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CRM Requirements

CRM Requirements

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CRM - Analytical

Market Intelligence
Marketing Automation

Market and Customer Segmentation

Customer Retention

P&S Design
Access and Maintain P&S customer information

Comparison Between Internal P&S and Competition

Simulate P&S

Integration with data warehouse

Campaigns Design
Customer Analysis

Segment Analysis

Campaign financial analysis

Creation of Selling Opportunities and Contact Lists

Analysis and Reporting Support

CRM .Sales Opportunity Management Account Management Sales Force Automation (SFA) Campaigns Execution .

P&S Catalogue Reporting CRM .Operational Clients Management Customer and its P&S Identification Contract Creation .

Contract management .

Contract Renewal Quality management Third Party Access .

Financial Capabilities Incidents Management Trouble-tickets creation .

Trouble-tickets assignation Incidents Analysis Claims Management Claims Workflow .

Engineering request creation Engineering Requests Management CRM .Order Entry & Processing Order Entry Order Registration Decompose Requests Manage Provisioning Workflow Process Monitoring Access governance .

Manage requests Manage and monitor errors Search and view requests .

Ability to track awards/gifts status. Revenue Potential (sophisticated operations management system capabilities). Ability to establish and update competitor product information. monitoring the campaigns success and commercial performance of customers. Ability to simulate the impact of new P&S on the market. Ability to notify the sales force of various promotions.Support for market segment and performance analysis. Track responses from customer based on specific campaign. summaries. Ability to automatically generate a proactive customer contact request based on customer loyalty indicator. Ability to support reporting of competitor solutions per account opportunity. Ability to periodically review the customer loyalty indicator (typically in batch mode) for customers and take action(s) as appropriate to the program defined. Tax-Exempt. Support for market segment analysis Support for sales performance analysis Support for On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) Support for target marketing Ability to use aggregate data. Ability to compare own P&S with competition. rollups and other data views Ability to track marketing data such as lead source. Ability to flag long-standing customers for billing flexibility (by some type of tenure indicator). Ability to perform opportunity analysis using a variety of different criteria. Ability to establish and maintain offer pricing information. Ability to view competitor product information. e. Track responses from customer based on channel. Ability to view marketing campaign promotions. Ability to flag long-standing customers for preferential treatment (by some type of tenure indicator). Ability to create groups of customers and to define and communicate the strategy and business models for customer relationship (methodology based account planning). customer database and competitors. Ability to provide managing data to Marketing and Sales department. Ability to view on-line any marketing materials which have been sent to the customer. Ability to provide/alert commercial information to internal recipients. Level of Sophistication. Ability to evaluate and represent the value of a customer based on a predefined set of criteria. Ability to classify customers by segments such as High Value. Ability for sales managers to monitor their progress towards sales and marketing goals Ability to develop and manage marketing plans Ability to establish and maintain marketing campaign promotions. Ability to support loyalty programs based on measures such as tenure and usage. Track responses from customer based on customer segment. Ability to view and maintain P&S information of competition. Ability to analyze the available information from different perspectives and different selection criteria. Ability to conduct an on-line analysis of rate plans and customer usage. Ability to track effectiveness of marketing campaigns/promotions. providing specific alerts in a proactive way. Geography. Affinity Groups – typically based on input from external customer information analysis.g. Ability to process and work the information available in SI. Ability to extract price/quote/configure data for use in forecasting Support for advanced forecast management techniques Ability to assign weight to each forecasted opportunity . etc. marketing campaigns. Ability to view comparisons between competitor's products and company's products.

