.

To prevent the Earth from becoming barren people can start campaigns in which they
prevent the trees from being cut down and encourage tree planting. But what can normal
eleven year olds like you and I do about this ? We can read and talk about the environment
and tell people about it-once they get to know that you are starting a group like that they may
like to join and make our effort stronger. There should be a law about discharging wastes into
the water bodies and ESPECIALLY chemicals and plastics. There should also be a law of
taxing the oil tankers so in case there is damage at sea; they have already paid for it.
In my dreams I see the Earth, as a green place - leafy tall trees, water- pure and
sparkling and lots of it too. But, as if I am awakened from a rude dream, the Many things can be recycled and not just only glass. Aluminum cans, cardboard, paper,
reality my readers, is the complete opposite. some plastics and milk bottles can also be recycled. In some areas people will actually come
to your house to collect these items for recycling. If you have kitchen ware, toys, books and
Man with his selfishness cuts down trees to make furniture; clear the land for old clothes that are in good condition then donate them to charity instead of throwing them
roads, buildings and many a metro line. While driving with my mother to school, I away. You will be helping people who cannot afford to buy brand new goods. If you can reuse
have actually seen a tree being cut off, to make way for traffic. Man clutters up any items in your house like paper then please do so. Some people are unaware that paper
rivers and streams with foul wastes and plastics that contaminate the water and has two sides. By doing this the amount of rubbish going into landfills will reduce and also
render it useless for agricultural means and watering plants. An incident took save you some money.
place in Minimata bay in Japan that claimed many lives and destroyed many
plants and animals. A factory had been discharging its wastes into the waters of We should also plant more trees and plants -and this is most probably the most important act
the bay. These wastes contained mercury. This mercury seeped into the soil we could do to save our environment.Even in your own house you can help the environment
and was taken up by the roots of thousands of plants. The mercury did not agree by switching of the computer, fans lights if you are not using them anymore.Whenever I
with plants and destroyed them. leave the house I always switch the lights and fans of. I always turn off the water when I brush
my teeth. I don't let the water run when I bathe.
Even though, only one fifth of the world's total natural forests remain, man still
continues to cut trees for his own purposes and doesn't plant any saplings to I have done my bit, have you?
make up for the trees he has cut down.

However chemicals being discharged into water bodies are not the only reason NAME: Devki Jayanti Pande
why Earth is becoming barren. Besides chemicals, plastic bags and bottles are AGE: 11 years
also unhealthy for the environment and do not agree with plants nor with human CLASS: VII
beings. The plastic clogs up the soil by covering the pores on the soil. The plants SCHOOL: Sishya, Chennai
are then unable to breathe and hence wilt and die.The main reason why most of
How can I make earth a Everyone loves greenery around them.Green fields , parks with green plants,flowers and
trees, fresh green vegetables which are also very nutritious, green mangoes , green apples
greener place? and some people's favourite colour is green . Green colour is soothing to the eyes and
perhaps that is why God has made oxygen giving plants green. More so, green traffic signal
tells us we can 'go'.So lets go for it !

To make the Earth greener the first thing that comes to everyone's mind is plant more trees.
But from my point of view ,planting trees is not enough. The best thing to do is PROTECT
them from man. Man for his own needs ,cuts down trees and builds smoke releasing
industries , houses and other buildings. Where has all the agricultural land gone?
Transformed into buildings ? Where are the villages ? Transformed into cities and towns ?
Why are people building houses and living on hilly regions ? To enjoy the cool climate ?
Where are all the forests ? Trees felled to make buildings and furniture ?
NO ! Say no to all these destructions see how Earth turns as it was hundreds of years ago-
all green with no coloured buildings. Let us see earth as it was when the first man was born.

As for me I am already saving money in my piggy bank so that I could buy an old house near
our house, bring it down and create a park so that it can give us lot of oxygen and fresh
air.Some day my dream will come true.

Everybody is talking about global warming. This year has been very hot and according to
meteorologists the global temperature was one degree celcius higher than the previous
year. This is because of felling of trees, leading to air pollution and excess of carbon dioxide
in the air. One should not pollute the air and land as it leads to destruction of plant life. We
children want a green earth, not a barren land. So let us convert even the deserts into green
gardens. The Earth will survive, always.

