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PERSONAL SAFETY: Developing PM Claim eye ae aie y sini a SC, A | en te We " e- O _ S ao ae a. == re ee : FE See f > P | hether you are a police of | oe —— Station! How would you defend you self in a confrontation? What would you do ifyou witness an injustice? Would you rake action, risk theyconsequences, run the other way? Dealing with a crisis sieu- ation ~ from 2 mugging toa robbery, from ahazardous mate jal spill to-a terrorist act quires a keen sense of var where. And it not theit job alone to censure publie safety and security. Crime control is the responsibility of everyone in che community: Vigilant community squites citizens to get involved. That's the whole premise behind che “911” systems around the country. We must never hesitate to take action. ‘The police are paid professionals who certain level of accountal for dealing with eriminal activity. Every day, men and women put on uniforms and report for hazardous duty: Yer, they cean't do cheie public service mission with- out help, Ie is primarily the responsibil ity of each citizen to be knowledgeable pro-active and involved in the exime so: lution and prevention process. Citizens need o support their police and ensure their efforts are successful, Vorers need to support budget initiatives by ensurin politicians give public service personnel adequa resources. Community resoure= es should be composed of cooperative ef: forts. Actions should be directed roward the safety and security of the commu hey. The prevention af erime, che devec- tion of criminal activiey, and controlling deviant behavior depends on everyone. Each person has a responsibility for his or her own personal safety. Suppressing is possible to the ex- tent every citizen accepts the obli of civic involvement. The privilege of freedom in demo: cratic republic necessitares the citizens assuming theie own protective counter- Asa citizen, you can learn basic tactics, and techniques in order to ensure your personal safety. In the process, you can also help others. By being vigilane and active you also aid the police in their ‘mission, Vigilance suggests each person practice an early waming system within himself or herself. By being alert to your surroundings, you ean ancicipat dent before it happens. One of basic principles of personal safery is be- able o actin sure and swift manner. Being what to do. ble wo act pre-supposes you know This requires the practiced 8 ness is essential to carrying out preven: ee ae tet safety AWARENESS tive messures. Devel- means you tntin and practice cerain racties thae will ensure survival ina dangerous situation, A tactical mindset in= cludes the coordination of mental and physical capabilities co the appli- cation ofdefensivemen sures. The execution of proper tactics is crucial In effect, you are using Your strengths to over- ‘come a perceived threst ro your immediate en- vironment. Your mind rust work efficiently roemploy proper tactics in the engagement of the threat. This ability perience, Such actions necessitate fer varying levels of complexity. (1) tain amount of creativity in application Bus, you won't be able to do anything if you are not alert. Bein ‘smax- Time, talk, tactics is the abbreviation imum use of visual acuity co your sur- of a tactical formula. We sometimes teach roundings. And, in every di tactical arena” in which we live, and play, is. dynamic society, the this basic concept ro young police officers ilfully prepared toassessa situation, Onceathreat Wha that really means is being KNOW eee eae 34 magazine Slovernber | De: ‘The old adage offong age holds rue: know yourself, What are you capable of doing ina bad situation? Capitalize on your strengths, Understand and control your weaknesses. Personal safety planning also concems the realization that we do nat lve in a violence free world. Each of us must realize that the world is a dangerous place. Awareness of your surroundings is essential to a survival state of mind. You must refuse tobe a victim of the predators by virtue of your constant vigilance. To this, a sense of balance must be carefully calculated. in an ancient sense, this means know what is right, what to do and when to do it. I is sometimes called rectitude and suggests taking positive ac- tion without question. When trouble comes decide on a course of action and get it done. ‘An appropriate course of action requires you to think, logically deduce a response and carry it out without wavering (6) heer CAPABILITIES assessments made, plan is developed as to what todo, After that, you take decisive action, Yer, takingaetion occurs long hefore anything ever happens. It involves mental anticipation. Our environments change daily. Complexity abounds in deating with other people, The potential violence from a combat situation escalates in relation t0 hhow prepared you are, Plus, the level of ‘omplications rise as confusion, distraction and disorder enter the picture, Behavior in other people is not easily predictable. You hhave ta learn how co read body la listen to verbal cues and understand sen sory perceived moxives and intentions, AS such, we interact with our surroundings and act accordingly as we encounter vai ‘ous types of people. Uncertainty, coupled with mixed prob: abilities, influence our contact with other people in the real workl, Social confict quires people to adapt and overcome in a chaotic and uncertain manner, There are no fixed rules of socal inte ‘comes to criminal behav curse when it There can only be guidelines. Every situation is differ: sical mindset means cent. Developing a proper planning eo prevent poor perfor: mance. Vigilance is an important part of the process, Alertness involves strengthen- ing your internal early warning system, 1 sakes practice There are usually prepariory actions n someone is considering an act of ¥ precipitate an impending threat, Pereep-