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Hello Charlie

Thanks for your comments bellow my comments as your Notes :

The 1st Human Readable field for the 2D PDF417 label should be Flextronics P/N: 19045-
006 and NOT HP/Flextronics P/N: 19045-006
( Carlos Flores ) the PN 19045-006 is from HP Project, the Tool is proporty from HP and
is reognize on our System.
we need to have reference from HP in the Label.

2nd field should be Vendor MFG P/N: 9106230 and NOT Vendor MFE P/N BAAN: 9106230
( Carlos Flores ) we can adjust the Vendor MFG PN : 9106230

3rd Human Readable field for the Lot Code/Lot No. should not be left empty and must not
have any underline.
4th field (Date Code).
5th field (Qty).
( Carlos Flores ) The Labels need to full information by the Operator and validate by our
QA Supervisor, some times the Qty Change regarding the P.O. from Flextronics.
the Qty per box is 4K but some times the Qty from the P.O. is not multiple
like the box.

6th Human Readable field, Flextronics PO).

( Carlos Flores ) Yes we can adjust the P.O. # when the material will ship to have
reference like the Shipping Documents.

If you have any Question please let me know

Next Shipment to Flextronics Singapore is on Friday 15. We will adjust the Label as your

Best Regards
Carlos Flores
Program Manager
Phone 52 33 3880-8047
Mobile 52 33 3191-9989

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