I, Sandeep Singh Bhati hereby declare that I have carried out project report on the topic “MARKET POTENTIAL AND CUSTOMER PERSPECTION ABOUT LIBERTY SHOES”. I further declare that this project is my original work and no part of this report have been published or submitted to anybody or university.

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Current market is changing at a fast pace. No body knows what future has fro him. With the changing market, tastes and preferences are changing very rapidly. A company cannot work in each and every area. It has to identify us a segment market and unfulfilled need set of customer. The market potential of company depends upon identification of needs, wants and its association with purchasing power. The entire project would not have been possible without the guidance and support of other people. I would therefore like to take the golden opportunity of expressing my sincere and profound gratitude to all those people who helped me throughout the project. I extend my cordial thanks to all my friends who helped me to carry out my project work. I am extremely grateful to Mr. Vivek Srivastava. Truly without her constant support and able guidance it would have not been possible for me to complete this project.

(Sandeep Singh Bhati)


The first foot covering was made by our primitive ancestors. The covering was to protect their feet from jagged rocks, burning sands, rugged terrains. Development shows that the importance of protecting the feet was recognized. Egyptians Chiness and other civilization all contain references to shoes. The first shoe was made of plated grass or rawhide strapped to the feet. The early Egyptians made some sandals from plaited papyrus leaves. It shows that sandal making was recognized as an art, early in the history o that country. Sandals are most generally worn type of footwear in many warm countries, often ornamented and in form that is suitable to environment in which it is worn. Sandals continued to be the same simple kind of footwear worn in the early century. In Japan, sandals indicated the social status of the wearer by making distinct sandals for imperial household, merchants and actors, and in fact, for the whole range of vacations and professions. In Greece, one emphasized

perfection in workmanship and styles seems to have been sought in shoes rather than foot comfort and and beauty. . who improved the invention. the rolling machine was introduced which replace all the previous tools used by hand shoemakers or pounding sole leather and increasing wear by compacting the fibers. In 1858. layman Blake. Elias Howe. Till the late 1850. There were only two widths. In 1846. little attention was devoted to fitting quality and comfort. while in Rome. The most conspicuous design in the period was the peaked shoe or crackow. lap stone hammer and variety of rubbin sticks used for finishing edges and heels. invented the swing machine. Though all this development. curved awl. The moccasin protects the foot in cold countries. In 1845. They had all failed and it remains or shoemaker in the United States to create the first successful machinery for making successful shoes. invented a machine for swing the sole o shoes to the upper. Up to 1850 shoes were made by hand tools. shoes were made only on straight last without recognizing the left and right. a shoe maker. In Eurpoe. with a toe so long that it made walking difficult. and somke tools were added such as pincers. they made it for military purpose to enable their legions to travel on foot. This was purchased by Gordon Mckey. The outline of the forepart is puckered seam with a string gathered and tied about the ankle. the slim and the stout. Efforts have been made to develop machinery or shoe production. This major invention seems to have set up a chain reaction of research and development.

a machine was developed or making different types o shoes. Today one lasting machine can last 1000 pairs or more of shoes in 8 hours a day. was developed underthe management o Charles Goodyear Jr. son of the famous inventor o vulcanizing rubber. researched and progress was made. known as Goodyear welt sewing machine. Invention continued. It requied great sum of money to make one shoe making machine. but it finally paid off..In 1875. .


it is still a mystery as to when the use of footwear. the feet of both mean and women are seen bare. in the form of chappals. In India. wore wooden chappals.500 years ago from now. when despite all requests. There is a mention of king Bharat putting forth before lord Ram a pair of shoes.000 year old when Egypt started covering the feet of the people who roam about with wooden chappals. especially the rishies who moved about in the forests. . there is no mention of any covering for foot.HISTORY OF FOOTWEAR IN INDIA History of footwear is nearly 5. However.500 B. Thus the use of footwear or chappals started around 1. crafted from wood and coated with gold.. There is no reference of footwear in the writings and picutures related with the Induas valley civilization. actually started in India. but the word “vatturinapad” gives a clue of the warriors wearing on the foot is mentioned in the Yajurvedia and the chappals in the Atharveda. In the Rig-Veda. approximately 3. in the ancient period.C. our ancestors. In the pictures of men & women & seals recovered from the site. Ram refused to accept the throne of Ayodha.

The Mahavagga.C. a Buddist religious treatise.C.C. During the Shunga period (2nd century B. During the Maryan period (3rd Centruey B. Greeks and the Kushans belonging to the Chinese dynasty brought themselves various designs and styles.D. ‘Maind-Vishan (made of sheep skin) etc. parathions.C. The shakes. of the 6th century B. The Greek historian Arrian writes that shoes made of white leather were special with Indians and to increase height. These craftsmen were called ‘Charmkar’. A headless statue ofKanishka. goats. They had specialized in making shoes with good designs and durability.) many varieties of footwear came into existence.) a class of shoe makers came into existence. classifying them into nine types of shoes & chappalssuch as ‘Patbadh’ (keen high gum boots). gives detailed information about upanah.The upanah become quite popular during the period of Ramayana & Mahabharata (circa 1.) has been recovered from Mathura where he has shown wearing laced shoes. made of red stone (1st century A. deer leopards etc were being used for making upanah. tigers.D. Their work was appreciated but social status was low. buffaloes.) the demand of footwear increased greatly and the hides of cows.000 B. Indians used to wear shoes high heels. The Kushan period was a golden era of footwear. the hides of lions. sheep and wild animals came into much use.). Chappals and shoes of various heights (Up to the heels. in fashionable styles. ‘Ajvishan’ (made of goat skin). On . In the Gupta period (4th to 6th century A. knee or thigh) were in use amongst people from all walks of life.

decorated with flowers. In the paintings of the Ajanta caves.their coins. Samudra Gupta and other Gupta kings are depicated wearing shoes. FOOTWEAR MANUFACTURING PROCESS . several horse riders are shown wearing something like shoes.

