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Published by: JenJenWentz on Oct 14, 2010
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The masthead of the cover is in a bolder and more stylish text to make it stand out from the rest

of the cover. The sub-heading then notifies the audience what edition this magazine is. It is tucked into the ‘C’ of the main title to make it look a little artistic, also it adds to the organisation of the magazine cover. The anchorage of the cover is very organised with most of the text being shifted to one side of the page. It organises it very well and fills in the ‘deadspace’. It is also separated into two separate colours to match the colour scheme, but it also separates different articles so its easier for the readers to depict them. The main article on the cover is displayed in a bigger font than the rest of the articles to increase its appeal to the audience more than others. Exclamation marks are also added to create excitement.

The image on the magazine cover is also allocated to the other side of the cover to make room for the text to go to fill the ‘dead-space’ and conform to the style of a typical magazine where it is organised with its image and text and isn't all over the place.

The colour scheme of the magazine is only three colours so the magazine isn’t too bland but not too busy. The colours that are used are red, black and white. Other parts of the magazine are of a typical standard for a magazine with the use of a price, dates of the magazines release and a barcode. A technique that has been used for this cover is ‘framing’ at the bottom of the cover. It separates this article from the rest because it isn’t relevant to the edition of the magazine but it does have importance because it is big news nonetheless, and some readers may have an interest in it.

The same font style for the masthead in the contents page has been used again, so it notifies the audience that this is the logo of the magazine. It’s tucked away in the corner, like it was on the cover so it has a similarity of anchorage. This time the colour of the logo is white so it contrasts well with the black background.

An image has been added of smiling college students to uphold the mood of positivity that Prior college upholds. Due to a girl being on the cover, I have used a picture filled all with boys so it notifies the audience that it reaches out to both gender rather than being allocated to one. A letter from the editor of the magazine has been included in the contents to break down the barrier between the magazine and the audience to make it much more casual like the mood of the college is. I have added a white rectangle onto the background of the main cover story section of the contents to make them stand out above the rest because they are the more important articles in the magazine and are relevant to the edition of this magazine issue. A different colour is also used for the page number to make them stand out and are easier for the audience to find.

The same three colours (red, black and white) have been used again for the organisation of the magazine.

As part of the anchorage subheadings have been used to separate different sections of the magazine. I have used overlapping texts in two different texts to make it add a little excitement to the magazine. The red block at the bottom makes it stand out, but it also increases the excitement for its readers for the next issue when they haven’t read this one yet.

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