The Indian National Flag bears green colour at the bottom which is a symbol of agricultural
prosperity. As a child in a fashion show I posed as a farmer.I would like to become an
agricultural scientist and work towards a greener globe. Our President Dr.Abdul Kalam is
striving to make India a better place to live in which includes a fearless future generation .Let
us all join hands and help him to achieve his goal.

Our Earth is the only planet which has life on it .This life is due to the fact that NAME:P.Adarsh
there are lots and lots of oxygen giving plants on it. Plants provide us with AGE:10 years
oxygen during photosynthesis which is very essential for life .Man is CLASS:VI
completely dependent on plants for his survival. Green plants also provide us SCHOOL:S.B.O.A. Matriculation and Higher
food and other raw materials but man is misusing it. Secondary School, Coimbatore-641039
How can I make earth a In today's world, forest areas are being cleared at a faster rate to create space, for the setting
up of factories, industries, house etc. Deforestation has been increasing at a faster pace.
greener place? Nowadays we find tall concrete structures in places where there were rows and rows of tall
trees with branches of dense foliage.

Forest plays a vital role in controlling the temperature, inducing precipitation and causing
Ever since the beginning of civilization, mankind is replete with records of rainfall, reducing soil erosion and pollution. Forest is the habitat of wildlife and provides us with
crime committed by man against nature. In today's fast developing world wood, fruits, medicinal herbs, gums, rubber, timber etc. Trees purify the atmosphere by
there has been industrialization and urbanization everywhere. Man has inhaling nitrogen and breathing out oxygen for the benefit of all creatures which need oxygen
started missing the natural resources for his gains. Green forests have for living.
been cut down, verdant valleys have been hallowed, ploughed and left dry
and fallow, free flowing streams have been stopped or hemmed, all in the But with the clearance of forests there has been an increase in the number of environmental
pursuit of greater and greater advancement. problems like pollution, landslides, soil erosion, global warming etc. Seasonal rainfalls have
also started to disappear slowly because of the denudation of forests. Trees are firmly
entrenched on the soil and with the removal of trees, soil on the mountains roll down in a mass
causing landslides. If forests are cut down indiscriminately, the habitat of wild animals is
destroyed and they stray into the human habitations causing danger to humans.

It is time we make efforts to put an end to this problem before it gets too late. If all of us want to
see earth as a greener place, then we should start deforestation and give it the importance it
deserves. For every tree cut, at least ten saplings should be planted and taken care of. Trees
should be planted in every place possible like areas unsuitable for agriculture and other waste
lands. Substitute for timber should be used. Community forestry, farm forestry and social
forestry should be promoted. Efforts can be taken to plant trees on the road sides and in
residential areas. People must co-operate with the forest officials in order to save the existing
forest areas and to increase the forest cover. Vana Mahostava the festival celebrating the
importance of forests should be promoted. All the national festivals celebrations should be
followed by a program of tree planting. Children who are the citizens of tomorrow should be
educated on the importance of trees and should be encouraged to plant trees. Existing laws
should be beefed up to give more teeth to the authorities to award severe punishment to
people who indulge in indiscriminate felling of trees which should add as a deterrent for others.

Unless we all unite now and act to tackle the dwindling greenery, our coming generations will
have to pay a heavy price.

NAME: P. Shanthala Shenoi

AGE: 11
SCHOOL: Chettinad Vidyashram
How can I make earth a As a citizen and daughter of the mother earth it is my duty to save it and save the entire people
dependent on it, I have initiated few ways of making it a better place which are as mentioned

greener place? below:

? Educate my neighbors and fellow citizens for not throwing waste on the road, especially
these plastic bags which people get it from majority of the stores. I have seen the stray animals
like cows, dogs, donkeys and horses getting choked to death by consuming these plastic bags
from the dustbins across the city. Not even the animals even the soil gets choked. Now
whenever I go to any store I request the shop owners to use recyclable materials for bags, I
refuse taking plastic bags.

