Social Justice Brave New World paper assignment Purpose: I want you to be the primary initiators of this project

, so what follows is only a rough sketch. You get to color it in, in a way that works for both you and as superior analysis of some facet of the play. Task: I have identified three areas that I wish you to address. 1. Originality The quality of your piece begins here. A discussion over an engaging facet of social justice is required. Incorporate other pieces of literature or history or society. Create a unique, even controversial idea that will explain and defend in full. Don’t limit yourself to the obvious theme, plot, and character possibilities; consider structure issues or higher level literary concepts. 2. Research You must research using one primary and two secondary sources. Our primary source will be Brave New World. The other two may be God is Love and/or The Compendium. If you use someone else’s ideas, those sources will be listed, and I will expect you to refer to them textually. I.e.; “Professor Scrooge of I’m an Old Miser University posits the idea that Huxley is propagating his own ideal world through the lens of failed society.” Your discussion must include textual evidence using MLA format and citations. A works cited is therefore required. See: for the most current info. (Purdue’s online writing lab) 3. Structure I think you will be writing a fairly conventional paper, one that begins with a thesis-like statement/paragraph and expounds upon those ideas in paragraphs that reflect the order in which the ideas were initially presented. Maybe not. Let me know what you’re thinking if you’re thinking if you have a unique approach in mind. Here are details for submission:  The length should be three to five pages (4 was initially suggested)…unless you are trying something structurally unique. Then check with me.  Please type and double-space.  The due date is the following: Friday, October 29 to

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