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Snapshot Market Market Snapshot & Potential Growth Marketing Regulations g g Need for Hospital development Advertising Strategy Advertising Strategy Marketing approach of 5 key Hospitals Future Outlook F t O tl k .

Market Overview of Hospital Industry in India Public and private hospitals will contribute more than 70% of healthcare sector revenues by 2012 y Hospital market in India is expected to reach USD 54.000 . privately run hospitals Demand for healthcare far exceeds supply due to dismal performance by the government A huge shortage of beds is a major driver for investment in a growing industry India needs an investment of USD 14.7 bn by 2012 with private sector contributing USD 45 bn Increasing number of hospitals in Tier-II & Tier II Tier-III cities is the major driver for private sector growth Market is fragmented with large number of p . Specialty hospitals in particular are expected to grow faster than overall industry due to rise in heart diseases and cancer .p y p independent.4 bn by 2025 to increase the bed density to 20 p per 10.

Primarily nursing Corporate hospitals district hospital and homes and recovery with in‐house staff consulting general hospitals rooms with adequate and physicians infrastructure Variable.Snapshot of Market and Potential Growth Private Nursing Homes Nursing Homes Mid‐tier Mid tier Healthcare centers. based on <30 beds 30‐100 beds type Market Share by 2015 19% 30% 11% Growth by 2015 Growth by 2015 ‐2% 9% Lower estimate 5% Lower estimate 10% Upper estimate 6% Upper estimate Government Top‐tier Top tier Major corporate hospital chains and specialty hospital >100 beds 40% 12% Lower estimate 14% Upper estimate .

com & wherein doctors give free medical advice. Health Magazine. Hospital website act as an effective tool in advertising & promotion: Critical surgery information / report is displayed. reward Patients are asked to post their query on website/ email. confidential health issues and also patience who stay far away from the city city. service. www. achievement. Different healthcare websites (Paid and Free) i. newspaper. Hospital information System (HIS) and Electronic Patients record/database helps in advertisement and promotion.doctorchambers. achievement. brochures servers as an immediate assistance to the consumers in case of emergency. service.Advertising Strategy for Hospitals in India Advertisement in media (newspaper like Times wellness. they are given reference no.healthcaremagic. Pre & Post operation information. Information about new facility.e. Emergency contact information available on the website. and reward to the consumer who in turn gains confidence to avail their services. They mass mail about their new facility. holding in the catchment area) etc Hand-out /brochures about their service and facility for distribution in hospital.. this help in creating goodwill of the hospital . which is forwarded to the medical specialist concerned.

hospital info systems. Chennai Apollo Hospital Enterprises Ltd (AHEL) was started in 1983 as a 150 bed hospital in Chennai AHEL has presence across the healthcare delivery value chain including tertiary healthcare services. Stemcyte India Therapeutics Ltd and Stemcyte USA .. pharmacy retailing and third party insurance administration Apollo plans to start a new Stemcyte and cord blood collection Centre in Ahmedabad in 2010 through a JV with Cadilla Pharma. education. health & lifestyle clinics. gy p consulting. clinical trials. strategy & implementation p y . telemedicine.Marketing approach of 5 key Hospitals __________________________________________________________________________________________ Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd.

com. which is forwarded to the medical specialty concerned through their emergency Emergency contact numbers : Patients who need immediate assistance. camps.. .mohali@fortishealthcare. there’s a special OPD where consultants charge Rs 100 only. Fortis launched a dialysis technician programme for women from the weaker section of society in which they were given free training by the hospital and they will be assimilated in the hospital itself. could visit all departments of the hospital and get answers from experts Secondly. Apart from organsing continuing Medical Education courses (CMEs) almost every week.Apollo Hospital __________________________________________________________________________________________ Marketing Strategy Fortis was the first hospital to organize an exhibition in the National Capital Region. There’s also a system of taking feedback from patients and visitors about their service. The website of hospital and group of doctors provide medical advice to the patients through: Email: The patients are asked to email their query on hospital email ID contactus. They are issued reference no. The patients who stay far away from the city are also given online assistance. wherein the general public experts. sexually transmitted disease and other confidential issues can avail this facility.

medical care. multi-specialty Trust hospitals of the country established i 1973 M b i t bli h d in 1973. complex problems as well as a training institution. Research activities in various fields in collaboration with other institutions in India & abroad more importantly. Services they provide include healthcare.Marketing approach of 5 key Hospitals __________________________________________________________________________________________ Jaslok Hospitals. organ transplant and they run a training school for nurse nurse. the hospital has evolved into a tertiary referral centre for p y providing advanced. Mumbai The Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre is one of the oldest tertiary care. Mumbai. .