Infect. Sectional patterns are various parts in the shape of which leather components are cut to be assembled together. These may be summarized as follows:DESIGNING: Designing is the first and foremost stage which decides the picture of the product and process and how the end product will look like. depending upon the design. the sectional patterns are developed. These patterns . pocket. there are some common operations which are designing. Once the design is finalized. Like in a shirt three are various components like. collar etc. After having the design. sleeves. there are two later stages which are: PATTERN DEVELOPMENT: The design which has been finalized on paper is now transferred on the standard size o last (a metal.FOOTWEAR MANUFECTURING PROCESS Footwear manufacturing process looks to be a very simple process for a common man who has actually not gone through it. purpose etc. Similarly there are various parts of a shoe for which patterns are developed. it involves so many complicated processes and sub process which one can/t even think of. plastic or wooden mould in the shape o the oot on which shoe is manufactured). clicking. The various operation involved in footwear manufacturing may differ from one item to the other. material. closing bottom making and finishing. But.

Next comes clicking. selection of material required mainly for natural material such as leather because being a natural material. The computer then gives the output in the form of sectional patterns for the desired designs. they are taken to be as final. Here. Clicking (or cutting) is the term used or cutting of materials in the required shape. Traditionally. some big organizations have adopted the CAD-CAM system. Once they give satisfactory results. the the upper and bottom materials such as sole.are used to cut leather components and test their accuracy and fitness. cutting is done manually by means of a curved metal blade on a metal sheet. After finalizing them. there are scientifically equipped laboratories or proper testing and selection of almost all materials. they are cut on the hard sheet by means of a pattern cutting machine. selection is done. there may not be uniformity in the product. insole. GRADDING: Grading is a process in which the patterns of standards size are converted into various lower and upper sizes. Mainly. In some large organization. But in the latest development. The various dimension o the last are introduced to the computer. So to get a proper quality and uniformity in the finished product. The sectional patterns which were developed in the . This includes selection of proper material. CLICKING OF MATERIAL: This can be termed as the second stage of footwear manufacturing. their cutting and preparing them or further stages. This job of pattern development was commonly done by designers by their own hands. toe puff stiffeners are cut.

Machine cutting is very helpful where the cut component has to be very accurate as there may be some possibility of slight variance. depending upon whether the material is light or heavy. this machine contains various alphabets and heated characters are pressed over it to give an impression. PRINTING: Due to the large number of components. there is always a possibility of mixing up of various components with other sizes and articles. This is done be means of a color pencil or wax crayon. The switch when pressed grings the pressure arm downwards with force due to which the component is cut. size number and design number are written on the back side of the component to avoid mixing. Clicking machines may be big or small. punching is done later by a hand puch and hammer. While cutting. INSOLE MOULDING . Here metal dyes are used in place of sectional patterns to be cut. these patterns are placed on the material to be cut (say leather ) and the cutter moves the blade around the edges of the pattern to cut the required component. This machine comprise of a pressure arm.designing stage are converted and copied to make plastic or tin patterns. The material required to be cut is placed on the flat surface. Another advantaged of clicking is that if there are some perforations or punches in the design. Simultaneously while cutting Otherwise in hand cutting. To avoid this. they may be given in the dye itself which punches. As modern method printing machines are used to print size. article number etc. the clicking machines have replaced this job. Today.

Skiving by hand is done by means of a long metal blade commonly known as “Rampi”. This machine has a revolving blade and a grinder. The portions in a component to be showed are inserted from one side and skived component come out from the other side. The width and thickness of the substance removed may differ as per the purpose of skiving. Another advantage of this machine is that the width and thickness of the part to be removed can be set prior to operation . This skilled worker moves the blade on the portion required to be skived. folding etc. with varying force depending upon the thickness of the material to be removed. There is no need to remove the blade to sharpen the edges as it gets sharpened with the moving grinder. The material already clicked is the raw material here which is assembled together to be converted into upper. a skiving machine is used. This operation moulds the insole exactly in the bottom shanpe of the last which facilitates better shape formation. This involves various operations which are as under: SKIVING Skiving is an operation which is performed to remove some material of the edges of a component. for underlay. This is done to any bulk material where two components are combined together.e. i.This is an operation not found in the hand process. CLOSING This is an important stage which involves a number of complicated operations. For mechanized skiving.

a more beautiful look. LINING ATTACHEMENTS Lining material may be leather. Folding in a footwear component is similar as it is in a pant bottom. by hand attachments adhesive is applied on the surface of the lining material and upper material and they are fixed together and hammered. AS in pant. this . This gives accuracy and required strength in the component. the edge to be folded is skived prior to folding so as to facilitate per the requirement. textiles etc. A folding clip goes on turning the portion and after a while when the molten adhesive solidifies the two surfaces get permanently fixed sticked. The lining material used here is self coated with dry adhesive. There generally. When heated. To stick the turned portion. rubber adhesive mixed with water is used. leather split. similarly the raw edge to be folded and sticked. Folding machines are a latest development which is not common even in large manufacturing units. rexines. In case of machine attachments a hot iron press is used. In this machine the synthetic adhesive which is in crystal form is filled which melts in the heating chamber and comes from a thin nozzle which spreads it on the required portion. the bottom is turned and folded to hide the rough edges and give a better look. synthetic leathers. FOLDING Folding as the word means is to turn and the edge to give the folded edge.

post bed sewing machine cylindrical bed sewing. double needle machine. The types of machine may differ depending upon the type or purpose of stitch. whether in hand manufacturing or in machine manufacturing. the machines were run by foot paddle. Lining attachement by means of machine is time saving. TEMPORARY ASEMBLING OF COMPONENTS At the stage. i. STITCHING Stitching is an operation which can only be done by stitching machine. The punch of the required size is kept on the mark and hammered. earlier.adhesive melts and the two surfaces get attached together when the pressure is exerted. but now they are fitted with mechanical motor which runs by electric power.e. the eyelet is inserted and fitted. But in case of eyeleting machine. by means of adhesive. both the operations took place in one stroke. as soon as the punch is made. simple and the attachment is compact. . A round punch and an eyelet setter are used for this purpose. marks are made on the components where the other component has to come. zigzag sewing machine. etc. This gives more accuracy. To facilitate the attachment. components are assembled together as and where required. An eyelet is inserted into this punch and fitted with an eyelet setter. PUNCHING AND EYELATING Punching here is meant for eyelet fitting. There are flat bed sewing machine.