? Whenever I take a Taxi or an auto, I try to inform the drivers on the advantages of switching
over to LPG as the fuel, which is comparatively cheaper and environment friendly.

? I resist from wasting paper which is very valuable for my mother earth, I've known the fact of
trees getting cut for the pulp and its wood for making different products apart from the paper.

? I tell my friends in conserving energy like electricity and water in their homes and schools by
switching of the fans, bulbs and electrical appliances, when not required, drinking water but not
wasting it through leaky taps and overflowing tanks since water and electricity are the two vital
elements that forms the backbone of our existence.

? Whenever possible I persuade my parents to promote the importance of trees and request
As humans we all know the importance of Earth in our lives, since this is the place we them to sponsor the planting of a sapling for the good cause. I enjoy eating fruits and I also enjoy
were born and brought up. This is the only source of life for us, likewise trees, rivers, growing plants in my balcony, I like gardening henceforth I tell my friends the advantages of
mountains, oceans are also very important to us, since these form the life-force, plants in the house, and its positive effects on the health of the mother earth.
making earth a living planet. Earth lives, so we live, it breaths we breathe, if Earth gets
congestion our lives get derailed. Our duty is to preserve Earth and its progeny for the ? I prefer wearing handloom clothes and articles which are very cool and comfortable in
coming future. summer, I do not require air-conditioners because of this, I propagate the same to my
classmates, which in turn will benefit the poor weavers and craftsmen, and encouraging
Earth is a beautiful place to live; it has different forms of living things like animals, handloom, will promote less mechanization therefore less pollution and conserving energy.
plants, insects, fishes and us, the humans. We are the luckiest people in the entire
universe to enjoy the fruits borne by mother earth in the form of minerals and ? I try to inform my maid the advantages of being a literate and let her understand the
resources like fruits, vegetables, electricity, water, oil, gold, diamond etc. It has made advantages of family planning. As per my knowledge today the population of my country stands
the life of every living being a meaningful one. at above 100 crores of people, which by all means is over-populated and is eating the resources
faster than we have envisaged. Therefore population control and promoting education is highly
On Earth, trees are very important because it is the source of greenery, oxygen food recommended solution for a greener and healthier earth.
and above all life. Trees are the medium of balancing the eco-system therefore plays a
very useful role in the existence of living beings on earth. We are the only planet in the I know making earth a greener place is not a easy task today, since a lot of damage has already
entire universe to have trees and plants, its greenery, its fruits, oxygen, and water. been done, it is now the educated and informed young citizens like me and you, who can
Trees are the only source to keep the earth breath with greenery and hold it firm definitely bring a small, if not a, radical change to save the earth, from the atrocities of us, the
against any natural calamities like flood, famine or drought. humans. And if given a chance, I will restore its purity and piousness.

But what on earth we are doing, we are cutting trees, polluting earth with chemicals,
plastic and smoke, wasting valuable resources like oil, water, electricity. Today NAME: Aakhya Singh
whatever is being done to mother earth is degenerating the human race and all living
things. We deserve a better deal, therefore try and make earth a greener and livelier AGE: 9 years
place for us. SCHOOL: Holy Angels, T.Nagar, Chennai
How can I make earth a Stop Reproducing: The more we breed, the more air we need. And the more land we
have to develop. For that it makes forest-cleaning, construction of more human habitat

greener place? and more pollution. The recent efforts of Sydney brings awareness of global warming.

Dispose the idea of disposal: Plastic is the main enemy of man. We must avoid using
plastic bags. Instead we can use cloth bags for buying vegetables, grocery etc, like our
elders. Plastic bags are for losers. Reduce plastic, reduce global warming. Plastics are
made from Petroleum, so it is the main contributor to global warming.

Avoid Sound Pollution: We can wear some earphones to reduce the sound pollution.

Share: Sharing our Car, vehicle can reduce the petrol consumption, so that the air will not
be polluted.

Stop Smoking: The more you smoke, the more trees are needed to purify the air, sicker
you get.