Automatic integration with Data Warehouse systems Support the integration with Data Warehouse systems and other external Data Bases (specify supported formats). Ability to establish and maintain marketing campaign promotions Ability to view marketing campaign promotions Ability to establish and maintain offer pricing information Ability to establish and update competitor product information Ability to view competitor product information Ability to view comparisons between competitor's products and company's products Ability to view on-line any marketing materials which have been sent to the customer Ability to define and calculate financial indicators (ROI.Ability to designate opportunities to be included in forecast or not reflected in the forecast at the user and/or management level Support for hierarchical rollup forecasting with administrator-defined periods. Analysis and reporting support of: . Ability to perform opportunity analysis using a variety of different criteria. etc. VAL.Data consistency between systems . Geography. costs. rollup groups and quota levels Support for submission and rejection of forecasts Ability to generate forecast from both quoted opportunities and non-quoted opportunities Ability to display forecast vs. Ability to classify customers by segments such as High Value. Ability to create account strategies and business plans for a customer and communicate those to management (methodology based account planning). etc. what is the revenue potential for an account and what are the future needs of the customer. Revenue Potential (sophisticated operations management system capabilities) Ability to define multiple segments and assign different treatments for each one. by product.g.g.e. territory. Ability to keep tracking of data transfers between CRM and the Data Warehouse solution.) in order to make a complete financial assessment of the campaign. Use a manual query to generate a list of customers which can then be loaded into a call list for outbound contact). forecast Ability to set forecast windows (30. i.Information on fraud. Ability to compare current sales vs. Are tools provided or are manual queries required? (e. sales force or external telemarketing agents.g. Support the integration with Cubo (see interface details in RFQ document). Affinity Groups – typically based on input from external customer information analysis Ability to evaluate and represent the value of a customer based on a predefined set of criteria Ability to develop and manage marketing plans.Quality of service indicators . by customer. ROI. Level of Sophistication. cost and return distribution) Produce audit and control reports of campaigns. district. Ability to develop and print detailed account plans for customer accounts.Management and business indicators . Ability to analyze customer data in order to target customers for a particular campaign. etc. Ability to create a target customer list to support campaigns.) Ability to view forecasted information by type. Ability to define automatic and manual exports for sales CRM systems. VAL.Sales performance . 60. quota in graphical format Ability to forecast sales based on pipeline and historical performance Ability to view forecasts by sales rep. Ability to generate contact lists and selling opportunities for selected customers by campaign. what can we market to the customer. Ability to generate contact lists. Execute flexible campaign evaluation rules and compute the campaign's financial indicators (e. Ability to analyse customer database and their historical behaviour to define new campaigns. e. 90 days etc. . Tax-Exempt.

Ability to register. in text fields. Ability to associate P&S to clients. Ability to register and categorize client interactions and contacted prospects. Associate contracts to sales force. excel files integration). Market Analysis. Ability to support reporting of competitor solutions per account opportunity Support for reporting and analysis on lead generation of specific activities Automatic reporting of contract expirations Ability to generate reports on business performance indicators Ability to generate reports on network quality indicators Ability to generate reports on system assurance and coherency Ability to generate reports on fraud Ability to create. partners and other associated entities. validate and update the stock of equipment in ERP at the moment of sale. Campaign Analysis. purchase order or P&S subscription from a proposal. Ability to track prepaid SIM cards activitation by agents and associate the sales to the specific agent. Ability to perform account management and planning. revise. automatically and manually. generate and reuse sales proposals. etc. opportunities. approve and monitor contracts. Ability to monitor the whole life cycle of sales opportunities. by sale teams and salesman. Ability to set and classify accounts by market/client segment. Ability to distribute sales opportunities. Ability to customize objectives/ echelons for each selling point (negotiation type and selling potential). Workflow management and campaign implementation. Ability to store detailed information of contacts. Ability to create the sales report and objective's achievement and commissioning calculation. manage and view contacts.g. with variations by geography or market/clients segments. Ability to keep updated information about all sales teams and sales force members including agents. . etc. The only way to know if agent already sold card to final client is to analyse Ability to integrate and process sales opportunity lists created in other system. Specify the unique identifiers supported. client data. Describe the supported methodologies. Ability to associate contacts to opportunities and sales teams. Ability to store and view history of all interactions with contacts and clients.). Forecast Analysis. Ability to restrict the data formats inserted in the system. Ability to calculate sales automatically and follow the objectives achievement for each selling point and sales channel. Ability to prepare history analysis and to define the new selling objectives iteratively. Ability to execute campaigns simultaneously by several channels. including the contact's geographical area. Possibility to create a sale order. Ability to send the report electronically to the selling point and by internal dispatch. Abilitiy to integrate with Order Management and Data Warehouse systems Ability to design. commission plan and rappel plan. Ability to warn and avoid user errors. Ability to keep proposal templates. Ability to define sales objectives. Ability to create. Flexibility to support specific sales methodologies. Ability to reassign accounts to other teams/salesman temporarily or definitely. Ability to create and manage conversation scripts. Ability to set and generate proposals automatically.Ability to generate reports on Funnel Analysis. Ability to detect and correct duplicated data insertion (contacts. SIM cards that are sold to agents are registered in SAP. (e.