This upper is now ready to be send for next stage i. BOTTOM MAKING & FINISHING This is the last stage where the shoe is actually given its shape. These may be briefly described as follows: INSOLE ATTACHEMENTS The molded insole is attached to the bottom of the last. In the hand made process. the upper has to be finished. is known as stiffener.e. there is a . a stapling machine is used which inserts metal staple with force as and wherever required. INSERTION OF REINFORCEMENTS At this stage. it is placed on the bottom and nailed at two or three points with the help of hammer. These have got a very high speed and can stitch hundreds of upper in a shift. But before that. dirt. extra threads etc. The stitch lengths. These include removing any adhesive marks. scratches. which means any faults in the upper are either to b e removed or to be hidden. commonly two reinforcement materials are inserted. Bottom making and finishing. point of stitch. For this purpose. One in the toe is known as toe puff and the one in the counter that is above the heel portion. FINISHING After the upper components are assembled together to give the shape of upper.The latest developments in stitching machines are computer operated stitching machines. This includes a large number of manufacturing operations. By hand. speed etc are feeded and the machine operates itself.

The conditioning machine used for this purpose contains water jars. The cut reinforcement material is inserted in the upper and placed on the machine. coated with adhesive and inserted between the upper and lining material. i. In case of machine operation.reinforcement cut in the required shape. The high pressure moulds it in the required toe or heel portion. One is to activated the reinforcement sheet and secondly to mould it in the required shape. This material when dipped in the prescribed solvent softens and becomes sticky.e. holds the last . the reinforcement material is heat activated plastic sheet of varying thickeness. For this purpose. The machine has two jobs to perform. This heated press comes down with force. This is now inserted on drying it becomes harnd and takes the required shape. for part or toe part lasting. and side lasting. A solvent activated is also used. The worker doing this job. there are a number of methods. seat or heel part lasting. very hot steam is relased and the upper gets moist and soft. Due to its high temperature. the reinforcement material softens and sticks to the upper. UPPER CONDITIONIONG Upper conditioning means making the upper moist and soft so that it can be stretched and molded on the last easily. Lasting is generally performed in three stages. LASTING Lasting is an operation which is most complicated and important at this last stage. These include dipping the upper in a bucket of water or keeping them on the kettle which contains boiling water. On heating. Manually lasting is done by means of iron pinches and nails.

it takes the shape of the last properly. but is production. That is a different machine fore toe part. HEAT SETTING The purpose of this operation is to heat the lasted upper so that. But machine lasting is not done by a single machine. But nails can also used in place of adhesive. pulls and stretches over the last and inserts a nail so that the upper remains intact to the last. Today. REMOVEL OF CREASES There may be chances that in lasting process there may occur creases at any point in a shoe. in most of big manufacturing organization. The temperature and duration of exposure to heat depends upon the upper material. there is a heat setting machine. lasted uppers are simply kept in sunlight for some hours. For this purpose. He keeps on doing it at various points until the whole upper is lasted. For mechanized production. lasting is done by machines. hot melt adhesive is used which may either be polyester or polyamide. First of all. a hot . But machine lasting is not done by a single machine. In this machine. three is a heat chamber through which the shoe is passed amidst hot air and steam. heel part and side lasting. He places the upper on the last. but is done by three different machines. In manual production. toe part lasting is done followed by heel part and then side. To remove these creases. This gives not only uniformity but also high speed of production. hot iron is applied due to which the leather shrinks and the creases are removed.tight between both his feet while sitting on the floor. In the lasting machine. holds the edges by means of pincers. This job can also be done in a standing position where there is no need to hold the last by feet but it is fixed in a jack placed over a table.

Cleaning means removing the marks. the sole is placed on the bottom and sticked to it.blower machine is used in mechanized production . Shoe making operations come to almost and end here and the shoes are then sent for inspection and packing . The shoe is then placed on the sole pressing machine and pressed hard so that it sticks hard FINISHING Finishing may involve a number of operations depending upon the type and quality of shoe. Polishing is done after coloring. adhesive etc on the shoe and on the sole.e. finishing means means cleaning the shoe and then polishing it. it is kept for some time to dry up. In more modern setups these days. Application of adhesive is generally done by hand using a brush. SOLE ATTACHING Sole attaching is done mainly in three stages. In modern developments. This machine gives a very hot blow of air on the affected are and the creases get removed. automatic application machines are used. liquid polish of the color of the shoe is first applied and brushed which gives shining to the shoe. After applying the adhesive on the sole and shoe. activating the adhesive and sticking the sole and sole pressing. spray gun or spray chamber is used in which the color and polish in liquid form is sprayed over the shoe to give it the required color and polish in liquid form is sprayed over the shoe to give it the required colour and shine.But commonly. The shoe and sole are than kept in a heating even to activate the adhesive and as it is activated. applicant of adhesive on sole and on the bottom of shoe. dust. In manual production. i.

Company Profile Liberty Shoes Ltd. .