Clean Green: Stop buying household cleaners that are potentially toxic to both you and
environment. Use simple things such as plain soap, water, baking soda, vinegar, washing
soda, lemon juice to save the environment as well as money.

Green up our home first: We must get rid off old refrigerator and but a new one with
The Whole Universe is being polluted in the modern times with all sorts of "Energy Star" logo. If we use energy efficient appliances in ten homes it would be
vehicles, factories, machines, emitting smoke and other dusts. Initially the world equivalent to planting 1.7 million new acres of trees. We must use a timer when we use a
was green with fields, plants, trees and forests. So there was no pollution Air-Conditioner in the night. If you want to travel to a place nearer , cycling on your little
surrounding us. But as civilization develops the man has become greedy and bike will give you not just a good exercise, but also to limit your cars carbon monoxide-
has started destroying the nature to make money. So our natural resources churnings and at the same time you can breathe the fresh breeze on your face.
have come down and greenery has disappeared.
We can at least implement a few of these tips in our life. Children must realize their duty to
Forest Wealth: In every country forest wealth is the main Item. In foreign make our Earth a Greener place, by following these points in their life. Lord Krishna has
countries they preserve forests with great care. We get rain because of forests told in "Bhagawath Gita"
only. But in India they cut trees with profit motive, so our greenery has gone. We "Patiram Pushpam Phalam Toyam, yo me bhaktya Paryachchati
don't get sufficient rains also. Tadaham bhaktyapahurtham, asnami prayatatmanah"
In simple words god says : Offering me Leaves, flowers, fruits and water which are
Garden in each house: In every house there must be a small garden with already available on earth and these make me happier than others.
mango, coconut and plantain trees and also flower plants. We must teach the
children to water the plants and save the trees. If there is no place for the garden, From this we come to know that god also loves nature and he wants us to protect it.
place a little potted leafy plant in our home. Water it let the sun shine on it and
feel healthy. It's your very own air purifier, free of charge. In garden also use NAME: B.Abhinav
compost instead of synthetic fertilizer. AGE: 11 years
SCHOOL: DAV Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Choolaimedu, Chennai
Making our house more green: When it comes to the environment, being a
good global citizen, it starts at our doorstep. Minor charges at home can add up
to real benefits for the planet, to mention our own health and happiness.
How can I make earth a I recently had the opportunity to talk to a famous wildlife filmmaker about his views on the
greener place? environment. One thing that came across very strongly (and which I supported with all
sincerity) was that he felt that to improve the environment, all of us have to give up this
mad rush for colleges, jobs and money. Now that doesn't mean we all renounce our
possessions and settle down in the Himalayas. What it simply means, is that if parents
eased their pressure on kids, and children started pursuing what they actually feel
passionate about, then it'd be much easier to live without stressing our environment.
When we realize our own interests and passions, people tend to go out into the world and
interact with other like minded people. It's these people who can actually make a
difference to our world; today's youth.

I could come up with a hundred different answers to the title of this essay, but I know that
everyone of those ideas is so clichéd that no one even pays attention to them anymore. I
could suggest planting more trees, try endorsing NGO's etc.None of these suggestions
are irrelevant, in fact they can make the most difference if followed. The problem is that
humans are selfish and would rather do something for themselves than ease the strain on
their surroundings.

So while keeping all these things in mind, I think the best way to make the world a greener
place is really quite simple; make time for yourself. When someone doesn't have time for
themselves amidst corporate lunches, meetings, appointments and what not, how would
they make time to make the world a greener place? So in my opinion, we all need to take a
break from our hectic schedules and look around us. Thats when we'll start noticing the
mess we're in.Thats when we'll all get together to plant trees , endorse NGO's, clean up
IIT, IIM, BITSPilani, ISB, NID. Admissions, entrance exams, coaching, board the garbage around our houses, and generally make the world a greener place.
exams and job interviews. These are the words synonymous with today's youth.
The days when someone could follow what they were passionate about, as a
profession, are numbered. In today's world of ever-changing trends, increasing NAME: Anjney Midha
populations, busy schedules and excessive materialism, we seem to have the AGE: 15 years
lost the essence of living life the way it was meant to be. When we address the CLASS: X
issue of making the world a greener place, we can't just target our spotlights SCHOOL: Rishi Valley School, Chittoor
exclusively on environmental issues.

