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My Music Artist for My Music Magazine

My Music Artist for My Music Magazine

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Published by: JenJenWentz on Oct 14, 2010
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My Music Artist for my Music Magazine

Style Influences
•Due to my musical artist wanting to reach out to the Eastern World, a lot of influences of her style are hints of the Western World to show where she is from, but to make a connection with her audience she is influenced also heavily by Japanese fashion, due to its fun modern day style. •My musical artist concentrates a lot of her fashion upon the Harajuku fashion in Japan which originates in Tokyo. It is based upon outrageous fashion, yet is courageous, individual and very creative. They even have their sub-styles, such as Babydoll and Goth. Baby doll is preferably the kind of style that my musical artist likes. BABYDOLL HARAJUKU Babydoll Harajuku style mainly involves: •The use of girly colours, preferably pink and purple and also has essences of other bright colours. The only dark colour which is commonly used is black to separate the bright colours accordingly. •Accessories are heavily used within the Babydoll harajuku style, preferably the bigger the accessory the better. For example in the picture of the left is a very large black rose on a headband. This would be a good accessory to use within the Harajuku style, because it is large and outrageous like the person who wears it. •Dresses are worn heavily. They could be influenced by the dresses that princess wear with large puffy sleeves or detailed skirts. Lace is used and sometimes layers of material to make an individual statement. Despite my musical artist originating from the UK, I believe that she may have some response from the western world like countries such as Japan and China. One prime example of a Western star having success in the Eastern World is Gwen Stefani. She started off in the rock band No Doubt and her style was very skimpy, but tomboyish at the same time. It usually involved bikini tops, trackie bottoms and her hair being tied back to show off her face. However, when she released her solo album, her style changed dramatically. Always being a fan of the Japanese Harajuku scene, Gwen Stefani went through a dramatic change. There was no more maculinity about her, but her style was very girly. She hired her back up dancers, Love, Angel, Music, and Baby (her solo album was called Love Angel Music Baby) to create excitement and a imaginative storyline throughout her music that related to her in real life. A girl from America going into a different world of culture and falling in love with it. The same relates to my musical artist who is a very imaginative individual and loves the style of Harajuku due to their heavy imagination and individuality.

Style (What they wear for different occasions).

My music artists style is a mixture of Western fashion with a heavy influence of the Harajuku style.

HARAJUKA STYLE •Dresses, preferably quite short with a some sort of detailing to the skirt, lace or ruffles etc. •Big accessories, such as a big clip of a rose. •Chunky high heels to make a statement and look individual compared to normal heels. •Curly long hair to go along with the cute stereotype of the Babydoll style within the Harajuku fashion. •This style will be worn for more exclusive occasions such as photo shoots, music videos, gigs, premieres and exclusive interviews with big names.

EASTERN WORLD STYLE •Her music is within the pop/punk genre, therefore she conforms to this genre of music with her Eastern influences of style. •Jeans and vest tops are heavily used as well as chequered shirts to make the style effortless but beautiful out a message of effortless style to her target audience. •One of her influences of style is Taylor Momsen so some aspects of her style is quite grungy, so her is long and a little messy. Heavy eye shadow is also used to create an ‘emo’ look. •Her hair is always long, so as well as her hair being styled with curls, she also wears simple head accessories, like Lights (below) does with a thin headband. It creates a statement but a simple one nonetheless. •DMs and sneakers are the most commonly worn shoes within this style. •This style will mostly be worn for casual days out, rehearsals with her band, and just hanging out with friends, and sometimes may be worn for interviews depending on what type of interview.


The lyrics that my musical artist writes will be about the difference of the world of the Western and Eastern as if they were two different ‘worlds’ of culture. Her target audience in teenages girls who like pop/punk music so the lyrics will also press onto issues that they may be experiencing, Here are some lyrics for her inspiration of what to write:
Give me a second go, Don't let me go alone You saw me at the worst, You caught me falling first All I wanted to know, Give me a second go Lights is one of the many artists that inspires my musical artists, not just with her girly style, but because Lights is heavily involved with the Japanese culture, especially when video games are involved. Lights is a big fan of the Japanese video game franchise Final Fantasy, therefore my musical artist knows that they have a lot in common, therefore their feelings will be written in the same way through lyrics. In this case in Lights song ‘Second Go’ she is asking for another chance from someone, something that a lot of teenage girls relate to. So my musical artists will also write about the difficulties of teenage relationships. Gwen Stefani is also another heavy influence on my musical artist because they both have a passion for fashion within Japan, and are both experiencing the same things in life. Discovering a new world of culture through fashion and being amazed by it all. Gwen Stefani writes a lot about this personal adventure so my musical artists is influenced to do this also. And to add to this, she also sings some parts in Japanese to reach out to her Japanese audience and make it sound more natural. Skye Sweetnam is an Eastern artist but is much more famous in Japan, therefore my musical artist in inspired by the is artist’s story and wants to follow with the same success in Japan. Japan is known for it’s quirky style, so Skye follows this with her lyrics. In her song Human she uses a quirky metaphor of ‘monkeys’ as being simple-minded humans who copy what they see around them. My musical artist will uses weird metaphors in her song-writing to make a point about individuality.

A Ping-Pong match between eastern and western Did you see your inspiration in my latest collection? Just wait 'til you get your little hands on L.A.M.B., 'Cause it's (super kawaii), that means (super cute in Japanese) The streets of Harajuku are your catwalk (bishoujo you're so vogue) That's what you drop

Hey Monkey See and Monkey Do Must I get brainwashed by what's surrounding you Didn't you know that Every little thing's contagious Oh yes every little thing's contagious

However, even though my musical artist is reaching out to a mainly She lives in a fairy tale Eastern world audience, she is still not going to abandon her home roots. Somewhere too far for us to find Her main influence of lyrics from that aspect is from one of her favourite Forgotten the taste and smell rock bands Paramore. They press onto their morals within story-telling in Of the world that she's left behind their lyrics, such as a fairytale in Brick By Boring Brick. Therefore my music artist will create characters within her song-writing.

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