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Design Information

Design Information

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Published by: Clive Grima on Oct 14, 2010
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Faculty for the Built Environment - Civil Engineering Stream

Engineer Responsible

EN 1990 EN 1991 EN 1992 BS 1880-1:1997 How to design concrete structures using EC2 Designed and detailed Manual for the design of reinforced concrete building structures to EC 2 Groundfloor: Commercial Use Intended use of structure First and Second Floor: Domestic Units Fire Resistance requirements 1 hour for all elements roof imposed=0.6 kN/m2 finishes=0.129kN/m2 Roofs, other than those with roof sheeting, should be designed to resist 1,5 kN General loading conditions on an area based on a 50 mm sided square. Residential units floors imposed=1.7 partitions=1.2 =2.9kN/m2 finishes parquet flooring=0.06kN/m2 insulation= 0.1314kN/m2 Imposed loads taken from National Annex to BS EN 1991-11 Reference Relevant Building Regulations and Design Codes

Commercial units floors imposed=4.5 partitions=1.2 =5.7kN/m2 finishes parquet flooring=0.06kN/m2 leveling layer=0.42kN/m2 stairs imposed = 3 kN/m2 finishes=0.45kN/m2

Category D for ground floor, Category A for upper floors Speed factors Vb = 6 m/s External surfaces: class XF1 Foundations: class XC2 Internal surfaces: class XC1 or XC4 Rock Bearing Pressure: Strong enough for the foundations to distribute the loadings form above

EN 1991-1-1:2002 (E) Wind loading conitions BS EN 1991-1-4

Exposure conditions

Subsoil conditions

R.C. Strip Footing under walls Foundation type R.C. Pad Footing under columns Concrete strength class: C 32/40 Reinforcement grade: 500 Concrete strength class for foundations: C 25/30 Self-weight of concrete: 25 kN/m3 Other relevant information All dimensions shown on drawing are in millimetres Material data

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