Linked inevitably to the aspect of increasing the earth's flora and fauna are the
attitudes, mindsets and habits we tend to adopt, as humans responsible for the
environment. In today's society, everybody wants a car, a spacious house,
around the world vacations and countless other possessions which reflect
lifestyle, affordability and status. As a result, everyone is geared up to becoming
professionals, making it through competitive exams, and to getting that
executive paycheck. What every body (or at least most of us) seem to ignore,
are the effects that all these material cravings have on our environment and for
that matter, our own health. Cars release smoke, houses encroach on natural
space and tourists ruin pristine spots on their "around the world tours".
How can I make earth a indiscriminate industrialization and deforestation. It is necessary to re-orient the
prevalent ways of living, industry and transport .The development has to be environment

greener place? friendly. To develop a greener nation cannot be left to the government alone. It is
responsibility of every citizen ,young or old, to create a greener globe. This can be
possible through a multi prolonged strategy of prevention and cure, precaution and

A school girl of 10 years went from house to house requesting everyone to buy at least
one plant to spread greenery, this can be practiced by every one.

When I attended a wedding few months back, all the invitees were presented with a
sapling to grow them in their respective garden instead of the regular coconut, betel
leaves and fruits .What a wonderful idea! What could be a better idea than to present
plants on all happy occasions!

Many school children participate actively in 'SIRUTHULI' , which literally means 'small
drop'. It may be a drop in the ocean but would surely help someone, somewhere in the

Planting trees is quite common but charity begins at home.I would encourage my
parents ,friends and relatives to start at least a terrace garden if there was no lawn
.People should not buy agricultural land and if they did ,they should donate it to needy
farmers who could grow crops on it.

Various studies and researches are being continuously carried out by scientists I would seek the help of social activists to have a park in each and every street where
all over the world to find whether there is life anywhere else in the universe .But everyone can have a breath of fresh air. When I go out for vacations I would bring back
our planet Earth still remains the only known planet to have life on it. The home some unusual plant as memoir. Papers cannot be completely avoided but its
hydrosphere, lithosphere and atmosphere have a narrow zone where all the usage can be limited. When we visit forests to enjoy the fauna we should be careful not to
three coincide and is the life sustaining part of Earth called 'BIOSPHERE'. do anything which would cause forest fire and destroy the flora.

Our Earth is unique and has a very sensitive eco-system .The living Let our planet look greenish blue and not bluish green when we look from the space
components are flora ,fauna and micro-organisms .There is a delicate balance above. Let us prevent global warming and try our best to repair the ozone layer. Let us
between both living and non-living and plants and animals .This balance make our place, our nation and our world green, green and GREENER !
depends on an interlinked cycle of various activities. Thus, disturbing any one
disturbs the others also .Pollution of physical components of nature will destroy
plants, animals and ultimately, man. The basic component of the eco-system, NAME: P.Abinav
however ,remains the plants. AGE: 13 years
As Mahatma Gandhi has said,"Mother Earth has enough for everyone's need SCHOOL:SBOA Matriculation and Higher
but not for everyone's greed". Man's greed and short-sightedness has led to Secondary School, Coimbatore
How can I make earth a a at least a few plants, to breathe air teeming with freshness and to exorcise pernicious
suspended particles. Water conservation is vital for a greener earth. Hence I would
greener place? ensure that at least my community would turn off the faucet when not in use, to check if
there are leaks, to reuse waste cooking water or collected rain water to develop a placid
garden. All electrical gadgets release substantial carbon into the atmosphere, thereby
smothering the freshness on this earth. My network will make sure that incandescent
bulbs will find place in the bins as fluorescent tubes will replace them. I would bring about
a shift in approach towards renewable sources of energy and a shift towards solar
heaters, solar roof video and other eco gadgets. Another thing that we students can do to
maintain a strong and healthy physique as well as to reduce pollution is to sit astride and
start cycling to school.

