The Herbalife Business Opportunity

How it works and how to get started

Who is Herbalife?
• One of the largest Wellness companies in the world • Founded in 1980 • Almost 2 million distributors world wide • Millions of satisfied customers • Accepted in 72 countries • Listed on the New York Stock Exchange

What are the products?
• Nutrition, from inside and out • Supervised by a team of Medical doctors, including a Nobel Prize Laureate • Sports nutrition that is acceptable even DURING competition

Okay, so what’s the Business?
• • • • • • High-quality products that are cost effective. Products are consumable Only available from Independent Distributors. Multiple streams of income Unlimited income potential Up to 73% of the retail price paid pack to the Distributor network.

No, really. What’s the Business?
• Step 1 – Sign up:
– When you sign up, you immediately qualify to purchase the products at a 25% discount. – You can earn Retail profit by finding customers who purchase at full price.


R1000 Sale Profit of R250

Is that all?
• Step 2 - Grow:
R1000 Sale Profit of R500

– As your turnover grows, R1000 Sale 42% Profit of R420 you earn the right to higher discount levels. R1000 Sale 35% – 25%, 35%, 42% and even Profit of R350 50% discounts. R1000 Sale 25% Profit of R250 – With the same sale you now make a higher profit.

And what about the Networking?
• Step 3 - Recruit:
– When your friends get jealous, they can join the business under you. – They don’t have to be in the same country or even on the same continent. – They make the full amount of profit due to them. You get the difference between their discount and yours. 50% 42%
You get R250

You get R170


You get R100

You get R0
25% They make a

R1000 Sale

What happens if they get to 50% too?
• Step 4 – Support your friends:
– When your friends get going, you don’t lose out. – In Herbalife: 50% - 50% = 5%. – The company pays the 5% Royalty, on the total turnover of their business, for as long as they remain in Herbalife. – Royalty paid on 1st three levels only, to keep things fair. 50%
50% 50% 50%
5% Royalty




5% Royalty 5% Royalty


Nothing (Yet!)

Is that all?
• There are more levels after Supervisor (that’s what the 50% level is called) • You can earn 2%, 4% and 6% Bonuses on your total organisational turnover. That translates to as much as a 40% 80% or 120% of your monthly cheque paid to you as a MONTHLY BONUS.

Okay but surely it’s not that simple, right?
• Well, Yes and no. • The business plan is really this simple (but yes, I’ve omitted the numbers for clarity) • Herbalife keeps track of turnover by assigning each product a value that doesn’t change with currency or discount. They call it Volume Points. • The number of V.P. needed to progress are:
– – – – – – 500v.p. in one month = 35% (you never fall back down to 25%) 1000v.p. in one order = 42% for the rest of the month. 2000v.p. in one month = 42% for the rest of that month. 2500v.p. in 3 months = 42% for 12 months 4000v.p. in one month or 2500 in each of 2 consecutive months 5000v.p. in 12 months = 50% till the end of next January.

So what do I need to do?
• We have a simple, step-by-step guide. The fine details you can decide on for yourself. But basically:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Sign up. Study the 2-4-1 Place your first order. Use the products yourself. Create your 100 name list . Find 4 people per month who want to get healthy. Find 2 people per month who want to get wealthy. Attend 1 training per month. Repeat steps 3-8 as often as desired till you reach your dreams.

Okay, give me step one!
• Order the starting kit (called the International Business Pack or IBP). The form inside gives you the right to buy at 25% discount, from any warehouse in any of 72 countries (for now) around the world. • The IBP also contains 4 products (Shake, Fibre, Tea and Multivitamin) for you to use. • It also has the guidelines, rules and regulations as well as some business training and tips to get going.

Okay, and step 2?
• The size of your first order is up to you. • You can chose to order only for your own use, what ever you want to try. • You can order for 500v.p. and secure your 35% discount. This will cost about R4300 depending what you order. • You can also go for 1000v.p. (±R8500) for 42% or the full 4000v.p. Supervisor order (±R32000) • Your order depends on your budget and your business plans. Don’t commit to a large order if you don’t see where you’ll find customers and distributors to help you move it but also don’t buy so little that you have to keep everyone waiting till you get more.

So you’re selling me the IBP and kicking me out the door?
• Not at all! • One of the great things about the Herbalife network is that it’s almost like a family. You can ask anybody for help and advice. The best place to start is your sponsor. • It’s in your sponsors’ interests to help you succeed. The more money you make, the more they make. • There are also regular meetings and seminars; online training videos; free and paid-for books and tapes and many other sources of information and training.

Is that it? What about the rest? What if I still have questions?
• There’s plenty more to tell you, but the rest depends on you. • Contact me and I will help you get your IBP, get started and get successful.

The Mission Statement
We are a team committed to building a sustainable business and delivering powerful results that contribute to the health and wealth of individuals and communities around the world!

How do I get hold of you?
• My name is NEVILLE PURDON • My telephone number is +27 (0) 43 741 2767 • My cell number is +27 (0) 73 211 7092 • My fax number is +27 (0) 86 545 5370 • My email is Now you have my info, what are you waiting for?

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