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DSM Engineering Plastics - Annealing Page 1 Annealing Unfilled Stanyl annealing conditions giving Secondary Annealing is a high temperature after- water uptake levels similar to PA66 or cast operations treatment of an injection molded part. PAG home Annealing Stanyl =| Surface Important morphological changes occur ed {reatment in Stanyl during annealing, * Finish Stanyl is annealed when heat treated above 3 decorations its glass transition temperature [Tg80°C], |: * Machining but below its melting temperature ——— ® Annealing [Tm295‘C}, preferably at temperatures Xantar® and between 210 and 240°C for 4 - 12 hours. Stanyi are The effects obtained through annealing are registered i ‘Annealing Xantar irreversible. Annealing can be carried out in trademarks of standard industrial ovens. Atthe indicated Parts made of Xantar PC can be annealed to Royal DSM. lieve the internal material stresses that are annealing temperatures(>210°C), a te may male nitrogen Simogphere is ee to _ introduced during injection molding or avoid any thermal oxidation of the material. ehining, in order fo prevent environmental jelam parts wall armeel at lower, ‘Tis can bo dene by heating the parts for temperatures - e.g. when operating at A reece temperatures ad Te0°C but approximately half an hour at a temperature Tre precos ull ke longer Ae aplennod | 20°C (36°F) below the Vicat softening heat treatment in a production process, the Be erie ei eae cian Daher temperatures mentioned above be around 128°C (262°). Mechanical : rties may be affected by the heat An important practical aspect of these Proper mechanical property improvements is that “@atment. Impact strength may be especially eed epee et aa reduced, This negative elects less ater transmit higher loads. For instance, smaller 2%"€aling at lower temperatures: e.9. at 80 - 95°C (176 - 203°F) for at least 12 hours. gears can be designed to transmit the same torque as current larger designs: annealing "Necessary, parts must be well supported allows for miniaturization. Sui te eat Nectmet to evel ease deformation due to gravitational forces acting on the part. footer for print stylesheet Engineering Plastics Applications Products Design Processing Secondary operations Tables Assembly Surface treatment Annealing About DSM EP Sustainability htt ‘ 2.htm