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Issue 1 11/2005


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DCT-4 common baseband


System connector, audio


UEMK, SIM, Zocus


StUF (Stacked UPP & Flash)


APE connection overview


OMAP, IRDA, MMC, APE power supply


Audio DAC, audio amplifier






UI flex connector


Flex foil


QWERTY keyboard


RF part


Signal overview


Component finder, UI


Component finder, engine module


Copyright © Nokia 2005. All rights reserved.

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0 16.2005 9300i RA-8 Copyright © Nokia 2005.Nokia Customer Care Schematics / Layouts RA-8 DCT-4 common baseband KEY_UI Page 11-13 RF KEYB(10:0) 2 AFC 1 TXPWRDET GENIO(31:0) UIDRV(5:0) 0 RF_BB TXC PWRONX MULTIGND RFCONV(9:0) HEADINT(1:0) IRGND PUSL(3:0) AGND1 1 AGND2 2 RFAUXCONV_O(2:0) VrefRF02 9 8 4 RFCONV_O(9:0) IRGND AUDUEMCTRL(3:0) MIC(2:0) Page 14 VrefRF01 SLOWAD(6:0) TXIP 0 2 7 6 GENIO_O(31:0) RFCLK Page 14 TXIM TXQP RFICCTRL_O(2:0) EAR(1:0) 5 TXQM RXQ RFCLK_I RXI SLOWAD_O(6:0) AUDIO StUF Page 4/8 HOOKINT POWER PUSL(3:0) AGND(2:1) RFCLK RFCONV(9:0) RFCLKGND LPRFCLK_I HEADINT(1:0) RFAUXCONV(2:0) UIDRV(5:0) UIDRV(5:0) GENIO(31:0) MIC(2:0) 2 KEYB(10:0) 1 GENIO(31:0) SLOWAD(6:0) Page 5 PWRONX XMIC(2:0) XAUDIO(17:0) XAUDIO(17:0) Reset 9 GENIO(31:0) SYS_CONN TXP 6 7 EAR(1:0) PWRONX 5 0 RFICCTRL(2:0) TXA Mode RFBusEna1 RFBusData RFBusClk HOOKINT XEAR(3:0) AUDIO(6:0) AUDIO(6:0) HEADINT(1:0) RFCONVCTRL(2:0) VCTCXO RFCONVCTRL(2:0) AUDUEMCTRL(3:0) Page 3 IHF(1:0) MCBSP2(5:0) RFCONVDA(5:0) AUDIODATA(3:0) AUDIODATA(3:0) 6 Page 4 APE_AUDIO(4:0) APE_GPIO(15:0) MIC(2:0) RFCONVDA(5:0) RFTEMP LPRFCLK SLOWAD(6:0) XMIC(2:0) XEAR(3:0) AUDUEMCTRL(3:0) IHF(1:0) IACCDIF(5:0) PUSL(3:0) UIDRV(5:0) AUDUEMCTRL(3:0) IACC DIF(5:0) DSP_MCUTEST(2:0) PUSL(3:0) SIMIF(3:0) SLOWAD(6:0) ACCDIF(2:0) ACCDIF(2:0) CHARGER(4:0) CHARGER(4:0) IRIF(2:0) IACCDIF(5:0) IRIF_I(1:0) GENIO(31:0) DSP_MCUTEST(2:0) SIM PUSL(3:0) AUDUEMCTRL(3:0) SIMIF(3:0) APE IR USB(2:0) APE_GPIO(15:0) APE_AUDIO(4:0) IRIF_I(1:0) USB(2:0) MCBSP2(5:0) IRIF(2:0) APE_GPIO(15:0) XAUDIO(17:0) IACCDIF(5:0) GENIO(31:0) Page 6-10 EAR(1:0) PWRONX SLOWAD(6:0) PUSL(3:0) UIDRV(5:0) IRIF_I(1:0) Page 4 GENIO(31:0) Page 7 KEYB(10:0) AUDUEMCTRL(3:0) LPRFCLK IRIF(2:0) Customer Care / Service & Support Readiness / Content Creation Management Copyright © 2005 NOKIA Only for training and service purposes Issue 1 11/2005 Version: 1. Board version: 1py_02 DCT-4 common baseband Page 2(17) Page 2 . All rights reserved.08.

audio Issue 1 11/2005 Copyright © Nokia 2005. Page 3 . All rights reserved.Nokia Customer Care Schematics / Layouts RA-8 System connector.

