Purpose: To give information and discuss about the Informal Character of the Organization

The Presenters: Organizational Structure and Design IAN PAUL GIVANNI M. GOMEZ Informal Organization MA. AGUDA Organization and the Person RACHEL CRIZELLE C. DY . JESICA ROSE L. LAPASCUA Organizational Culture ZHEA GEM T.

Work Specialization 2. Centralization or Decentralization 6.Key Elements of Organizational Structure 1. Formalization . Departmentalization 3. Chain of Command 4. Span of Control 5.

Common Organizational Designs: Simple Structure Bureaucracy Matrix Structure  New Designs: Team Structure Virtual Organizations Boundaryless Organizations  .


Informal Organization Ma. Jesica Rose Aguda .


a network of social and personal relations forms spontaneously and are based on personal relationship and common interest appears in response to the need of social contact .

Security .

Status .

Self-Esteem .

Affiliation .

Power .

Proximity and Attraction .

Goal Achievement .

Types: Command Group Task Group Interest Group Friendship Group .

Social Control.Functions: Perpetuate cultural values. . Provision of social satisfaction. Communication.

Benefits To members: Sense of belongingness Safety valve for emotional problems Aid on the job Useful channel of communication To management: Blends with the formal system to get the job done effectively Lightens work load on the managers Fills in the gap in managers ability. . Gives feedback about employees and their work experience.

Rumor. Role conflict. Conformity. .Disadvantages : Resistant to change.

Informal Communication .

Grapevine Rumor .

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