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Mission Formula

Develop the statement: Now that you have the raw data, it is time to be creative and put
your statement together. Write key words or statements down on a large sheet of paper
looking for common themes. Put those themes into a couple of sentences, read over,
refine and come up with a final product. Make sure that a consensus exists within the
entire organization. If you want a bit more structure, here is one formula you can use:

The mission of (organization) ___________ is to __________, ____________,

and ___________ (three or four of your power words) [to, for with]
__________________________ (core value or values) for the purpose of
______________________ (relate to main purpose - uniqueness etc) by
__________________________ (how will your do it? - uniqueness and special

Mission Statement Checklist

How is Your Mission?
1. The mission statement is clear and understandable to all personnel, including rank-and-file
2. The mission statement is brief enough for most people to keep in mind. This typically means
35 words of less.
3. The mission statement clearly specifies what business the organization is in. This includes a
clear statement about:
● “What” customer or client needs the organization is attempting to fill, not what products
or services are offered.
● “Who” are the organization’s primary customers or clients.
● “How” the organization plans to go about its business ie. What its primary technologies
● “Why” the organization exists, ie. The overriding purpose that the organization is trying
to serve and its transcendental goals.
4. The mission statement should identify the forces that drive the organization’s strategic vision.
5. The mission statement should reflect the distinct competence of the organization.
6. The mission statement should be broad enough to allow flexibility in implementation but not
broad enough to permit a lack of focus.
7. The mission statement should serve as a template and be the means by which managers and
others in the organization can make decisions.
8. The mission statement must reflect the values, beliefs, and philosophy of operations of the
9. The mission statement should be achievable. It should be realistic enough for the employees
to buy into it.The wording of the mission statement should help it serve as an energy source
and rallying point for the organization.

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