00 pairs of footwear a day. which projects itself in the expectancy and excitement with which one greets the arrival of the new . Italy. Producing more thant 60. 350 exclusive showrooms and over 6000 multi-brand outlets.$ 100 million. A range that is among the largest in the industry. pride ourselves over and above everything else on our healthy and heart-felt respect for the human ethos. and sold in thousands every day in more than 25 countries including fashiondriven. 1 footwear brand and the 5th largest footwear manufacturer in the World.S. we at Liberty. Marketed across the globe through 150 distributors. “Steeped in a philosophy that has at its core innovation. right from the toddlers to the young at heart. technology and advancement. Liberty Footwear is the only Indian company that is among the top 5 manufacturers of leather footwear of the world with a turnover in excess of U. quality-obsessed nations like France. covering virtually every age group and income category.INTRODUCTION Liberty in India’s No. and Germany. Liberty produces footwear for the entire family.

styles. From the price-conscious. price-indifferent customer from the with it all attitude teenager to the conservative seen it all adult. It’s all about making a difference in the lives of thousands of people all over India by ensuring direct and indirect employment. Fro Liberty. value for money seeking buyer to the trendy. Liberty is today consolidating and expanding its following form the fashion alloys to the sidewalks with styles that compliment the newest most happening trends. With people as its leitmotif. which is appreciative of and adopts at every stage the unique balance between modernization and tradition. global. Creating wealth sharing prosperity. there can be no greater honors than that and no bigger reason for walking tall. This can be experienced in the hundreds of liberty five star showrooms and shoe stations in India and abroad. And also by turning footwear selling into a byword for personalized service in an ambience of five star comforts. just about about every-body today finds a good reason for being in Liberty. and generating progress. But beyond that lies another but equally significant involvement.combined with a sincere and deep regard for the old. Using the patented ‘Humantech’ approach that combines the best of talent with the latest in technology. always stayed in touch with the aspirations of every successive generation even as it developed the largest range in the industry catering to every income bracket and age segment. Liberty has for over 50 years. beliefs and aspirations of people while maintaining the sanctity of certain traditions like workmanship and good value.” Liberty as a brand is constantly evolving to keep pace with the changing trends. .

Credo To ensure that the method we use is the latest technology world over. To follow the highest standards of honest workmanship in whatever we make. To walk that extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction worldwide. To remain a true cosmopolitan to the spritit. To remain a great corporation to associate with, to work, for, to know that –

“We are about People”

The liberty group is a success story of courage, determination, and dedication. The group has built its empire from a small scale business enterprise to one of the largest shoe manufacturer in India. Karnal based gupta and bansal families (the founder of liberty group) have also pioneered in fottwear export. The group has it own manufacturing facility in

LIBERTYPURAM (near Karnal) and three other in Gharunda (near panipat), Karnal and in dehradun.  Started shoe business at Karnal in 1944  Started manufacturing in 1946 with 4 pairs a day  Named as liberty footwear Co. in 1954  Set up semi-mechanized manufacturing unit in 164  Switched over to 100% exports in 1968  Re-entered domestic market in 1983  Liberty Shoes Limited, the public ltd. company of the group started commercial production in 1993.

Today the group comprises of five firms namely, Liberty Footwear Company, Liberty Enterprises, Liberty Leather, Liberty Group Marketing Division, and Liberty Shoes Limited. The group has an annual turnover of Rs. 400 crorer and anticipates a turnover of Rs. 500 crore by the year 2005. From a humble beginning 60 years back, Liberty has indeed come a long way

Liberty has a number of firsts to its credits like: Liberty has developed new material TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) for high quality formal footwear. This material has better properties than PVC or TPR conventionally used for formal footwear. It introduced EVA (Ethyl Viny1 Acetate) direct injection molding for the first time in Asia. The EVA technology uses very light material and the footwear is made with direct injection system. The footwear weights next to nothing and is very flexible providing maximum comfort. Liberty’s Gliders U range is made with EVA technology. Liberty has state-the-art production facilities to produce 50,00 pairs of shoes per day. The group anticipates a production of 75, 000 pairs per day by the year 2005.

Liberty is a pioneer in the area of R & D for footwear and has a number of firsts to its credit. 2-way Channel partners of Liberty dig their feedback deep and constantly, hammering the string of creative workmen at the manufacturing centers to produce not just faceless shoes dancing down conveyer belts but shoes with character. So the centers have poured 53 years of research and continous flow of emotions to redefine the R & D center at Liberty the edge is a ertically integrated infrastructure with complete in-house manufacturing capabilities including * Desma machines for PU Direct Injection, 6 lines for cement lasted construction, 15 machines for PVC Direct Injection and 3 machines for EVA Injection. All the units are interlinked by a SAP computer network facility, which ensures every order, is delivered in time. Liberty is a technology driven company. ‘Humantech’- Liberty’s patented technology is a combination of human craftsmanship and technological excellence.

Haryana  Gharaunda. Haryana  Karnal. Haryana  Dehradoon. Uttaranchal .Liberty has production facilities at following locations:  Libertypuram.

.PRODUCT RANGE PRODUCT RANGE Liberty has created a repertoire of 10 well developed brands. each one of which has been painstakingly nurtured to cater to its specified target group. Today. There is a product for every season and occasion. The range imbides the spirit of fun and is trendy to the core. Care has been taken to create a specific indentity for each brand and to provide has latest international designs. design. the new range from Liberty is all about style. and comfort.

Force 10 has long perceived to be the flagship brand of Liberty. Targeted at the age Group of 13-28 year old boys and men. Force 10. Force 10 produces over 600.1250. Available in the range of Rs.00 pairs annually. It is a symbol of family force of Liberty which has 10 members. 350 to Rs. today is Synonymous with value for money fashion sports shoes. Force 10 looks with “Life at a force of 10” .

The range is amongst the most sought after during the summer months and over 1. 295 to Rs. Coolers are indeed.000 sandals are produced every yea. “Cool comfortable sandals” . These sandals cater to the age group of 21-45 yeas and are a stylish and comfortable accompaniment to any apparel.Coolers are the brand of men’s sandals and slip-ons. 899. In the price range of Rs.000.

and school shoes. 135. The range is available in the price range at Rs. sports shoes. 395.400. fitting as well as gives special emphasis to the flexiblility of the footwear. It conforms to the tag line. The products in this category include sandals.00 paris annually.00 to Rs.00 and sells over 2. Bright and vibrant colors are to the USP of the range and the maintenance proof product add value for the children and parents alike. Children have their own peculiar requirements so far as footwear is concerned. Non Stop Fun . infant and toddler range of unisex shoes. The Liberty Footfun addresses all concerns of style.Footfun has been created as an exclusive brand for children n in the age group of 1 to 12 years. comfort.

combines the latest trends in formal wear abroad in to the most formal footwear. “It takes some men places” Fortune . meant for toady’s students and executives in the age group of 18-45. The Fortune collection produces 600.00 pairs of shoes every year. these shoes promises. These shoes. It is a sign of good luck.Fortune comprises of men’s formal and casual shoes in Leather from the House of Liberty. In the price range of Rs. a symbol of being prosperous. 850-1495.