This network will reach out to the ignorant masses through the right sort of awareness,
with a melange of education and entertainment. Puppet shows, skits, community talks
can prove to be an effective approach. I as the Cultural Secretary of my School, would
encourage celebrations like Vanamahotsava Day and Environment Day.

I would inspire my friends, the youth of this nation to become environmentalists, eco
research scientists, green building engineers and environmental lawyers because they
can contribute the most. We as a network will meet the policy makers, put forth our
grievances, convince them to Legislate Eco friendly policies.

We will grow trees and make sure that they survive for years. All the culinary waste water
from our Eco community will be directed to the ground and vegetable remains will be
composted to get organic manure. This would help the seeds realise the life, the essence
"We all look at nature too much, live with her too little & destroy her more, that in it and will help to raise trees that would flare its branches to support the myriads of living
she is turning more grayer than greener". beings on this earth.

I as a youth leader, have taken the responsibility to form chained networks Nefarious wars, use of lethal weapons and nuclear weapons have ensued due to
and become a peer educator. I would like to transmute all great ideas and unrelenting set-to and animosity between nations and communities. All these sordid
dreams into action. human acts is making earth more greyer than greener. "A flower is an educated weed"
says Luther Burbank. Hence it is in our hands to make our destiny, to become weeds
To beget a greener world with serene elegance, abecedarian steps will be debilitating the world or flowers to spawn a greener, fresher and safer earth.
taken at home as loving nature should come naturally from childhood. Hence,
sincere, sustained and systematic individual contributions will help to form an
eco community which would make my dream of a greener earth a vibrant NAME: Kruthika Prakash
reality. AGE: 15 years
As a citizen of the world I will take up small steps. I will have small gardens or SCHOOL: D.A.V. Public School, Chennai
How can I make earth a plant . Schools and colleges can plant trees on a much wider scale. This will create an
enthusiasm in the future generations also. We must also have a planned harvest
greener place? system. We should be careful and cut few trees from a certain area and not on a large
scale so there are uncut trees left to prevent soil erosion and make seeds for new plants
to grow. Forests should be protected from forest fires as these fires cause great
destruction of plants and trees. Plants should be protected from insects and pests.
Insects can be killed by using insecticides and fungicides and can be also controlled by
natural insect predators. Overgrazing by cattle can also lead to deforestation. It should
thus, be prevented to save forests. We must also ensure that the industrial wastes from
the factories do not pollute the soil and water as only healthy plants can survive and from
seeds for the multiplication of the species.

We must use our natural resources without abusing it for it is a priceless treasure we
have in store and yet we do not realize the value of it. As Dr.Kalam says we should not
use our natural resources as if we are the last generation on this planet. So let us all
come together and pledge for a greener and cleaner tomorrow!

NAME: Aatishya Mohanty

AGE: 13 years
SCHOOL: The Schram Academy, Maduravoyal, Chennai
Our planet earth has been blessed with varied types of flora and fauna. They not
only add a charm to our environment but also have an impact on the survival of
human beings. Plants and trees are a very valuable resource of our planet.
They help in preventing soil erosion and also in maintaining the fertility of soil.
They help in maintaining a balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide. Trees
are a source of food and shelter to wild animals and also yield products like
timber, latex, rubber, medicines, etc for humans. Thus, they maintain a balance
in nature and preserve our biodiversity.

In recent years, human beings have been recklessly cutting down trees to meet
the demands of our socio-culture environment. Trees are being cut down to
make space for the ever increasing human population, to make land for
industrialization and also for agriculture. The mass scale in which trees are
being cut down is leading to an imbalance in nature. Mother earth is facing
threats of global warming, scarcity of water, floods, soil erosion and what not. It
is therefore our responsibility to preserve the natural vegetation and beauty of
the earth. We must plant more trees to make our planet a greener place.

