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Summarization Of Addresses Types

*Based on cisco CCNA exploration companion guide -ch6

Main types of Addresses:

• unicast : single destination(host)
• multicast : many hosts,
have reserved range ( D
• broadcase: all hosts in a particular network

Broadcast types:
• Directed Broadcast: all host into a specified network
Fomat: set all host bits to 1 in binary ip
(Example: for pc with ip would have broadcast IP =
• limited Broadcast: all hosts in current network (

Ipv4 address types:

• Network : used as a number for a network (routers needs it for routing)
format:set all host bits to 0 in binary ip
(Example: for pc with ip would have broadcast IP =
• broadcast – mentioned above
• host

special types/ranges of Ipv4:

Name Function Range
Exprimental ‫البحث العملي والتجارب‬ After Multicast range excluding limited broadcast,
Private addresses For LAN
Default routing Default path for routers
Loopback Self host ip
Link-local Used sometimes in Peer-
to-peer networks when no
dhcp service found
Test-Net Educational examples

Legacy Classes
Class First octet notes
A 1 to 127
B 128 to 191
C 192 to 223
D multicast
E experimental

Prepared by : waleed m-2010