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October 15, 2010

To: Bronxville Board of Education

From: David Quattrone, Superintendent

Subject: Physical Education Athletic Option

This document describes the approach to physical education and athletics that we have
developed in an effort to resolve ambiguous, sometimes contradictory regulations
concerning graduation requirements in physical education, eligibility requirements for
student athletes, and rulings by the Commissioner of Education. If the Board endorses
this approach in concept, we will proceed to prepare a written policy that will be part of a
larger physical education plan required by the state.

Our approach is designed to (1) ensure that all students participate in a sound physical
education program, K-12; (2) varsity athletes in grades 11-12 have an opportunity to
fulfill those requirements without duplicating a rigorous program of exercise; and (3) our
curriculum and instruction is not disrupted by unpredictable changes in class rosters as
athletes complete each season.

To address these needs, we charged the PE department with developing an 11-12 elective
program that builds on the core curriculum in grades 9-10. The key idea here is that all
students, if they pass the 9/10 curriculum, have demonstrated the required outcomes and
met the standards. The 11/12 curriculum provides opportunities for enrichment,
specialization, and advancement. The physical education faculty developed a well
thought-out plan during the 2009-10 school year, and implemented the program in the fall
of 2010. Juniors and seniors select among electives within their assigned PE period.

Varsity athletes in grades 11 and 12 may substitute one season of play for one quarter of
physical education. Fall athletes may exercise the athletic option for the first quarter.
Winter athletes may exercise this option for the second or third quarter, but not both.
Spring athletes may exercise this option for fourth quarter.

The net effect of this approach is that all students participate in the elective program for
at least one quarter. This ensures balance in their program and compliance with state
regulations. The quarter designation further ensures that class rosters are stable; student
athletes must return to class at the immediate start of the next quarter regardless of post-
season play. (Reasonable accommodations will be made for this group.)