8V RF part GND Copyright © Nokia 2005.3V L2335 System connector XAUDIO(17:0) C2335 1u0 GND 600R/100MHz L2200 GND VBATT7 C2214 2x1u0 1/2 1u GND C2215 C2214 C2216 C2217 2x1u0 1/2 1u 2x1u0 2/2 1u 2x1u0 1/2 1u 2x1u0 1/2 1u GND C2217 2x1u0 2/2 1u GND GND AUDIO(6:0) AGND2 R2217 470R 4 3 2 AGND1 42R/100MHz GND C2218 2x1u0 1 /2 1u 3 4 5 0 Microphone B2100 L2101 "MICP" GND 2 /2 2k2 600R/300mA C2105 27p 2 /2 100n VIO C2103 1 /2 100n GND GND 1 /2 33n C2103 1 /2 1n 2 /2 1n GND GN D VFLASH1 C2111 1 /2 100n C2111 2 /2 100n C2102 "MIC1N" 2 1 /2 2k2 C2112 C2112 6 2.768kHz 1u0 L2333 2. SIM.8V C3 T10 V11 U14 T17 D3 2. All rights reserved.2005 6 SIMCLK SIMDATA 5 SIMRST VSIM 4 VSIM GND GND GND C2901 100p C2206 100n GND VANA 2.75V 2. Zocus UEMEK 600R/100MHz L2331 U12 V12 T12 B6 B1 U11 T11 T14 T18 C1 D1 U16 R16 M17 N16 M18 R17 P17 D2 V5 U5 GND C2331 1u0 600R/100MHz GND L2332 C2332 600R/100MHz 32.0mOhm 1 4 C2015 27p X2020 VBATT BSI 2 VANA VFLASH1 GND J2800 VANA A1 D1 C3 A3 D3 B3 A2 StUF AUDUEMCTRL (3:0) 1 3 2 SENSE+ SENSEVio Zint CBusClk CBusEnX CBusDa DetClk Vdd Gnd GND B1 C1 R2251 100k C2351 10n C2350 10n R2021 4 7k N2070 LM3820TLX_NOPB VIO PA_IDENT GND GND J2031 D2 R7718 39k PA R7718 GND AGILENT RFMD HITACHI RF part GND PA identification 2 Zocus GNDFLASH1 U7 VDAAUD2 EARP EARN XEAR H1 J2 H3 G3 B14 C12 A12 B12 UEMINT CBUSCLK CBUSDA CBUSENX MBUS FBUSTXO FBUSRXO U8 T8 V7 VDACONVRX RXIINP RXIINN RXQINP RXQINN VSACONVRX B17 C18 C17 D18 D17 E17 VDACONVTX TXIOUTP TXIOUTN TXQOUTP TXQOUTN VSACONVTX E18 F16 F17 G17 F18 H17 AUXOUT RFCONVCLK TXPWRDET RXID AFCOUT RXQD VREFRFO1 TXID VREFRFO2 TXQD AUXD VREF25BB VSS VREF25RF VREF278 G18 U3 E16 VDD28 VDD18 PURX SLEEPX SLEEPCLK A9 C8 B8 SIMIODAI SIMCLKI SIMIOCTRL C9 B9 MBUSTX MBUSRX C11 B11 FBUSTXI FBUSRXI C14 B15 A14 DBUSCLK DBUSDA DBUSENX A2 A1 BSI BTEMP V2 LS T4 V4 VCXOTEMP PATEMP OPEN 39K SHORT 5 5 6 C2353 1n0 SLOWAD(6:0) GND GNDTH1 GNDTH2 GNDTH3 GNDTH4 GNDTH5 GNDTH6 GNDTH7 GNDTH8 GNDTH9 GNDTH10 GNDTH11 GNDTH12 GNDTH13 GNDTH14 GNDTH15 GNDTH16 GNDTH17 GNDTH18 GNDTH19 GNDTH20 GNDTH21 GNDTH22 GNDTH23 GNDTH24 GNDTH25 GNDTH26 GNDTH27 GNDTH28 GNDTH29 GNDTH30 GNDTH31 GNDTH32 GNDTH33 GNDTH34 GNDTH35 GNDTH36 GNDTH65 GNDTH66 GNDTH67 GNDTH68 Customer Care / Service & Support Readiness / Content Creation Management Copyright © 2005 NOKIA Only for training and service purposes GND GND GND VANA VFLASH1 C2201 10n GND GND C2219 2x1u0 1/2 1u C2218 2x1u0 2/2 1u GND GND GND C2215 2x1u0 2/2 1u GND C2216 2x1u0 2/2 1u GND C2220 2x1u0 1/2 1u C2213 2x1u0 1/2 1u VAUX2 2. SIM.8V GND VANA C2333 1u0 600R/100MHz B2200 GND L2334 C2334 1u0 600R/100MHz C2202 10p GND GND C2203 10p GND G2400 3. Version: 1.35V VIO 1.8V R2071 2k2 C2070 GND VAUX1 VANA VFLASH1 VAUX2 VCORE VIO R2353 4k7 GND R2 07 2 2k2 V1 U4 F1 R2350 100k R2352 100k 3 PWMO PWRONX PAREFCAP VSIM SIMIODAO SIMCLKO EARDATAR SIMRST EARDATA SIMCARDDET MICDATA VSIMGND AUDIOCLK K2 P1 V10 B13 2.8V if accessory connected VCORE 1.8V "MIC1P" 3 2 /2 33n R2102 2k2 "MICN" C2102 R2102 R2103 OUT GND GND GND GND C2104 100n AGND1 AGND2 C2205 100n C2204 100n "MICB1" 4 GND GND 0 1 2 StUF.35V T16 U15 U17 U18 V18 R18 L18 N17 M16 P18 N18 C2701 10p 1 2 3 GND C2207 R2900 C2900 10k 100n 100p GND J18 K17 K16 V16 