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October 15, 2010 Dear Community Members, ‘The Health Care Strategic Planning process has been going well. The Native Village of Eyak and the City of Cordova have been working jointly and cooperatively to improve healthcare in Cordova. The public process has also worked well with excellent input from the community in terms of critiques and how to do more in general. The process, thus far, has revealed steps in the short term to strengthen and stabilize the existing system while continuing with mor: depth analysis. We are deeply committed to working together through the process and continue exploring all options ensuring that the final recommendation is thoughtful, informed and fact based. In the meantime, we remain committed to the health care employees that continue to serve this community and we thank them for their dedication. City of Cordova Mayor Tribal Council President 602 Railroad Avenue P.0. Box 1210 Cordova, Alaska 99574 Telephone (907) 424-6200 Fax (907) 424-6000