There are various steps we can take to plant more trees. The first should be to
make people aware of the current situation of our planet. We should all realize
the danger that lies before us if we continue cutting down trees. Everyone
should observe environment day and each one of us at least should grow a
How can I make earth a Why? Because, there are no trees to give us breeze, keeping the environment cool. A
very high temperature makes us uncomfortable. Strange climate changes are taking
greener place? place in many countries of the world. This is because of global warming. The majestic
Himalayan glaciers are slowly melting due to global warming.

Global warming poses a threat to the lives of many plant and animal species which cannot
adapt to acute climate changes. So how can we start contributing to save Mother Earth?
There are some small things which everyone can practice, which may go a long way in
saving the planet.

First and foremost, we can all try to reduce use of thin plastic covers. Instead, we can start
using eco-friendly(re-usable) bags. This is because thin plastic covers are non-
biodegradable. They pose a threat to the environment.

"Segregate garbage before handover to pushcart" say the notices. But hardly anyone
does this. It is very important to segregate garbage into 'degradable' and 'non-degradable'
so that the items which are recyclable can be easily sent to the recycling centers to be
made re-usable. Instead, many of us just dump bags full of garbage on the roads. This is
very unhygienic and environmentally unfriendly.

We can all try to use eco-friendly goods (such as note-books and other stationery items
made from 'bagasse', or leftover sugarcane pulp). We must not waste paper, which has
been manufactured from trees. All of us must remember that the paper we use has been
made by killing a tree. Bangalore is often called the 'garden city'. But does the city deserve
The Earth is the only planet known to sustain life. That is why we call her the
that name now? Trees are continuously being cut down all over the city. Fresh air is
'Mother Earth'. We were all born on this planet. It is the duty of every one of us to
actually available only in 'oxygen bars'! We must all try to prevent cutting of trees, or at
protect our planet-the environment that sustains life-from all the harm and
least consider 'translocation' of trees. Each one of us must try our best to keep the vicinity
destruction caused to it. Well, our Earth needs our help. That of each and every
of our own houses green. Even those who do not have enough place for a garden in front
one of us living on her. Our environment is in great danger, and it is about time
of their houses can keep a terrace garden.
we start doing something to save it.
Come along, then. Let us move ahead striving to bring back our Earth's green cover.
We all know that June 5 is considered as 'World Environment Day'. But it is not
Striving to protect the environment. And striving to SAVE MOTHER EARTH!!!
enough to just sit back and listen to environmentalists preach. All of us have to
contribute in some way to the welfare of our planet. Or else, earth will not be
safe for future generations. The green cover of our planet is reducing at an
alarming rate. Hundreds of trees are cut down each day . But what we must
NAME: Anupama Gopalan
realize is that trees and plants are the main components of the ecosystem. If
AGE: 13 years
there are no plants, there will be no food for the herbivores, who will, ultimately,
die. If there are no herbivores, what will the carnivores and omnivores feed on?
SCHOOL: Cluncy Convent High School, Bangalore
Nothing. They will die too. Of course, that is the long term and ultimate effect of
cutting trees. What about the short term effect? If there are no trees, there will
be no rain. If there is no precipitation, we will all suffer due to lack of water, which
is the most essential substance for life. The thermometer will show a rise in the
How can I make earth a It is important that the flora (plant life) of our biotic environment is maintained properly. A major
drawback to this is deforestation. The destruction of forest cover has resulted in losses of habitats for
greener place? animals, flash floods, soil erosion, pollution and landslides. It is necessary for us to stop this because
plants play an important role in shaping life on our planet. Without plants, our world would be very
different; from plants we get food, clothes, paper, oxygen and many other things. It is up to us to
realize this and take different steps to prevent our forests from disappearing.
The Earth is the planet we live on. It is our habitat, our home. Despite
this, the biosphere, our natural surrounding, is being rebuilt by man to There are several ways by which humans can make the Earth a greener place. But how can I, a mere
suit his needs. Certainly, our environment will deteriorate in the future teenage girl, ever make a difference? Fortunately, even children can do many things to preserve our
if we don't look after it well. natural environment. It may not be possible for us to actually go to a forest and stop trees from being
cut. However, we can help others know about the condition of our planet. We can form nature clubs
that frequently go on campaigns to spread awareness among people. In this way, we can initiate
adults to take necessary measures to prevent deforestation.

