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Alcohol With Out Liquid

Oh, the inhalation, is like sweet perfume.

Without the liquid nectar, of the gods.
It's soothing, it comforts, easy to breath in and consume.
The participant, gives his benefactor, a grateful nod.
Your mind senses, the smell, of your favorite whiskey, that you have honed.
Lightens your chance of hangover, which is always risky.
So you are able to enjoy, creature comforts, like you were home.
And you can enjoy, through your nostrils, your palates, sense of whiskey.
We all look for ways, to lessen stress in our life.
AWOL, shows us a viable way, of relaxation.
In our world, there seems less compromise, more corporate might.
Maybe we could all benefit, by this wonderful, adaptation.
Author: Timothy B. Thayer