This range has something or the other to cater to the requirements of children. 1795. “Some things are just reight” . Gliders conform to the adage.000 paris of Gliders footwear are produced each year in the price range of Rs. It is the most important brand of Liberty as it covers all segments. Over 45. colours. Gliders cater to the specific need of normal. varieties. It is a mass brand of the company. V125 to Rs. young men and women. it gives a feeling of floating in air.00. designs and price ranges. semi-formal footwear as well as beachwear for the age group of 2-45 years.A symbol of light weight footwear.

50. 995. Ovwer 4. 495 to Rs. stay girl” .Senorita is a brand that caters to the high design and fashion styling amongst young women. vibrancy and energy through its tag-line “Hey woman. Bringing out the flair of each style.000 pairs are produced in this range in the price category of Rs. Senorita invites young women in the age group of 14-26 to be comfortable as well as look the most delicately brought out the latest designs for this brand. Senorita invites women to retain their youthfulness.

1695. 15. Geo Sports is targeted at buddin and professional sportspersons.Geo Sport exclusive professional sports shoes for 14-38 year olds. “Because winning matters” . The shoes catr to niche of professional sportwear. 895. Geo Sport is important to serious player.Rs.000 pairs of shoes are created every year in the price range of Rs.

00. . 685-1195 and sells 4. Warrior is also becoming quite a rage with the young boys and men. because of its solid sturdy looks.Warrior a range of safety shoes for institution sales and workers of the age group 21-45 years comprise Warrior.00 paris annually. The products line is available from Rs.

which is as much at ease in the boardroom as in the cocktail lounge.Windsor provides casual and formal shoes for the young executive in the age group of 21 to 40 years. This brand caters to the need for power dressing for the young executives and allows the busy executive to make a statement in power dressing. .

“What’s life without a little comfort” Tiptopp caters to providing comfortable and fashionable women’s slipons and sandals. Windsor truly believes. Available in the price range of Rs.000 paris of Windsor are produced annually in the price range of RS. 325 to Rs. in keeping with the hectic lifestyles today.The idea is to be comfortable wearing these attractive leather formal shoes over long periods every day. This range is synonymous with comfort.50. 1999. durability and neat styling.000 pairs annually. Targeted at ladies in the age group of 24-40 years. Over 750. 550 “Good looks and provides lasting comfort” . 895 to Rs. this range sells 7.


Christmas etc. Special marketing communication mix are devised for special occasions like Diwali. However.ADVERTISING AND PROMOTIONS ADVERTISING & PROMOTION The marketing division takes aggressive promotional exercise throughout the year. ID. It aims at satisfying consumer’s esteem and self-actualization needs so that consumer can relate themselves with the company. company promotes its products by adding value to the lifestyle and a part of the ambitions. for promotion of its product. the main instrument of the company is its “SHOWROOM POLICY”. .

A customer is not dependent on us ------------.we are dependent on him.This policy aims at reaching more and more customers through Liberty showrooms. What is a customer ? A customer is the most important person ever in this office -------------in person or by mail. A customer is not dependent on us -----------. .we are dependent on him.

It is our job to handle them profitably to him and to ourselves.he is the purpose of it. . A customer is not someone to argue or match wins with.A customer is not an interruption of our work--------. Nobody ever wins an argument with a customer. A customer is a person who brings us his wants. We are not doing a favour by serving him …………… He is doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to do so.

Services and Ideas). products (Goods. and exchanging products of value with others. offering. These are needs wants demands. values. cost.MARKETING MARKETING Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating. Philip Kotler This definition of marketing rests on some core concepts. .

the various marketing. marketing research and so on to work together. exchange. Integrated marketing works on two levels. transaction. the various marketing functions like sales force. not the product” “Have it your way” “You’re the boss” “Putting people first” “Partners for profit” INTEGRATED MARKETING When all company’s department work together to serve the customer’s interest.satisfaction. Integrated marketing works on two levels. markets. The marketing concept has been expressed in man colorful ways. and marketers. First. First. advertising. Second . products management. “Meeting needs fills them” “Find wants and fills them” “Love the customer. Marketing is a process exchanging products of value with other with giving each of them maximum benefit. The marketing concept holds the key to achieving organizational goals consists of being more effective than competitors in integrating marketing activities toward determining and satisfying the needs and wants of target markets. and networks. Marketing concept is a business philosophy that makes waves during 1950’s. the result is integrated marketing. relationship.

It works only when all employees appreciate their impact on customer satisfaction. and interest of target markets and to deliver the desired satisfaction more effectively and efficiently than competitors in a way that preserves or enhances the consumer’s and the society’s well being .marketing must be well coordinated with other company departments. wants. Marketing does not work when it is merely department. SOCIETAL MARKETING The societal marketing concept holds that the organization’s task is to determine the needs.

.The societal marketing concept calls upon marketers to build social and ethical considerations into their marketing practices. consumer wants satisfaction and public interest. They must balance and juggle the often conflicting criteria of company profits.

buying. consuming. and discarding products for personal consumption. .CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR Consumer Buying Behavior The decision process and acts of final household consumers associated with evaluating.