y updated by their technical staff. The hospital has a tie up with Stanford University Medical Centre. who interact with the faculty of the hospital. They have tied up with various travel agent (details available on their website) to facilitate medical Other marketing strategies involve: The hospital conducts free health check-ups like diabetes and cardiac check-ups for the general public They invite foreign faculty and hold joint symposiums with the foreign delegates to share their skills. which is constantly g ( j p ). Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) and Air India. One of the most effective marketing tool is a web site (www.jaslokhospital. some of th ith t f them b i Oil and N t l G C being d Natural Gas Commission (ONGC) M b i i i (ONGC). . Mumbai Port Trust (MBT). knowledge and experience. US and they hold video conferencing every month with the doctors of the centre.Jaslok Hospital __________________________________________________________________________________________ Marketing Strategy The marketing strategy of Jaslok Hospital involves: Tying T i up with corporates. This help in brand building.

They also conduct training g y y g of medical. Hinduja Group’s foray into “For-Profit” segment of healthcare delivery They were 1st to get IMC Ramakrishna Bajaj National Quality Award in 2007 . nursing. ancillary & support services. paramedical personnel and give more implication of R&D. D. Robotic surgery along with diagnostic. Mumbai P. emergency intensive care unit. Hinduja National Hospital and Medical Research Centre was established in 1951 by Mr. Their area of specialize include Healthcare services in various Medical & Surgical specialties.Marketing approach of 5 key Hospitals __________________________________________________________________________________________ Hinduja Hospitals.

They have system of taking feedback from their patients for continuous improvement of quality of the service. knowledge and experience which help in brand building. On the CSR frontier they have 20% beds reserved for the weaker sections of the society which is funded by the NGO. They have tie up with corporates for medical check up of their employees which act as a tie-up check-up medium of cross selling. .Hinduja Hospital __________________________________________________________________________________________ Marketing Strategy The marketing strategy of Hinduja Hospital involves: They have strong d t b database of th i patients and visitors which th use effectively f Th h t f their ti t d i it hi h they ff ti l for marketing. They conduct Medical conference invite foreign medical experts and faculties of different hospitals in India and joint symposiums to share their skills.

hip resurfacing. L. cardiology including angioplasty. of India) that is trying to ensure the delivery of the highest quality of healthcare in the country. aesthetics and hair rejuvenation surgery.Marketing approach of 5 key Hospitals __________________________________________________________________________________________ Hiranandani Hospitals. hip arthroscopy. . human reproduction. Mumbai Dr. The NABH is an initiative of the quality of India (A Govt. They specialty center include dentil surgery. Mumbai is a 130 bedded muti-specialty tertiary and quaternary care hospital. joint replacement. bariatric surgery.N. Hiranandani Hospital located at the picturesque Hiranandani Garden.

. They come up with weekly newsletter which talks about specialty services. customer focus. treatments. child etc. They have appointed Medical representative who offer commission to the doctor for referral to their patients. On World Aids day create awareness of this life killing disease by educating the weaker section of the society. they arrange for free eye check up camps close to the slum dwelling. On the World heart day they offer free heart check-up/ cholesterol check-up. control infection and disease.Hiranandani Hospital __________________________________________________________________________________________ Marketing Strategy The marketing strategy of Jaslok Hospital involves: They aggressively market through their web site (www. conduct angioplasty at concessional rate. The AV clip of y gg y g ( p g) p every facility and critical surgery report is available. case reports. This helps in creating their brand.hiranandanihospital. The soft copy of these articles is also available on the website. They publish articles of their doctors which states how to diagnosis different disease. As part of CSR activity. The print copies of these articles kept in the hospital serves for cross sell their services. energy and resources conservation.

Emergence of telemedicine for rural areas with participation from private sector and e ge ce o te e ed c e o u a a eas t pa t c pat o o p ate secto a d govt. i Large hospital groups making strategic acquisitions which facilitates improve wise services. Evolving concept of “health cities”. supply constraints will remain in top cities .Future Market Outlook of Hospital Industry Favourable Policies on FDI and taxations will increase foreign participation and boost medical t b t di l tourism. Despite increase in number of beds. which have scale and provide a host of satellite service.

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