Certificate of Matrimony

On the day of the month of in the year two thousand and , By mutual consent, due consideration and the professing of vows of Matrimony,

Husband Sui Juris Matrona Cum Conventione

With the blessing and permission of

Father of the Groom

Father of the Bride

Mother of the Groom Mother of the Bride

And by the sanctification of His Holy Church, according to Rites of Matrimony, were joined together in Holy Matrimony as Husband and Wife. Before Witnesses:

Minister of the Wedding Ceremony ________________________________________________ In the ________ Day, of the Month of _________________, In the Year of our Lord _____________________________
Idios Hagios Ekklesia epi Basileia ton Ouranon.

Sine conventione = as if married or Cum conventione = with Manus

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