After visiting several dealerships. you always go to the same . You purchase this product when you do your grocery shopping once per week. Once this need has put you “on the market”. you have doubts on the way home. In this particular case. After picking up your new car. you test drive several models and finally decide on a particular mode. but then begin to wonder if instead you should have purchased a more expensive but potentially more reliable model. You generally will not consider different options until some event triggers a need. such as a problem needing potentially expensive repair. you begin to ask your friends for recommendations regarding dealerships and car models. the car has several unexpected breakdowns that lead you to want to purchase a different brand. but you have been very happy with the services of the local dealership and decide to again purchase your next care there. wondering if you can afford the monthly payments. the following generic model of consumer decision making appears to hold:  Need recognition  Information search  Evaluation of alternatives  Purchase decision  Post purchase behavior Now consider the purchase of a quart of orange juice. You have a favorite brand of orange juice and usually do your grocery shopping once per week. You have a favorite brand of orange juice.Consider the purchase of an automobile. Over the next five year.

which influenced consumer-buying behavior. How is it that the generic model above works differently in this second scenario ? Why does it work differently ? Why would we generally need the ministrations of a sales person in the sale of a car. and never notice what other brands are on the shelf or what the prices of other brands in the store to pick it up. but are more interested in various factors that influence how such a model might work and what are the factors.g. reference group influence Environmental/situational .. INFLUENCES ON THE GENERIC MODEL • External Group e. but we generally do not need the help of a salesperson in the purchase of orange juice ? How can the marketer of orange juice get a consumer like you to exert more effort into information search or to consider alternative products ? How is it that the marketer of your brand got you to ignore alternative competing brands ? What is the involvement of salespeople in sales promotions that might be associated with products such as orange juice ? Consumer behavior researchers are not so interested in studying the validity of the above generic model. family. cultural.

consider how the saleperson in an automobile showroom in the U. In some subculture. motivation etc. and associated behaviors that are learned by a member of society. personality. norms. must react to different couples that are considering the purchase o a car.• Internal e. Lifestyle. GROUP INLUENCES ON CONSUMER BEAHVIOR Culture The set of basic values.. time of day. temperature and humidity. etc. Social Class A group of individuals with similar social rank. the wife will play a more dominant role. the husband will play a dominant role in the purchase decision. beliefs. and wealth. education. decision-making process. As an example of cultural influences.g. Reference Groups . in others. Note that culture is something that is learned and that it has a relatively long lasting effect on the behaviors of an individual. based on such factors are occupation.S.

Opinion leader A person within a reference group who exerts influence on others because of special skills.Groups.. knowledge. INTERNAL INFLUENCES ON CONSUMER BEHAVIOR Personality A person’s distinguishes psychological characteristics that lead to relatively consistent and lasting responses to stimuli in the environment. etc. Family A group of people related by blood. no matter your age or stage in the family cycle. often temporary. We are each unique as individuals. • E. or behaviors.g. attitude. and we each respond different as consumers. that affects a person’s values. For example. your behaviors around colleagues at work or friends at school are probably different from your behaviors around your parents. while other people are “satisfiers” who will stop shopping when . personality. or other socially approved relationship. marriage. some people are “optimizers” who will keep shopping until they are certain that they have found the best price for a particular item.

they believe that they have found something that is “good enough” I you are a salesperson in a retail shoe store. interests. This modifies the way that the generic model works. and opinions. . • Psychographics is a technique for measuring personality and lifestyles to developing lifestyle classifications.s activities. Motivation: multiple motives Consumers usually have multiple motives for particular behaviour. and therefore presents a higher involvement situation. how might you work differently with these two personalities ? Lifestyle and Psychographics • Lifestyle is a pattern of living expressed through a person. These can be a combination of: • Manifest Known to the person and freely admitted • Latent Unknown to the person or the person Involvement has to do with an individual’s • Intensity of interest in a product and the • Importance of the product for that person The purchase of a car is much more risky than the purchase of a quart of orange juice.

consumers have greater motivation to comprehend and elaborate on information salient to the purchase.g. buying a new car once every five years. buying a quart of orange juice once per week Limited problem solving • Used when products are occasionally purchased • Used when information is needed about an unfamiliar product in a familiar product category. or infrequently purchased • E. POST-PURCHASE CONSUMER BEHAVIOR Satisfaction . expensive. Extended problem solving • Used when product is unfamiliar.. TYPE OF CONSUME PROBLEM-SOLVING PROCESS Routine problem • Used when buying frequently purchased. low cost items • Used when little search/decision effort is needed • E.As involvement increases.g..

They are also more likely to be unhappy or even abusive when the product requires post-sale servicing. MARKET RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The methodology adopted for this market is explained below. he might feel satisfied. Disatisied buyers are not likely to return as customers and are not likely to send friends. If the buyer believes that he received more in the exchange than what was paid.After the sale. relatives. and acquaintances. the buyer will likely feel either satisfied or dissatisfied. as when an automobile needs warranty maintenance. then he might feel dissatisfied. . If he believes that he received less in the exchange than what was paid.

Defining the research Problem & objection Developing the research plan for collecting information Implementation the research plan-collecting & analyzing data Interpreting & reporting .

Still.The research methodology adopted was Descriptive in nature. The cross-sectional study is single in nature. The survey had been done in two methods: telephonic interviewing and personal interviewing. The cross-sectional study has been used here.e. Information has been collected from a given sample of population only once. Liberty Vs others. Scope of the study Area: Different area of Delhi had been covered the study. i. we made it as simple as possible. As the study was to study the choice criteria to decide upon a company for shoe purchase and accordingly prepare the competitive update. The questionnaire consists of questions that are judicious mix of both close-ended and open ended questions. Data collection: We have used a formal questionnaire to collect data. Questionnaire: We have used a questionnaire for data collection. hence open-ended question were necessary to get inner information. because only one sample respondents is drawn from the target population. . Telephonic interviewing was traditional in nature and in-home personal interviewing was done.

Rating of overall attributes of the Liberty like  Appearance  Look  Color  Quality  Usage Q.4.  Price  Durability  Reliability  Efficiency  Performance  Dealers behavior Q. What were the reasons for selecting Liberty? Q. Are the Customer satisfied with after sales services? . These questions are related to the attributes.RESULT ANALYSIS The result obtained and data analysis is based on the questions framed in the questionnaire.3. Rating of various characteristics of Liberty shoe like.1. Q.5. characteristics and performances of Liberty shoes. Are the customer satisfied with the efficiency? Q.2. Following are the questions used in deriving the customer satisfaction level.

Thus keeping all the above attributes in mind a sample of 150 customers was selected and then intervened personally. The result has been analyzed and tabulated from the next page. .