Charity always begins at home. Similarly, we should also begin to conserve these important
resources in our very own houses. We can avoid wasting paper by writing on both sides. Separating
garbage makes it easier for recycling. Garbage should be divided into four categories- metal, paper,
glass and plastic. Using eco-friendly products means making the world a greener place to live in.
Substituting plastic containers with bags made of materials such as jute can also help. Saving
electricity and water will make a great difference to nature. We can switch off lights and fans when we
leave a room- both at home and school. We should try not to keep the fridge door open for long. We
must ensure that gadgets like televisions and radios are not kept on unnecessarily. And there's no
need to keep the tap open while brushing our teeth. We can use water collected in a mug instead. It
makes sense to give up on a shower once in a while and take a bucket bath.

Apart from all these, the most important thing that we, as children, can do is help in reforestation.
Reforestation means to replant bare areas of land with trees. We can plant trees to commemorate
our birthdays and look after them well. And the best present that we can give anyone is fresh air!! We
can gift them a sapling!! So come on, join me let us work together to make the Earth a greener

NAME: Anuradha Rao

AGE: 13 years
SCHOOL: Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Senior
Secondary School, T.P.Road, Chennai
How can I make earth a
greener place?
I like trees. The color of the trees is green. I like green color. We have many trees in our
house. A small bird made a nest in a tree in our house. I saw the bird everyday. The bird
gave two eggs. After some days small birds came out of eggs. I was very happy.
Everyday I watch my Papa water plants in our house. I like the small flower plants in
pots. They are red, yellow, very colorful. My Papa tells me that trees help us. In summer
we feel less hot if we have trees. We get rains every year as we have trees. Trees give
us shade and make the air clean. I saw men cutting trees on road side while going in
school bus. Bus driver said new roads will be built. I asked my Papa why new road.
We have old road which goes to school. My Papa said cars and trucks are more now.
We need big roads. So trees are getting cut. Where will birds live now? Now I feel hot in
daytime while going in school bus. I feel very thirsty also. Dirt gets in my eyes. I do not
like it. Because trees are cut.
Trees are so beautiful. I have planted one tree in our house. It is very small. My Papa
says if I take care of the small tree it will be very big after some days. Every day I pour
water on the small tree. It has become bigger. I want to plant more trees in my house
and in my school. If all my friends plant trees, we will have trees everywhere. It will be
cool and we will feel fresh. My earth will be green and so beautiful.

NAME: Ayesha Dash

AGE: 6 yrs
SCHOOL: The Schram Academy, Maduravoyal, Chennai
How can I make earth a
greener place?
I enjoy watering plants. I can take responsibility to regularly water the plants and trees around my house. When I spot a leaf with holes or spots, I can inform my parents on time to
spray organic medicines. This will save a sick or a dying plant.
When I invite my friends for my birthday party, I can give a seed or a plant as a return gift to them.
When I visit relatives and friends, I can carry a tree sapling or a plant for their garden.
When my grandparents, uncles, aunts or cousins ask me what I want, I can ask them to gift a plant which I can take care.
Many of my classmates talk about their pets. When they ask me if I have one, I can talk about my favorite plants in our garden. This I believe will encourage them to have some
plants in their houses as their pets.
When I go shopping with my mother, I can remind her to carry cloth bags that can be reused for many shopping trips. This will reduce the usage of plastic and paper bags.
When I use paper for drawing, I can draw on both sides of the sheet instead of using just one side. This will save cutting of some trees for wood, from which paper is made.
I can remind others not to throw trash on the roadside to preserve greenery wherever I
When I grow up and build a house, I plan not to use wood for interior decoration. This way
I can save some trees from being cut.
I am developing my talents in oratory, writing and drawing. As I grow up, I will use these
skills to spread the importance of making Earth a greener place.
I will discipline myself to follow the above and be a good role model in maintaining a
greener Earth.

NAME: Shreeya Kumaresan

AGE: 6 years
SCHOOL: Ryan International School, Brookefields, Bangalore