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r Peter Kevin Langan , do under the penalty of perjury and

pursuant to Title 28 USC S 1746. Do swear and affirm to the

following facts, statements, and opinions.

) 1 . f do not advocate or anyone to violate the laws of the

United States of America, nor any of the rules and regulalions of

any of it's agencies or political subdivisions.

2. r do not adovcate or encourage anyone to violate t,,he civil and

or constittional rights of anyone, nor would f advoca'terencourageror

condone anyone harming or depriving anyone of liferliberly or any

property without due process of the law.

3. r would now and forever disavow any thing attributed to myself

that would be inconflict with the above items one and two. f do in

fact renounce any belief or action that I have done or that has been

attributed to me that would or could be contrary to the above.

4., I do resolve to never again discriminate against anyone or

to take any negative action against any person place or thing due

to : Race, ColorrCreed, Ethnic or National OriginrSexrGenderrAge

Sexual orientationrMarital StatusrReligionrfinancial statusror

any other status contrary to l a w o r c o m m o n .d e c e n c y .

S. ttrat I do make this affidavit withour duressrwi-thout any type

of reservationror for purpose of evasion. And that I do so to make

clear my current strongly held beliefs.

ter Kevin Langan-Affiant

further Affiant saith not