X2700 C707_10M006_105_2 C2702 10p GND L17 K18 VR1A VR1B VR2 VR3 VR4 VR5 VR6 VR7 UI SIM connector 2x1u0 2/2 1u GND GNDVR1 Audio DAC GND C2209 100n C2208 100n C2210 1u0 C2222 2x1u0 2/2 1u GND C2223 C2222 2x1u0 2x1u0 1/2 1u 1/2 1u GND GND C2224 2x1u0 1/2 1u GND VPP StUF C2224 2x1u0 2/2 1u GND GND RFCONV(9:0) RF part RFAUXCONV(2:0) IPA1 IPA2 C2225 C2225 C2226 C2227 C2226 C2227 C2211 C2212 2x1u0 2x1u0 2x1u0 2x1u0 2x1u0 2x1u0 1u0 1u0 1/2 1u 2/2 1u 2/2 1u 1/2 1u 1/2 1u 2/2 1u GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND C2223 2x1u0 2/2 1u R2903 27k VR1A VR2 VR3 VR4 VR5 VR6 VR7 GND GND 4.8V G ND V14 V15 Gen28IO1 Gen28IO2 Gen28IO3 AuxDet HEADINT2 VBATDRIV BUZZO VIBRA CALLED1 CALLED2 VSADRIV1 DLIGHT KLIGHT VSADRIV2 HEADINT MIC3P MIC3N MIC3PR MIC3NR Gen18IO1 Gen18IO2 Gen18IO3 Gen18IO4 Gen18IO5 GND Battery connector VBATREGS GNDREGS B3 A3 B2 U9 V9 T1 U1 T3 P3 R2 R3 T2 R1 U2 N1 L1 L2 U10 M2 L3 M1 M3 C6 A7 B7 C7 A8 A18 A17 C16 B16 A16 C15 5 4 3 2 1 0 U13 V13 T13 J1 J3 G2 G1 H2 F2 E3 E1 E2 F3 MICBCAP MICB1 MIC1P MIC1N IACCDIF(5:0) RFCONVCTRL(2:0) therm1 VCHAROUT1 VCHAROUT2 VCHAROUTK HFR HFCMR HF HFCM VSAAUD2 PAVDD1 PAVDD2 PAVSS PAOUTP PAOUTN PUSL(3:0) 0 1 VCHARIN1 VCHARIN2 VCHARINK TESTMODE VBATAUX1 VBATBB1 VBATBB2 VBATAUX2 VBATBB4 VBATBB5 VBATAUX3 VBATVR1 VBATVR2 VBATVR3 VBATVR4 VBATVR5 VBATVR6 VBATVR7 VAUX3 OSCIN OSCOUT R2101 C2330 1u0 GND R2200 D2200 UEMEK_V2.Nokia Customer Care Schematics / Layouts RA-8 UEMEK.0 Hinge flex connector 7 GND Issue 1 11/2005 ~4V C2200 10n AGND2 C10 A11 B10 A10 C5 A13 A15 B18 C13 MICB2 MIC2P MIC2N VBATBB C2213 2x1u 2/2 1u PWRONX C2 B4 A5 C4 V8 B5 MICSUB VSAAUD1 HOOKINT F6 F7 F8 F9 F10 F11 F12 F13 G6 G7 G8 G9 G10 G11 G12 G13 H6 H7 H8 H9 H10 H11 H12 H13 J6 J7 J8 J9 J10 J11 J12 J13 K6 K7 K8 K9 D16 J16 P16 T5 R2354 4k7 BTEMP 1u0 1.8V J2060 R2008 100k USB_5V MBUS FBUS_TX GND 8 9 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 GND 5 USB_D+ USB_D- FBUS_RX 1 2 6 3 7 System connector 4 8 9 2 1 0 GND VREFRF01=1.8V L2100 MCZ1210AD102T R2100 1 /2 5R6 AUDIO(6:0) 2 /2 5R6 C2100 C2101 C2100 C2101 2 /2 27p 1 /2 10n 2 /2 10n 1 /2 27p GND GND G ND GND GND 1 4 2 3 0 R2100 VBATT7 GND GND 1 EA R (1:0) GND CCP CCN VPUMP XAUDIO(17:0) VBATBB C2220 ~4V 2x1u0 2/2 1u 6 GND 4 3 5 2 1 0 UIDRV(5:0) GND C2221 R2700 EMIF03-SIM01F2 GND SIMRST SIMCLKO SIMIODAO 2 1 0 GND R1 R2 R3 GND C2700 100n GND R2901 10k IPA1 IPA2 ISET H16 H18 J17 VBG L16 UEMRSTX SMPSCLK A4 A6 GNDTH64 GNDTH63 GNDTH62 GNDTH61 GNDTH60 GNDTH59 GNDTH58 GNDTH57 GNDTH56 GNDTH55 GNDTH54 GNDTH53 GNDTH52 GNDTH51 GNDTH50 GNDTH49 GNDTH48 GNDTH47 GNDTH46 GNDTH45 GNDTH44 GNDTH43 GNDTH42 GNDTH41 GNDTH40 GNDTH39 GNDTH38 GNDTH37 GNDTH69 GNDTH70 GNDTH71 GNDTH72 N13 N12 N11 N10 N9 N8 N7 N6 M13 M12 M11 M10 M9 M8 M7 M6 L13 L12 L11 L10 L9 L8 L7 L6 K13 K12 K11 K10 T7 T9 T15 G16 16. UI V6 U6 T6 VBACK VRTC OSCCAP P2 VDAAUD1 N2 N3 K3 K1 AUDIODATA(3:0) AUDUEMCTRL(3:0) 0 1 2 3 GENIO(31:0) StUF 31 29 30 2 3 4 5 RFCONVDA(5:0) 0 1 2 4V VBAT C2001 68u C2002 68u C2000 27p GN D 1 2 3 R2070 CURRENT_SEN 3.8V C2221 2x1u0 1/2 1u 2. Zocus Page 4(17) .8V VANA 2.0_LF_WDENA L2330 2 /2 VWM16V 2 0 1 R2101 CHARGER(4:0) 1 /2 VWM16V System connector 9300i RA-8 Page 4 Board version: 1py_02 UEMEK.08.

