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Kindergarten News

This week we learned about Plagues of Egypt and how them cross the Red Sea!
Moses going back to the God showed the King He Ask your Kindergartner

Jesus Time King of Egypt asking to ‘let

his people go!’ The king
was in charge. Ask your
child to share some of the
how they did this! We were
also reminded of how God
did not want the people to plagues with you. Moses always cares for us - no
go and kept changing his finally led the people out of matter where we are!
mind. We heard about the Egypt and God helped

UPCOMING OCT. 20 OCT. 21 & 22 OCT. 22 OCT. 28

book orders due 11:30 Dismissal permission slips field trip to
EVENTS due pumpkin patch

Math Science &

We are getting so good at “The body is a unit,
counting and writing our Language Social Studies though it is made up of
numbers! We practiced What a productive week! We We had so many hands-on
thought of so many words activities this week in science
many parts; and though
making and reading patterns
and counted by 5’s and 10’s! that begin and social studies! We read all its parts are many, they
We also learned that 4 with P and about the planets and made form one body. So it is
groups of 10 make 40, as we practiced our our own poster! We also with Christ. For we were
celebrated the 40th day of writing and made pancakes, practiced
reading a lot putting together some new all baptized by one Spirit
this week! puzzles, enjoyed a perfect into one body-whether
We heard picnic and neat organ Jews or Greeks, slave or
some fiction presentation!
free-and were all given
and non-fiction literature
starting with the letter P! We the one Spirit to drink.
also enjoyed playing, practice
reading and putting on
1 Corinthians 12:12-13
puppet shows!