. quality. 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 41 22 19 10 8 Quality Utility Reputated company Desin Price Thus it has been observed that most of the customer’s have purchased Liberty because of better quality. utility. Thus the efficiency is the main criteria for the selection of Liberty. design. With the following graph we can obtain the results. The reasons may include price. Reasons for selecting Liberty.Q. Utility is at second priority among the customer surveyed with 22%. The percentage of customer bought Liberty because of better quality is 41%. The percentage of customers who purchases Liberty because of reputed company is 19% has been given least priority with 8% only. In the questionnaire it was asked to the customer for what reasons they have purchased Liberty. reputed company.

Only 3% of the customers finds it newer boring the interesting. Customer opinion about the overall attributes of the Liberty? With this question I come to know about customer’s opinion regarding various of the tractor appearance. Only 10% of customers finds it very boring and fairly boring respectively. This can be derived from the following graph. Neither Fairly boring 3% Very boring 3% 10% Very interesting 49% Fairly interesting 35% From the above chart we can derive that majority of customer say that appearance is interesting 49% of customer say that of the appearance is very interesting while 35% finds it fairly interesting. So it can be concluded that almost all of the customers are satisfied with the appearance of the snocs. quality and usage. . Appearance The appearance of the shoe is based the two derivates that is interesting and boring. color. 1.Q. The customers are required to give their opinion on these derivates weather the appearance is interesting or boring.

. Colour combination With the help of this attribute we can analyze whether the customer are satisfied with the color of Liberty shoes produced by the company. suitable and unsuitable. 35% of customers found it very suitable whereas 31% of customers found it fairly suitable 16% of the customer found it neither nor unsuitable 11% found it fairly unsuitable and 7% found it very unsuitable. Are they satisfied with the color combination of the shoe they have purchased? Thus attribute is based upon two criteria i. 40 35 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Very suitable Fairly suiable Neither Fairly unsuitable Very unsuitable 16 11 7 31 From the above histogram we conclude that majority of customer are satisfy with the color combination of their shoe. This can be analyzed with the help of the histogram suitable and unsuitable.2.e.

Quality The quality of the shoe can be determined on the bases of the two derivates i. 39% Neither . 31% From the above graph it is concluded that maximum number of customer are satisfied with the quality of their shoe in which 39% found the quality fairly good whereas 31% found quality very good 12% quality neither bad nor good 11% of the total customer found quality fairly bad and 7% of the customer found quality quality very bad. .e. This can be analyzed with the help of the following pie chart. Very bad. 7% Fairly bad. The customers are asked to give their opinion whether the liberty’s quality is good or bad. good and bad. 12% Very Good. 11% Fairly good.

. Rate the characteristics of Liberty? It was asked by the customer to rate the various characteristics of Liberty on the scale of satisfied. average and dissatisfied. In the upcoming pages each and every attribute with the help of graphs. The characteristics are as follows:  Price  Durability  Performance  Efficiency  Reliability  Dealer’s behavior The above attributes are the tools in analyzing the satisfaction level of the customer with the help of chart and the graph. I have shown what the customer feels about shoe.Q.

40% Dissatisfied . Majority of Customer i. one always keep in mind about the price while purchasing the product. 47% are not satisfy with the price. The majority of customers are mainly from rural markets and they find it quite hard to spend such an amount on the shoe.Price Price is one of the main element of marketing. With the help of the following we can find whether Liberty has succeeded its customer with its price tag.e. . So it is difficult for them to afford the heavy prices of the shoe. In the same way the company should also keep in mind the price of that product and quote the price of the product in such a way so that the customer easily accept it. 47% From the above graph we can see that only 40% of the customers are fully satisfy with the price of the tractor while 13% find it average. Average . 13% Satisfied .

80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 70 18 12 Satisfied Average Dissatisfied From the above graph we conclude that 70% customer are find durability of the shoe satisfactory while 18% customer finds the durability average. Only 12% customer are dissatisfied with durability. .DURABILITY Durability of the shoe can be analyzed on the bases of the three derivates i.e. satisfy average and dissatisfied with the help of the following graph we can find out whether the customer are satisfied with the durability of the shoe or not.

Dissatisfied . 25% Satisfied . Only 15% of the customers are dissatisfied with reliability of the shoe.RELIABILITY Reliability of the shoe should also be determined while analyzing the satisfaction level of the customer. 15% Average . 60% From the above graph we may conclude that 60% o the customer find the reliability of the shoe satisfactory while 25% o the customer find the reliability of the shoe average. This is also based on three derivatives as the above attributes are with the help of the following graph of the following graph we can find Liberty reliable or not. .

average and dissatisfied. Dissatisf ied 15% Satisfied 46% Average 39% From the above graph we may conclude that 46% customer find the efficiency of the shoe satisfactory while 39% find it average. It was asked to the customers whether the shoes are efficient or not efficient in this case it can be analyzed on the bases o three derivatives i. . satisfied. With the help o the following graph we can find out what customer say about its efficiency.e. Only 15% customers are dissatisfied with the efficiency.EFFECIENCY One of the characteristics of the any durable product is its efficiency so is in a shoe.

38% customer found performance average whereas only 10% of the customers are dissatisfied with the performance. .PERFORMANCE Performance of the shoe should also be measured while analyzing the satisfaction level of the customer. 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Satisfied Avera dissatisfied From the above graph we may conclude that majority of the customer are satisfied with the performance of the shoe. With the help of the following graph we may find out whether the customers are satisfy with Liberty’s performance or not. The percentage of the satisfied customer is 52%.