equipment. ADSL service by different bandwidth). account. Report archiving. Reporting capabilities about level of use. Possibility to create and maintain a prospect database (potential clients). Share information access of products / services.g.g. Ability to validate customer account status (e. Export to a file format supported by Office (. contracts and service levels. delinquent returns. based on P&S catalogue. on-alert. Billing. etc. guarantees and associated clauses. Customer number.) Ability to support every P&S from the catalogue. Possibility to generate automatic alerts to Back-office. stores. etc. Ability to report on expired contracts Ability to report on service level agreements compliments (internal. Maintain information for training on new products and services for the selling force. based on a campaign. etc. between sales and marketing departments in order to be used in selling of solutions. on-call. (e. monitor and validate the customer's products and services. expiration).Ability to generate screen alerts for selling opportunities for cross-selling and upselling. Ability to define and validate P&S hierarchy and dependencies on contract creation Ability to manage and cross-reference a large number of P&S. rules and procedures . Support offer configuration based on history of clients and competition. Forecasting capabilities based on sales pipeline and leads.g. level sales and billing of the different channels (contact center.) for information analysis. capable to fulfil the customer needs.txt. as well as their service level. ensure customer is not delinquent on payment. Ability to validate entitlement of all incoming service requests by pre-defined fields (e. contract periods. on-guard) Ability to integrate with IVR/CTI technology Ability to register all interactions with customers and ability to associate them by contract. Ability to manage a P&S catalog with various dissociation levels (e.g.g. P&S catalogue and profile of the client. Availability of standard reports. OSS) and the necessary mechanisms for synchronization. Store industry legislative information. Ability to monitor the contract scope. gather with one iteration several requests of the same P&S). Ability to allow customer to create autonomously a new request that will origin a new contract (Self-Care & Self-Provisioning). ontime. suppliers and distributers) Support for data and voice pre-paid based P&S Ability to manage P&S. Integration with operational CRM for client data access and update. Describe which is the master P&S catalogue (CRM. Ability to visualize and compare competition P&S.). etc. Facilitated access to enterprise marketing materials. (e. P&S catalog integration with charging information for the billing solution. Ability to customize reports. . Capability to identify. Ability to authenticate the customer and determine entitlement based on contracts and products Ability to provide product/service information to customer Ability to collect and provide information of P&S in order to inform customer. Ability to manage P&S bundles and P&S offers. e-mail. namely marketing and technical information. on-line. Ability to verify and manage special entitlements (customer specific contract terms) Ability to distinguish caller based on contact type (non-contract. P&S type or serial number. on-demand.) Ability to search all fields contained in the client detailed information Ability to distinguish service level requirements of contract Ability to identify which entity brought the customer.

multiple product lines. Ability to define the responsible for payment at customer level. class. provide all contract information on a single screen) Ability to restrict access to authorized users Ability to track customer's new purchases Ability to transfer/update asset/installed base Ability to modify contract with serial number (using id) Ability to provide and change service levels Ability to provide prepaid payment schedule Ability to provide on-line tracking of warranty start and end dates by serial number Ability to track modifications or updates to contracts Ability to change contract terms.g. Ability to link to registration information stored on marketing database Ability to manage contracts (provide information to customers. client segment. update information. Ability to manage discounts on P&S (up to 100%). product type. conditions without losing service history Ability to create customer pathways for service solutions Ability to scale service solution along with customers' growth (e. customer or location.) Ability to track active customers w/o contracts . Ability to price and cost standard and tailored contracts Ability to access and support contracts made via authorized dealers Ability to support unique P&S ID numbers Ability to create contracts of variable duration Ability to establish specific service level agreements Ability to gather several contracts and consolidate them in the same contract by client.g. Ability to define the same contract and assign it to different customers. authorized contracts information and terms (e. Ability to apply massive discount by P&S. ad-hoc) contracts (with the possibility to manage its workflow).g. (e. Ability to assign massive promotions by P&S. etc. change information and monitor contract).g. bill in different currencies. cost of service contract. bill to different locations. etc Ability to support multiple P&S offerings Ability to easily create multi-tiered P&S offerings Ability to develop standard service contracts Ability to develop tailored (custom. acquisitions) Ability to provide service contract performance (e. profitability of service contract. assigned to the contract. account level or subscriber level. Flexibility on how to generate P&S billings (e. etc. Ability to choose the language to be used in the bill. customer or location.g. Ability to set P&S start date around business rules Ability to automatically trigger a new warranty when a new product is shipped to the customer (installation report) Ability to perform quote management on a contract Ability to verify the installed P&S and the in progress requests. global expansion. customer wants to pay at the same moment that he requests the service).) Ability to choose the desired billing cycle in accordance with customer type and service. P&S master record should only exist in one place Ability to identify equipments by serial number or equivalent. Ability to manage customer access to contract information Ability for customers to renew contracts easily Ability to provide contract authentication via the Web Ability to maintain and manage standard contracts Ability to maintain and manage tailored contracts Ability to provide easier access to contract deliverables. % of free service provided. Ability to start the billing process manually.Ability to categorize P&S by produt line. Ability to manage promotions.

