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24 A con spa este tei te é \ . oy A pith = z0nif4 + g200i0' Zi 49) . sane B, = 502 kPa ' ) . i 2.3 A closed tank is partially filled with glycerin. [f the air pressure in the tank is 4. INicn” and the depth of glycerin is 3 m what is the pressure in N/m” at the bouom of the tank? perk rte -Wasscinbi) (a +(8 isle) ( ser) 1 «0. 2.4 Blood pressure is usually given as @ ratio of the maximum pressure (systolie¢ pressure) to the minimum pressure (diastolic pressure). As shown in Video V2.2 such pressures are commonly measured with ¢ mercury manometer. A typical value for this ratio for a human would be 120/70, where the pressures are in mm Hg. (a) What would these pressures be in pascals’ (b) U€ your car lire was inflated to 120 mm Hg. would it be sufficient for acemat driving? path (2) Bye 0 enna K peolisan ids, Youre ™) Hoke Fo To mn Hg: pe (aac nly (o:stom) = gat kee {by For 190 am My: fo (eons 2) = iokle i u -ayo Kh Sma a & peo Fre preaswda 8 Q97-240 Flo, Be cnn 4 & net_suffici ade fos maorerolt dave,