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This year Hispanic Culture Review (HCR) celebrates Hispanic heritage. HCR, a bilingual academic magazine distributed by George Mason University (GMU), commemorates 20 years of the publication and promotion of literary and scientific works produced by Spanish heritage, as well as, native Spanish and English speaking students. This editorial project seeks to establish links among GMU’s community, the general public and institutions involved in creating and spreading Hispanic culture in Latin America, the United States of America and other nations where Spanish is spoken. Hispanic Culture Review welcomes original and unpublished pieces including essays, brief narratives, visual art, and poetry in both English and Spanish. Contributions should be related to the joy, the value and the celebration of Hispanic heritage through the arts, literature, linguistics and culture of Spanish speaking countries. Acceptable length of submissions: Essay, including footnotes: 3,000 words Narrative: 2,500 words Review: 1,000 words Poetry: 50 lines Visual Art: Pictures JPEG format 300 (dpi), preferably no larger than 1 MB.
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We will accept only two (2) contributions per category per author. Each contribution should be sent to HCR’s emails: hcr@gmu.edu or hcr.gmu@gmail.com in a single Word (.doc, .docx) file. The subject of the email should specify the title and genre of the contribution. The message should contain the title, literary genre and a brief description of the work (between 50 and 100 words). We strongly recommend following MLA or APA style.

The selected contributions will be published in both the printed version and the online version of HCR in April 2011.

Submission deadline: December 20th, 2010
For more information, visit our blog: http://hispanicculturereview.wordpress.com/

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