Edible Race Cars, Castles, and Other Cool Stuff


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out of StorE-Bought CAnDy!

Sharon Bowers, Author of Ghoulish Goodies

ContEntS introduction. Illustrations © David Sheldon Pyramids of Giza Pirate Ship Martian-Mallows and Aliens Fairy-Tale Castle Chapter 4 fun AnD gAmES Board Games Arm Candy Candy Sushi 1. Absolutely no eating while building: What construction worker snacks on the job? One item can be chosen from among the supplies. . or one piece of what was built. but it’s to be eaten after cleanup. Candy construction workers always brush their teeth after work. 2. 3. 00 Chapter 1 Chapter 5 (un)nAturAL WonDErS Creepy-Crawlies Woodland Creatures BLuEprIntS AnD ConStruCtIon notES Chapter 2 Chapter 6 thIngS thAt go Vroom Candy Construction Site Fudge Brownie Steam Train Race Cars Biplane and Helicopter Outer Space hoLIDAy trEAtS Easter Thanksgiving Christmas Appendix Chapter 3 fLIghtS of fAnCy on-SItE ruLES Photos © Kevin Kennefick.



shape about 1⁄3 cup of the dough into a large rounded disk. For each frog. For the mouth. a little narrower toward the back half. Press two Dots into the front of the frog. 3. To make each webbed foot. cut a triangle of fruit leather that’s wider than the fanned pretzel pieces. use the tip of a paring knife to trace a wide smile under the eyes. Also use the knife to trace the outline of back legs. Put it on the plate or platter you’ll use for serving. 5. down low on the edge of the disk. Stick with the all-green look shown in the photo or be creative with an assortment of colors. Drape it over the pretzels and press down between them. 2. 4.�e FROg Makes 1 Toad What You’ll need q q q q q q Approximately 1⁄3 cup Butterscotch Dough (see page 000) Green Dots Mini chocolate chips Small round green candies (a combination of Nerds and M&M’s works well) 2 pretzel sticks Green fruit leather What to Do 1. break a pretzel stick into three pieces and press the pieces. into the dough under one of the back leg outlines. For the webbing. Woodland Creatures  5 . For eyes. press mini chocolate chips into the centers of green Dots. fanned out. Press M&M’s and Nerds on the back to make warts. set wide apart.

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(When cutting the cookies in half. ultimately. with four walls and three towers): A Select a platter or cutting board to serve Front wall of the keep. mini cookies (any color or shape you like that’s not too heavy to hang on a wafer wall with frosting mortar) 2 (18-ounce) packages round sandwich cookies (such as Oreos or Golden Oreos) Ice cream cones (the pointy kind) Sprinkles Fruit leather A With the wafer cookies lying flat on the work surface. To build the walls of the keep (the interior building.�e ĈAStlE What You’ll need q q q q q q q q q q q 2 packages filled wafer cookies Chocolate or Vanilla Mortar (see page 000) or 1 can store-bought frosting 1 (8" x 4") pound cake (the kind found in the frozen-dessert section of the supermarket) 2 graham crackers 1 (1. Side walls of the keep. as shown. Again. What to Do 1. Pro Mis Im 7 Pro Mis Im . your castle’s base. licorice string. such as Hershey’s (the kind that are evenly divided into rectangles). optional Chocolate-covered pretzel rounds or star-shaped cookies Candy for decorating: mini jelly beans. gum tape.55-ounce) chocolate bar. alternating whole and half cookies as your work surface and. dragees. mortar the thin sides of the cookies. Mortar the thin sides of the cookies. sour strips. use mortar to build two side walls that are two wafer cookies wide and nine cookies high. use a sharp chef’s knife). two cookies wide A Build the keep front and back as if you were laying bricks: alternate rows of two whole cookies with rows of one whole cookie flanked by two halves.

author Sharon Bowers reveals how inexpensive and readily available store-bought candy offers an irresistible treasure-trove of crafting material. holidays. Storey books are distributed in Canada by Thomas Allen & Son. 144 pages. She writes an award-winning grilling column for Cabin Life magazine and is a former producer for the Food Network’s web- Candy Construction Full-color. No. (800) 387-4333.greeman@storey. LTD. 62548 8-copy counter display: $119.95 US / $18. Great for birthday parties.60 CAN ISBN: 978-1-60342-746-3. To order.storey. photographs and illustrations throughout. Ĉandy Ĉonstruction thE Author Sharon Bowers is the author of Ghoulish Goodies and three other books. 62746 September 2010 Availa b Septem le be 2010! r site. Candy Construction is packed with creative ideas to ignite young imaginations. and other special occasions. She lives in New York City with her husband and two sons. MA 01247 www. 7 x 8 Paper: $14. Her projects are sure to delight every candyloving child and provide families with hours of crafting fun.95 CAN ISBN: 978-1-60342-548-3.Put Away the legos! In Candy Construction. Publicity Contact: Amy Greeman (413) 346-2113 or amy. No.60 US / $151. please see your sales representative or call (800) 722-7202. Storey ß .com • Advance blurb mailing • Long lead mailing • Book Trailer • Online and radio Bowers ßStorey Publishing 210 MASS MoCA Way | North Adams.com Storey books are distributed in the gift and book trade by Workman Publishing.

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