number of tickets. number of tickets.Dead on Arrival -. What if analysis on contract pricing Ability to measure customer satisfaction levels. etc. from work that is pending Ability to import data from dispatch to ensure proper billing Ability to provide intelligent scheduling of field service reps and the optimizing of parts inventories (e.g. distribute.6mths to show what/who (customer name and work type) is scheduled Ability to identify work that is paid for or arranged for. to correct non compliant levels and analyse quality history. DOA . product. monitor informations and ensure quality levels).Ability to track active resellers w/o contracts Ability to track revenue from fee for service channel Ability to track over-delivery on service contracts Ability to track service history for customers across contracts Ability to monitor contract expiration and trigger the necessary actions to renew the contract in a proactive way. send out field service representatives that are closest to the customer) Automatic escalation to field service representative of high priority issues (e.integrated survey mechanism Ability to collect.g.) Ability to provide multidimensional analysis of support (by customer. etc. Ability to report back to customers about service performance Ability to measure customer satisfaction index . enabling the email of SMS of incident resolution information to customer Ability to log field service request Ability to manage field service request Ability to request parts from the field Ability to track installed base configurations Ability to view customer service requests from the field Ability to pick date range from 1wk .g. incident to defect ratio) Ability to provide reports based on customers (installed base. update. Ability to add customer email address or mobile phone number. report to show whether or not the overall product quality is improving over time) Ability to report on what we have done for a customer (and how much time was spent on each stage) Ability to report on failure and return rates Ability to provide monthly quality reports (units shipped. import.) Ability to measure service quality Ability to identify which problems are impacting the max number of customers Ability to measure product availability Ability to provide product retention rates Ability to provide third party access (change information. number of repeat incidents.g.) Ability to report on frequently reported problems by product (or customer) Ability to measure customer relief times Ability to provide trend analysis on historical data (e. number of calls handled. prioritize. automatic paging) Ability to ensure customers are charged for additional services not covered through normal contracts Ability to provide field technician with complete overview of customer relationship Ability to store configuration and installation data from third party installation Ability to track T&E (time and expenses) of field service technicians Ability to track reconciliation's of payments to third parties (reconcile pay dates and invoice dates) Automatic notification of entitlement verification (contract signed) . units returned. etc. track and maintain information about products (installation report) Workflow and skills based routing to assist in the optimal resource allocation for working through the problem Ability to correlate repair information with customer problems Ability to provide Product Quality/Failure Reports (e. Ability to trigger customer billing and renewal notices Automatic reporting of contract expirations.

