On Fast Food Chains

y Difficult to establish. y 1996 Entered into Indian Market. .F.Introduction y 1990 F.C looking towards Indian Market. y Mc Donald's first to built QSCV.

y Home delivery concept introduced. nirulas.Pizza Hut. y KFC have weak stratagy . y KFC planned to entered with 30 Restaurants. y KFC also thought to be expensive. Pizza Corner .JOINING THE RACE y Competitors: McDonald's.

. y KFC set up own outlet in New Delhi.Indian Market y McDonalds began to look Indian market in 1990. y Domino s enter into long-term Franchise Agreement with Bhartia brother s. y McDonalds Joint Venture with Hard castle Restaurants PVT & Vikram Bakshi.

y Consumer Feedback for Development. y Indian Touch. . y Create Strong Market.McDonald Strategy y Modify its menu. y Emphasize Vegetarianism.

y New Commercials. lower height of Counters. y Tried to Position itself as a Family Restaurant. .Continued y Use of Indian Spices. y Target Children: Introduce Happy Meal.

Domino s Strategy y Addition of Local Flavors. y TV Campaign. y Special Products in different regions. y Tie-up With MTNL .

y Introduction of Combo Meals. y Later stage they Localize there menu. y New Promo s.KFC Way y Initially preferred to retain International Taste. .

Improving Prospects y McD Increase there restaurants. y 2001 Domino s Established the Largest fast-food Chain . y Domino s also tie-up with Indian Oil. y Tie-up with Bharat Petroleum to launch of Highway restaurants.

.000 customers visit on a daily basis.Current Position y McDonalds: 180 Restaurants . y Domino's has 156 outlets in India y KFC: 1oo Restaurants. around 500.

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