Lulu, the Cross-Eyed Raven

Type: Animal (Raven) Total Levels: 9 (1 saved for later) Abilities: Body: Fair Mind: Good Heart: Fair Agility: Great Friendship: Mediocre Food Critic: Great Benefits: Stunt Flying +2 Peck and Scratch Talk his way out of trouble Knows her way around the Winkie country Subplots: Efforts at suggesting improvement in food come out rude Cross-eyed look tends to put people off Has a habit of lifting small objects off of people, like string, loose buttons, jewelry... Background: Lulu comes from the wilds of the Winkie country with one purpose and one purpose alone: to make the food of Oz better! She's had the worst of living in the wild, and once she tasted cooked food, she was sold on it. She spent years developing her taste buds and refining them, so that she could truly appreciate food. And if it didn't measure up, she was more than willing to offer suggestions on how to make it better. The problem is, her advice is usually preceded by her declaration of how bad the food is in the rudest way possible. "Not to sound too dissatisfied, but these loin chops taste like the underside of a worm crawling through a kalidah's... hey wait, I meant it in the best way possible!" Lulu's cross eyed condition comes from offering a similar bit of criticism of the cooking of the Wicked Witch of the West. She told Lulu, "Obviously, you can't see straight enough to know good cooking, so everyone else will know, too!" With that, she made Lulu's eyes cross. Role-Playing Lulu Lulu really has the best of intentions, really she does. The problem is her lack of tact. No matter how good the advice, it almost always comes out crass. She's a bit of a wiseacre, making snarky comments throughout adventures. Also note, her crossed eyes are really just cosmetic; she can see just fine. Open Content

All game stats are declared Open Game Content under the Open Game License Instant Oz, Copyright 2010 Darkstar Eclectic Media. Author: Mike Conway

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