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I Celebrate You Nomination Form Template Re Federal Way 2010

I Celebrate You Nomination Form Template Re Federal Way 2010

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Write a Blessing Media presents the second annual I Celebrate You event. This is the nomination form.
Write a Blessing Media presents the second annual I Celebrate You event. This is the nomination form.

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Published by: ahobbs@federalwaymirror on Oct 15, 2010
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Nomination Form 2010

Wishing to have your loved ones and friends be nominated for I Celebrate You Awards 2010? Please nominate them now as seats are limited.
I Celebrate You is now accepting nominations for the 2010 awards, which recognizes individuals in Federal Way that have played pivotal roles in shaping their communities. The I Celebrate You Awards are a symbol of excellence! Recipients are selected by a Selection Committee composed of other people of their peers, mixed in with experts of various fields. Awards will be given to grassroots movers and shakers in various categories, including, but not limited to: 1. Outstanding Mothers: For being selfless, dedicated mothers, who have gone above and beyond to raise upstanding children. With hardly a secondary school education, they have modeled they way for their children. Budgetary constraints did not hinder them from carving out a path of excellence those that depended on them. 2. Outstanding Fathers: Honoring men who have stood tall in being the anchor of their families. They have combined fatherhood with diligence, devotion, and resilience in raising their children despite roadblocks along the way. Children raised by these fathers are movers and shakers in their own right, over time becoming some of society’s most valuable citizens. 3. Outstanding Educators: Honoring nonpareil teachers; exceptional men and women in the teaching profession. It is evident that without teachers, none of us would have had a path to success. These teachers oftentimes have had to work with a modicum of teaching tools; nonetheless, they have shaped the minds of scientists, professors, lawyers, doctors, just to name a few professionals. 4. Outstanding Citizens: Honoring exceptional achievements through innovation at the grassroots level in whichever areas he/she was able to shape his/her community. Hardly ever looking for government handouts, these individuals have always found a way to make a difference in their communities. Never wanting the spotlight, they love their communities and are great mediators. Their judgments are hardly ever questioned. 5. Outstanding Mentors: Celebrating the distinguished service over the years for being selfless, devoted, benevolent, and passionate in whatever they do for people who are not blood related and whose lives are an inspiration to others. They have earned the title of role models without laboring for it. These people are valuable resources to their communities. 6. Outstanding Caregivers: Honoring laypeople that have worked in the medical field and have dedicated themselves to nursing a loved one or even complete strangers back to health when there were no other alternatives. TLC is their hallmark. They have never ceased to explore innovative ways of delivering quality medical care despite a lack of money, equipment or specialized education.

Deadline for Submitting Nominations: November 14, 2010. Guidelines for Submitting Nominations:

Focus on the individual. The “I Celebrate You Committee” will recognize outstanding

Completed nomination forms can either be submitted electronically to Mr. Nandell Palmer at palmern777@aol.com or called in at 206-327-2228.

Testimonials and Frequently Asked Questions
"Congratulations for what you are doing for the people of Federal Way and for the upcoming Awards Ceremonies." – Brigit Brown "This is a noble deed. The more we recognize and embrace heroes in our society, the broader the avenue of hope and achievement we create for our future generation." – Brian Burke "Awards like these have been on my mind for a very long time, having recognized the fact in many countries, only pre-independence stone throwers ever get honored. You and I know that among us, many "heroes" have emerged in various areas of human endeavor never even given a wink of acknowledgment by government let alone their peers.” – Ossie Deacon “Many of these people are tucked away in faraway lands where if not recognized, at least well remunerated compared to the shabby treatment they have received in their own homelands. This is a well thought out initiative." – Gershom Belnavis "This is an excellent idea that is long overdue. I am amazed often at some of the things people across the world have achieved but for which they never receive any recognition." – Dr. Carol Tembo "I must applaud you and your family for this great initiative." – Jose Vargas "I hope we can inspire and educate our future generations. This is indeed a grand idea and many thanks for your good works you are doing throughout the world." – Dr. Agnes Njovu "I am delighted by the job you are doing." – David

"This is another of your excellent ideas." – Sharon Bennett

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1. What is the main focus of “I Celebrate You”? To promote recognition of the outstanding efforts by the Federal Way/Greater Seattle area unsung heroes/heroines. 2. When and where will the Award ceremonies be held? Sunday, Nov. 21 at 5 p.m. at the Federal Way Regional Library, 34200 1st Way S, Federal Way, WA 98003. 3. How will the Award honorees be chosen, and is there an age limit for nominees? Award Honorees will be chosen by the Selection Committee, comprised of fellow peers and professionals of varying stripes. Age 50 and over is the criterion for consideration. 4. Do you have to be nominated to attend? No, anyone can attend. Families, friends, coworkers, well-wishers, etc. 5. Will Nandell Palmer be able to nominate anyone or participate in the selection process? Yes, as organizers of “I Celebrate You” Nandell can nominate up to two prospective honorees each. Thus, there will be limits to his nominations in order to make the process fair. 6. I am not from Federal Way, but can I still nominate a Federal Way coworker or friend? Yes, just make sure you have a Federal Way supporting nominator. 7. Can I nominate someone without letting them know that they are being nominated? No. Blind nominations are not allowed. You will need some information and permission from the prospective nominee to fully complete the nomination form. Please note that all pertinent information collected via the nomination process and beyond will be kept in the strictest of confidence by committee members and everybody who is associated with “I Celebrate You.” Thanks for your time.

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