11% 22% Dissatisfied Satisfied Average 67% From the above graph we may conclude that majority of the retailers are dissatisfied with the dealers behaviour 22% retailers find the behaviour satisfactory while 11% finds it average but 67% of the retailers are dissatisfied with the dealer’s behaviour.DEALER’S BEHAOIOUR One of the components while determining level is dealer’s behaviour. Whether the dealer is maintaining proper relation or not. . From the following we can find out whether retailers are satisfy with the dealer or not.


company does not understand the importance of distribution system. Due to that retailers are turning towards other companies for stock to sale. People find that other competitor’s design and color combination is quite impressive. • It has been observed that most of the customers were not aware with the quality and features of the product. • Most of the retailers were not satisfy with dealer’s behaviour. In fact I saw products of other companies for stock to sale. Some of these are discussed as under:• New entrants in the market are pushing their product very aggressively. In fact I saw products of other companies stocked in some of the liberty’s exclusive showroom. There marketing compaings are very much effective and attractive. They said that company should give emphasis shoes are known as a durable product. • Customers usually add his shoe with his lifestyle as now they don’t want to purchase one shoe for all the occasion. . • According to retailers. • Most of the consumers were satisfied with the product’s raw material quality and its performance as Liberty’s shoes are known as a durable product.MAJOR FINDINGS: The survey conducted has put forth many interesting in the market. • Design of Liberty’s product is not that mush effective.

. • According to survey. Still company has a very good prestige in the market. Company can make full of that prestige but it has to do something special to attract the customer. price does not matter while making purchase decision. They said that company should give emphasis on developing and managing an efficient and broad distribution system. liberty score high. • On the utility front.• Most of retailers were not satisfy with the dealer’s behaviour. It has a very good usability Consumers are very much satisfy with quality of the product. Major findings of this survey said that company is losing its position in the market slightly.


standard of living and purchasing poere of rural people is on the rise. There is a great scope in rural market as compared to the urban markets because major portion of urban market is already saturated. • A special marketing campaign should be started in the unexplored regions where company does not have its reach. Company should make them more interesting and effective. so that the price sensitive consumer can also be covered by the effective marketing strategy • Company can exercise separate product mix. . After liberalization. By adopting an appropriate rural-marketing strategy. • There is enough demand in rural areas for liberty products. marketing mix and a differentiated marketing communication mix for the marketing campaign. • Company’s advertisements are not very attractive. On the basis of these findings we can recommend following suggestions. • The market is. • The company has the option of reducing the cost of production. the liberty shoe limited can push up sales up o a great extan. by and large. unaware about the features and quality of the products of liberty. • Company should concentrate more bn advertisements and sales promotions through different media.MAJOR RECOMMENDATIONS:The survey conducted has put forth many interesting findings in the market.


. • Economies of scale • Infrastructure • Leaders in quality WEAKNESS • After sales service like replacement of shoe is very poor. • Company representative doesn’t visit dealers frequently. • Price of products offered is not satisfactory. • Wide Dealers network. • Wide market in low price shoes as most population is financially weak in our country. • Bondage between company and employees.SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTH • Established brand name. OPPURTUNITIES • Have the opportunity of grabbing the market share through lunching of new & wide range of products with new designs. • Sustained growth rate. • Customer’s fith.

• Develop market sensitive product line.• Existing successful products of company. • Increase sales by giving incentives to sales officers and dealers. • Competition for resources • New entries in the market • Unforeseen conditions. • Globalizaion THREATS • Cut throat Competition • Due to lack of good design of products and good after sales service th company can lose hir customer to other companies who provide good quality of product and after sales service. .


effective presence only in northern part of the country are few problems with the Liberty. low customer preferences in comparison with MNC’s unattractive like Nike. Major findings include that although company holds a very good reputation in the market. it failed to satisfy customers on few aspects. Adidas. Lack of good advertising & promotional Strategies has made Liberty to fall little low in the number game. Red Tape. Apart from hat company can indulge in promotional activities in rural areas where market potential is really good. Reebok. Reebok. Bata. Nike. Although the company offers very good products quality but slightly on a higher price. Lee cooper Red Chief. . and few problems like designs. Company is facing stiff competition from Action.CONCLUSION This project is based on the study of “Customer perception and market potential about “LIBERTY SHOES”. bad color combination. The market of Liberty is prosperous & customer perception about it is good. Lakhani. The company should improve he technology and designing process according to latest fashion and trends in the apparels market.


So. which would help me throughout my life.  I had to study the choice criteria to decide upon a branded shoe and accordingly prepare he competitive update. the sample size taken was small (150). . he time period was not such to have a comprehensive analysis. it was really very difficult to get time from them to fill-up the questionnaires.e. Also.  Due to paucity of time. Liberty shoes VS other companies.  The people were generally very busy and so.LIMITATIONS Every project comes with a new challenge.  The sample may not give true picture about the entire population.  The result may have been influenced by the composition of the sample and use of non-probabilistic sampling technique. I also faced many difficulties while doing the project. i. I have got 25 days to complete the study. hey were very reluctant of provide information which was very necessary for the purpose of the study. And what is a challenge without difficulties. And those situations gave me a learning.


libertyshoes. • Footwear Digest • Footwear and leather Fashion • World footwear • • • Marketing management – Kotler Philip • Research .


which brand most appeal you ? (6) Rank these Indian brands as per your perception ? .Questionnaire (1) What is your age /  (15-25)  (25-40)  (40-55)  (Over 55) (2) Occupation ?  Student  Professional  Service man  Business (3) What type of footwear you prefer to buy ?  Leather Shoe  Sports Shoes  Sandal  Chappal  Belly (4) Which type of shoes you prefer to buy ?  Branded  Local made ] (5) If branded.

unsatis. Action  Adidas  Lee cooper  Nike  Red tape  Reebok  Bata  Lakhani  Liberty  Woodland (7) Rating of overall attributes of the Liberty like  Appearance saits.  Performance satis. satis. unsatis.  Look  Color Average Average Average Aerage Aerage Aerage Aerage Aerage Aerage unsatis. unsatis. (8) Which is the best brand in your view ? Leather _________________________ Sports __________________________ . unsatis. unsatis. unsatis. unsatis unsatis saits.  Quality  Usage Price satis. satis. satis.  Durability  Reliability  Efficiency satis. satis.

Price 2.Previous Experience (10) (11) Have you ever use liberty footwear ? What are the main things you like about liberty ? ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(12) What are the main drawbacks of liberty ? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(13) Would you like to buy liberty again ? .Quality 3.(9) What things you see before purchasing a shoe ? 1.Design 5.Brand Name 4.

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