g. etc).Ability for third party field engineers to have limited access to system (Web access) and update activity performed on the call Ability to provide capability for corporate headquarters and remote field personnel to remain in sync (database replication and remote synchronization remotely from the field) Ability to relate predefined activities and work plans to actual service orders Ability to track all training information (for the field) and costs Ability to match product/services to sales opportunity Ability to provide product/service information Ability to see past and future schedule Ability to import information from Dispatch. dispatch time.Payment history Ability to make debt collections from CRM.Network planned interventions that will create unavailability of service. etc. Example: View by Client. pending. by Service. etc. . Ability to create an incident notification (trouble-ticket). Ability to view existing trouble tickets. Ability to identify originator of ticket by geography Ability to trigger bills on non-contract service (e. expenses (training. CRM will be used in shops to receive payments. and Schedule Ability to print off or copy FSR to diskette and other portable storage devices Ability to designate product type Ability to track field system level performance (e.Network failures that a Ability to create actions and assignments for tickets Existence of a guide to help the user to identify the source and cause of the problem reported. through multiple channels and contact paths. etc). as well as its analyse and monitoring. medical emergency numbers. Ability to integrate information from other platforms. T&M) Ability to collect and validate the customer equipment information through its serial number or id. consult and initiate the payment and contract renewal process. time to relief. bility to support hierarchical states of a ticket. contract. government functions. Ability to support product hierarchy and view the customer P&S. etc. Time Off.Billing information . mechanism for call back) Ability to generate TT (system generated problem or customer generated via email) Ability to provide automatic notification to customers in portuguese Ability to create trouble ticket Assign ticket ID automatically Ability to attach a customer reference number on the ticket (e. time of day for call back. What is the mechanism for TT prioritization? Example: client segment.Current account information (including credit) . utilization Ability to send contract information. priority clients. Possibility to define the attributes to characterize the problem related to the product. Examples: . Ability to generate TT via web information Ability to generate manually TT via e-mail Automatic receipt notification of e-mail or web request Ability for customer to indicate call back mechanism (e. Training.g. .Traffic information . according to client P&S. Ability to send information regarding contract payment status Ability to view the following information: . Identify product attributes of problem. The operator should be automatically notified when the client participates a problem.g.) Ability to view revenue (by standard/overtime hours and by internal.g. the customer's own ticket reference number) Ability to attach multiple contacts per incident Ability to display service level within ticket Ability to link trouble tickets for the same (duplicate) incident by the same customer Ability for high priority TT to generate alerts. by Contract. Ability to relate TT by dependence type Father / Son.

) Ability to receive Clients incidents information from multiple ways and analyse it according to the defined service level. etc. account. Ability to create Reports by: claim status. Ability to define the claim status. etc. Ability to prioritize TT and reason Ability for account teams and product teams to view escalated TT Ability to monitor. Ability to provide workflow capability. Automatically email to notify customers of escalation status Ability to set resolution times by claim type and status. tickets can only be closed by ticket owner after speaking with customer. Ability to link to OM and relate with the TT created. Ability to link to order management for new product codes. temporal periods (between dates).Ability to validate services coverage for an entire product life cycle Attach multiple product identification down to FRU (field replaceable unit) level. individual. client segment.) Ability to provide contract and product based priority assignment Ability to prioritize and reprioritize trouble tickets based on attributes (e. System must be able to alert the operator that a complaint has already exceeded the pre-defined time and state of resolution. customer. Ability for agents to receive the participations from clients and to create them as TT. repair and measure the incidents related to the incidents workflow.g. Capacidade de recolha e validação de informação de equipamento do cliente. escalate and monitor claims. Ability for customer to view tickets and ticket status belonging to a site Ability for customer to view all "public" information on a ticket Ability for customers to view history of tickets Ability to append e-mail to trouble ticket Ability to send e-mail from within the ticket Ability for account teams to view ticket information Ability to search on Ticket ID Ability to manage problems according to service level agreements Ability to attach documented procedures to fault debugging Integrate to Knowledge Management System Ability to tie into engineering to view ticket information (OSS integration) Ability to notify the Client. A Repair which turned into a complaint. Ability to transfer tickets Ability to assign tickets to proper queues Ability to assign ownership of ticket (e. severity. client.g. P&S. geographical area. customer. através do seu número de série ou id. description. Ability to track ticket status through Web interface Ability for customers to view Ascend's ability to meet their (the customer's) service level agreements on-line Ability to provide workflow and automated alert functionality Automatic notification when a TT has been closed Ability for ticket owner to know when information on a ticket has been updated Ability to enter validation rules (e. etc. Ability to maintain the historical evolution of the complaint states. project teams.) . notify. claim type. Ability to send an automatical email to notify customer that his claim was received. transfer correctly to the best ownership and prioritize. Ability to assign responsibility to another group/individual Interact with OSS when the claim proceeds from a bad engineering resolution. Ability to track the defective product in the ticket Ability to reclassify problem descriptions Ability to receive TT requests from suppliers and distributors.g. account teams. Integration with sales Ability to assign an incident notification (trouble-ticket). site. contract. and designations (common parts master). automated escalation and alert functionality by aging of an issue.

