How to replace Fabia heater / air con control panel

Recently, the heater / air con control panel failed on my wife’s car. It didn’t light up with the headlights, the recirc and air con buttons stopped working, and so did the temperature control. The fan still worked (different circuit), as did the vent direction control (which is mechanical!) This job needs the entire lower section of the dash out, so start by following the Technical Guides for clearing the vent fan internals and steps 1-7 of the one for evaporator temp sensor replacement (see online version for links). The latter tells you most of the tools you’ll need, although you will also need a ratchet driver or a very short handle for your Torx heads, as some of the screws are in tight spaces. The part number of the heater / air con panel is 6Q0 819 445, and I got mine for about £60 delivered from a scrappy. 1. With just the centre section of the lower dash remaining, remove the stereo and tray / cupholders underneath. I won’t tell you exactly how to do this as it’s a minor security risk, but it’s easy enough:

and the blanking plates above it: 3. Next.2. Take care to disconnect any switches: . pull / push out the trim either side of the stereo.

4. …and carefully pull the cover of the panel off. pushing the panel itself into the dash: . Undo the two retaining screws for the heater / air con panel: 5.

…the one at the back of the stereo cage: .6. Unscrew the two screws shown: 7.

8. …and this one behind the little cover above the steering wheel: . …this one above the clutch pedal: 9.

10. Put the bit of dash somewhere where it won’t get in the way or get damaged. The centre section of the lower dash should now just pull away: 11. and swap out the heater / air con panel: .

12. including the steps in the other two TGs. and all should be well. That’s it! Put everything back in reverse order. I found it took a couple of uses of all the controls before fault codes stopped being recorded – not sure why this should have been. The job took me about 90 minutes from start to finish. HTH Ap0gee ☺ . but it didn’t stop it working so shouldn’t be an issue if you don’t have VAG-COM etc.

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