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1. Has 2 icons : Ptdsp :- display or data entry icon  Ptprt :- for printing the document 2. First time open the Movex system  System will ask twice for log in interface. Bcos, we need to connect to the Movex server.  Once logon to the Movex, the next transaction only ask the 1 log in interface. 3. To sign in :- enter the user ID & password 4. To sign off  press F3  File  exit all  Type SIGNOFF in option & command section. 5. Start Training o

shift + F11 = F23 :- to call out all the command – to get the
full view off the menu bar on header.

o o o

shift + F11 = F13 shift + F12 = F24 :- to show all the menu on the footer. shift + F6 = F18 :- cancel all the transaction

6. To create new supplier  30 APL – Account Payable  Maintenance  280 Supplier.Open ****Help Key – press F1 7. Supplier - Sundry/Trade -Must identify the actual supplier group.

8. How to enter the supplier bill /invoice  10 Supplier Inv/Debit Note/Credit Note/Ad  300 Supplier Invoices  Identify the supplier first  Press F4 to view the all supplier code  Enter 1 to select the supplier ****Accounting date MUST follow the Invoice date  Enter :- 1st enter for confirmation  Enter :- 2nd enter for view the 2nd input screen  Account is already created  don’t change the code bcos it’s link to the previous supplier account.  If the user found the account is wrongly enter just press F12 to cancel and go back to maintenance menu and change the supplier info AGAIN. 9. To expense the creditor – to debit  GL code :- 707 10. How to enter the detail description : F6 to enter the detail (yang panjang2)  Enter twice: 1. To confirm

2. To Save 11.How to change the detail description: Type 2  Enter  Back to the first column at the footer than press F6 12.After confirm and save, MUST record the voucher number on the supplier invoice.  To indicate that we already key in the invoice into the system and avoid the double entry.  Ex: 00521358 13.Cancel the entire transaction

 Maybe user enters the wrong invoice number after all the transaction done. Press F18 (shift + F6)  Invoice number cannot be change/amend so need to cancel all. 14.GL – link to the voucher number. 15.AP – take the supplier invoice number. 16.To review  140 AP Ledger Display  Enter the invoice number, according to the supplier invoice number. Ex: 4254 17.

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