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® From determining the best size and structure for your sales forces to

building your strategic capabilities; our proven analytical approach towards

sales force strategy provides all that you need to build actionable sales
Analytics Technology Research force strategies

Sales forces represent a major investment for any pharmaceutical company, with spending
Sales Force reaching billions of dollars. However in the competitive pharmaceutical marketplace, escalating
Strategy: promotion and access issues have forced the industry to rethink sales strategies. With these and
ever growing challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry, making your sales forces more
Size and Structure effective and productive gains prime importance. marketRx can help you devise the right sales
force strategy for your product portfolio, optimize your resource allocation, and help you
increase your sales force effectiveness.

Our Methodology
marketRx’s product enabled business model enables you to gain at each stage of your sales and
marketing planning, through use of an integrated approach for solving critical business
problems. Our multi-sales force multi-product web-based solution suite provides an integrated
framework that addresses promotion response, portfolio planning, managed care issues and
incentive alignment.

marketRx sales force strategy process is based on a tried and tested approach, complete with
leading edge methodology and technologically advanced tool kit:

A. Key principles
1. Market Concentration
Sales Strategy Territory Alignment
2. Promotion Response (# of reps, customers, (Define territory boundaries,
segment level balance workload
3. Product Overlap reach and frequency) & potential)

B. Customized Brand Models IC Plan

Call Planning
Metrics/Feedback Link desired
1. Leverages information behaviors (Focus each rep on the most
(Check behavior vs. plan) valuable MDs, agree to the
from multiple sources and performance
appropriate reach and
with pay frequency for each target MD)
2. Based on historical
market dynamics
3. Adjusted for future (Sell)
market events

Our methodology also handles the challenges arising due to lack of availability of quality
physician level data while modeling in low data environments. iFolio™ provides vast flexibility
and analysis options for running various size and structure scenarios, and is capable of
performing economic trade-offs. Moreover, execution level issues are always considered
throughout the process, notwithstanding that even the best analysis is worthless if the resulting
scenario cannot be implemented. Our approach provides the best size and structure based on
your needs, constraints and business objectives.

After developing physician level response models for each product in the portfolio, iFolio™ is
used to simulate different scenarios across a number of different parameters in order to make
final portfolio effort allocation, and size and structure decisions. iFolio™ is also capable of
generating in-built and custom reports, including financial forecasts for each product, detailed
analyses and comparison reports.

marketRx also provides strategic sizing answers in case of institutions using Affordable Coverage
Analysis (ACA) that is capable of determining the level of effort that can be profitably invested
in each account.
Our Offering
marketRx has built a strong lineage and has gained wide experience in helping global pharmaceutical and biotech companies in
their sales force planning through use of innovative analytical techniques and product innovation. marketRx seamlessly integrates
strategy with tactical planning while leveraging its strengths in integrating primary and secondary data to provide you an optimized
solution for deploying your resources across your product portfolio and markets.

Our collaborative and seamless workflows enable you to build strategy on a global scale:

Global Results through Collaborative Computing

and Global Workflows
Leverage market knowledge of country teams and
Make ROI decisions at portfolio level
Make effective global or regional tradeoffs
A toolset that every country and affiliate can
leverage regardless of size

Advanced analytical solutions provide granular insights at physician level with application in targeting, better segmentation, &
seasonal planning
A better data driven process for building forecasts and adjusting for market events that leverages our reference database of
promotion models
A scenario planning tool (iFolio) that enables interactive “what-if” planning to arrive at better structure alternatives and
facilitates in the face of market events rapidly

By partnering with marketRx, we help you define and implement the ‘best in class’ resulting from better analytics, product driven
business model, end to end integrated approach (including non-retail and specialty products), and focus on innovation. marketRx
also supports newer selling models and regionalization issues, and is at the forefront of delivering successful tailor-made solutions.

Our Benefits
marketRx is a leading provider of complete sales and marketing effectiveness solutions to global life sciences companies, and
utilizes its strengths in analytics, research and technology to deliver actionable and measurable results. Sales force sizing and
structure solution from marketRx lets you benefit from our vast experience in building sales force strategy (SFS) capabilities for
our clients across all major global markets and therapeutic categories. You benefit from:
Company-wide SFS process unification
Business model that inherently focuses on building client capabilities
Expertise working with multiple partners at different stages of internalization and very varied planning models
Web-based products that ensure consistency of analysis and seamless collaboration
Training and project management experience to help your learn and apply tools
Integrated products and services for promotion response, targeting, SOV, market research, and forecasting, among others

Sales Operations & Management Product Management Market Research

marketRx combines market research, analytics and technology to provide solutions that enable our customers at global
pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to improve effectiveness of their sales and marketing initiatives. With all
of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies as customers, marketRx is the leading provider of integrated marketing
and sales effectiveness solutions. email:

Americas: +1 (908) 541-0045 Asia: +91 (124) 416-0800 Europe: +44 118 902 6840 Australia: +61 (0)402 355 746
Corporate Headquarters: 1200 U.S. Route 22 East, Bridgewater, NJ 08807 Tel: (908) 541-0045 Fax: (908) 541-1595