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31-03-2010 22:43

when it will start flowing ? why we are not using the unit joule for torque instead of N-m. Which one will cool first? Which is more efficient? A rear engine Volvo Bus or a Front engine Volvo Bus? (Engine Capacity is same 4 both) why???????????????????? A solid body of weight W is placed in a pipe. Company >> BARC >> Interview Questions >> Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions (1) Electronics Communications Interview Questions (13) Civil Engineering Interview Questions (5) Manual Testing Interview Questions (1) Accounting AllOther Interview Questions (1) Chemical Engineering Interview Questions (1) Electrical Engineering Interview Mechanical Engineering Questions (25) Interview Questions (21) Chemistry AllOther Interview Questions (1) Organic Chemistry Interview Questions (1) View Page with Answers Question A vertical plate and a horizontal plate are suspended in an open room. Placement Pa. Technical Questions.boiling point also increases? How To Design why we express the unit of torque in Nm.what will happen to the body. http://www.allinterview.even though it can be expressed The Sheet Metal Bracket Or What as Joule ( J )? Parametes To 2 of 4 also Asked @ Answers Views select 7 3 India 8 6 11 4 7 1279 784 887 1017 1589 1425 1320 31-03-2010 22:43 ...BARC Interview Questions and Answers.. Suppose water is started flowing through the pipe. how can u increase the efficiency of power plant without changeing in effort? why as atmospheric pressure increases. Both are heated to the same

only why..63 in gate but did not given in Barc. even u can go in a jeans and tea shirt. Consider For Sheet Metal Bracket Design? what is unit Ps ? even though LPG is economical than petrol. Even the did not consider the percentile in GATE.. istead of all i did it superbly and waiting for the result. me at any time.what will be the induced stress in the bar? WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RATED SPEED AND L ECONOMIC SPEED? if silica is removed from DM Plant completely from where the silica come Ssa Some Boiler in Boiler Drum Question i woule my experiences in BARC i recently gone for the interview.Water will flow from D dia vesel to small d dia vessel. Suppose there are two vessels. Theytest (complety) our technical water is filled upto height H and vessel with dia d is empty. Now both vessels are connected. i am telling u some facts i have faced...i amnot frightening u.allinterview. Suppose in vessel with dia D.they dont careabout u r personality . so u have to be very stiff Anil HN and togh technically.. Technical Questions... they dont consider u r dress code and all. How much is h in terms of D. u should have a lot of luck too....why we are not promoting LPG usage? why petrol engines have more power than diesel engines of same Tcs capacity? Suppose a steel bar of cross sectional area A is subjected to load P at one end and 2P at the other end . One of diameter = D and other vessel dia = d.. so u have to prepare well in not only the basics but also in depth. d. profile . if u want more information.BARC Interview Questions and Answers.because right panel selects u. Placement Pa..H etc? E-Mail New Answers Answer Selected Questions Post New BARC Interview Questions Mechanical Engineering 2 6 14 3 2 4 482 1420 1414 735 374 1505 21 2872 11 2114 3 of 4 31-03-2010 22:43 . One guy got 99.. u dont expect what. u can email me .Suppose after equilibrium height of water in vessel with dia D is h..

com :: Technical Questions.. [1] 2 Next Copyright Policy | Terms of Service | Help | Site Map 1 | Articles | Site Map | Site Map | Contact Us | Copyright © 2007 ALLInterview. All Rights :: Forum9.. Placement Pa.. http://www.BARC Interview Questions and 4 of 4 31-03-2010 22:43 . ALLInterview..

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