mobile subscription and supplementary services. order due dates and/or activity due dates) (e. expedite order) Ability to define multiple workflows per transaction per product and trigger appropriate workflow based on: .finish-to-start .service parameters . customer order completed when all individual service orders are completed) Ability to define activities. fixed line and data service. Ability to decompose a complex customer order (e. product enhancement requests and bug reports Ability to notify clients and monitoring the engineering incidents resolution. customer value) or manually Ability to manually set the order priority. Ability to validate an order: . . Ability to generate alerts when a customer has an excessive number of complaints (this value will be customizable and previously defined).action Ability to establish and track links between customer order entities (e. Ability to support the following transactions by product: . prioritize and support transactions.disconnection of a service Ability to decompose a complex customer order and follow the order status. tasks. For some P&S (e.order parameters .individual service orders . Ability to define the activities and sequence of activities (workflow) associated with each type of product or service Ability to define the tasks associated with an activity Ability to define dependencies between activities in a workflow.check that all mandatory parameters are present . This must be a real-time interface with OSS. bundles .g.service elements . comments.g.g. to grant access privileges and audit measures in the system. ADSL).check that all parameters have valid values . times and dates for the provisioning system workflow.e.g.responses from interfacing systems or workgroups Ability to assign users to workgroups. the solution must validate if the local loop was already unbundled. validate.start-to-start .amount of time spent in each stage) Ability to track time spent on a ticket and what level of person spent on it Ability to track customer with excessive incident volumes. Examples are: .activation of new service (including Number Visualization & Attribution) . customer segment.g. Ability to receive. repeat problems and debug information into fields Ability to open an engineering TT based on TRs.suspension of a service . email & access) into: .start-to-finish Ability to define concurrent activities Ability to view the workflow associated with a particular transaction for a product graphically Ability to manually over-ride system generated customer dates (I. Automatic notification to customers of engineering resolution Ability to provide automatic notification to customers Ability to receive the state "Reparado" (repaired) from the OSS solution. Ability to change the TT status to "Fechado" (closed) from the CRM solution.Resource utilization (actual effort time . dependencies. Ability to view the claims by entering channel type.modification of service . Ability to integrate with OSS solution to manage the engineering requests. Ability to create engineering requests processes and procedures.check that parameter combinations are valid Ability to define validation rules Ability to prioritize customer orders automatically based on pre-defined rules (e. Ability to support Web interface Ability to support problem descriptions. as well as reports production.finish-to-finish .

Ability to view orders in the system: . Ability to handle prioritized orders (e.what was done .g. monitor and respond to errors. read/write) to individual users or workgroups by: . enter an order that is not executed until a specific date in the future) Ability to age a pending order (e. Ability to manage. overdue activities and tasks) using the following methods: .by range of dates.function . release reserved resources) Ability to route individual tasks to the appropriate interfacing systems and/or workgroups automatically or manually: . first 3 characters of name) . activities) by multiple search criteria (customer.partial name (e. flag priority orders. follow.by P&S . Ability to perform complex error handling Ability to determine when an order fails (e. decrease standard delivery times) Ability to handle future-dated orders (I.field . place priority orders at front of the queue.g. error codes from other systems or those entered manually) Ability to take corrective action when an order fails (e. notify a workgroup when an order has been pending for a user-specified amount of time) and take appropriate action (e. track completion of an activity) Ability to view order status by user or workgroup Ability to track durations of all activities Ability to issue notifications for all activities and tasks in jeopardy (I.when it was done . resend order) Ability to notify appropriate workgroups or individuals when an order fails Ability to perform roll-back when an order fails Ability to route errors to appropriate workgroups or individuals by error type Ability to time sequence errors Ability to search.email Ability to provide reports on durations of all orders and associated activities Ability to cancel or modify order in progress and coordinate the changes with other systems. select and view orders Ability to search/select all orders or order components (e. select.e.g.by customer name .any sequence of characters in name .g.Ability to assign users to workgroups Ability to assign security access privileges (e.g. to manage pending orders.g. type of order) including: .g.wildcard searches . monitor and change orders.customer Ability to create a rolling audit trail of all actions performed in the system detailing: .e.g.module .by order date .who was it done by Ability to define mandatory fields by product Ability to prioritize orders.g.workgroup work queues .individual work queues Ability to track status and report on all activities associated with an order (e. to refer.

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