"Silence. Darkness, The brilliance, Of this vastness. Stuck in this blindness, Looking for sweet happiness, Reaching for some dependence, Surrounded by empty nothingness." "At the end, They say all we see is a bright light Like the start of a beautiful dream But when I close my eyes All I see is pitch black Like the start of an unending nightmare, Like a journey down a dark road." “Hope is the tonic that keeps our backs bent Toiling the dead soil until we are spent Where is the harvest that our tears should have brought? For they have watered the land and yet there is naught Life springs from beneath rocks on dried patched earth The irony of this deserts vastness is lost in our last breath.” “The deeds of men sits heavy on their hearts But some can’t be rescued from the dark We all have the capacity to inflict pain Some use guns, others use words. And many don’t even realize the damage they have caused In uncertain times we continue to live in hope Because the alternative is simply to not live at all”

A dark road



Footprint s Deceptio n

"Footprints in the sky treading where angels do not die my soul is only too scared to speak my heart simply hopes I’m living a lie" “Our actions reverberate even in the souls of the dead. They are only dead in the ground Until they are dead in our hearts For the earth is where we return But our memories would be planted even in souls yet to be born” “Brown eyes I see your sighs Sometimes this life comes with scars But still you shine like the stars Close your eyes, feel the highs Don’t be shy, touch the sky” “I see you; your aura remains a memory that never departs. The essence of your presence, A continuing reminder. My mind wanders, Drifting into the space of your warmth, The eagerness of your touch. I see you.” “We speak to God, but he never replies, He left here a very long time ago. So we pray to soulless beings, And they reply with wicked whims. Hopeless, we destroy each other to escape our nightmares. But dreams, are not what I see when I close my eyes”

Brown eyes

I see you


The truth

“They say the truth sets you free But sometimes the truth has no feelings It just is Still, it never really is all we hoped it would be Sometimes, it births more questions than answers And we wish we never knew the truth So we could go back to that comforting lie” “We have forgotten what it’s like to be free. Our minds wrestle suppressed emotions of somewhat imaginary notions. How will we even know the taste of freedom? When all our memory serves us are tales of shackled hands, Wretched brows and outstretched palms. We all want to be free, it is our right, But first, we must learn the true cost of freedom”


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