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Jackson County is committed to service, growth and tradition in a diverse rural environment JACKSON COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS SPECIAL SESSION ‘Thursday, October 21, 2010 3:00 PM 3:00 pm Call to Order 14 Pledge of Allegiance 1.2 Adoption of Agenda 3:05 pm ‘County Attorney Robert O'Connor and Jay Squires, Attorney 2.1 Closed Meeting - Attorey-Client Privilege Adjourn ‘Times listed aro approximate unlose otherwise sot by Public Notice. Unscheduled itoms may be considered at any time in the agenda as time permits. JACKSON COUNTY REQUEST FOR BOARD ACTION Requested Board Date: October 21, 2010__[ Departmen County Attome; Item: Closed Meeting - Attomey-Client Presenter: Robert O'Connor and Jay Privilege Squires, Attorney Estimated Board Action Requested: Resolution 10-__ closing the meeting under attorney-client privilege according to Minnesota Statute 13D.05. Grounds for closure include: (1) an open session would be detrimental because of the likely presence of potential litigants; (2) the topic of the closed session will be a candid and open discussion of defense strategy and possible areas of reconciliation, and the topie will be limited to the lawsuit which has been filed against the county; and (3) a closed session benefits the taxpayers because of possible financial liability. Background: Supporting Documents: Budget Impact: Option County Attorney Contract Review Completed O InProgress 1 Not Applicable Staff Recommendation: Staff Signature: Date: Coordinator’s Comments: Coordinator’s Signature: C Jqnuce) Fyax ra) Date: /0-75-10 Board Action: Motion Offered By Approved as Requested Motion Seconded By Denied Vote By Acelamation Tabled Roll Call Vote: Other District 1 B.Tuse L. Tusa Schultz District 4 Ringkob District 5 Henkels Notations: ovis