Nokia Customer Care Schematics / Layouts RA-8 StUF (Stacked UPP & Flash) Pulses between 0V and 1. All rights reserved. System connector = XBUS lines PRODTP6 = XABUS lines VPP E3008 2 1 R3000 MEMC ONT )3( 4k7 C3032 100n GND OMAP 1.8V in local /test mode StUF = Stacked UPP & Flash StUF 1 C2014 1 /2 27p C2014 2 /2 27p GN D GN D UEMEK 1. Page 5 .8V C3030 10n GND C3031 100n C2884 10n GND GND 2 C2885 10n GND C2902 R2902 100p RF-part 100R RF-part.8V Issue 1 11/2005 Copyright © Nokia 2005.8V in normal mode 1. OMAP.35V C2881 100n C2880 10n C2882 10n GND GND C2883 10n GND GND 1.

08.Nokia Customer Care Schematics / Layouts RA-8 APE connection overview APE_MEMORY APE_SDRAM APE_CPU FLASH_AD(24:1) FLASH_AD(24:1) SDRAM_AD(14:0) SDRAM_AD(14:0) FLASH_DA(15:0) FLASH_DA(15:0) SDRAM_DA(15:0) SDRAM_DA(15:0) FLASH_CTRL(14:0) APE_GPIO(15:0) FLASH_CTRL(14:0) APE_GPIO(15:0) SDRAM_CTRL(6:0) SDRAM_CTRL(6:0) PUSL(3:0) PUSL(3:0) UIDRV(5:0) APE_WLAN LPRFCLK WLAN_BT(4:0) PUSL(3:0) APE_GPIO(15:0) ARMIO(11:0) BT_CLK_REQ ARMIO(11:0) BT_CLK_REQ_Shifted APE_MMC BT_RF MEM_CARD(2:0) MEM_CARD(2:0) MCBSP2(5:0) APE_GPIO(15:0) APE_BLUETOOTH BT_RF APE_AUDIO LPRFCLK BT_CLK_REQ_Shifted APE_GPIO(15:0) UART1(3:0) UART1(3:0) BT_CLK_REQ MCSI1(3:0) APE_GPIO(15:0) ARMIO(11:0) PUSL(3:0) WLAN_BT(4:0) MCSI1(3:0) SMPSCTRL(2:0) UART3(1:0) APE_POWER UIDRV(5:0) CAM(12:0) GENIO(31:0) APE_KEYB(10:0) ARMIO(11:0) SMPSCTRL(2:0) I2C(1:0) MCBSP1(4:0) I2C(1:0) IRIF(2:0) LCD(19:0) UWIRE(4:0) HCLK(8:0) HCLK(8:0) MCBSP1(4:0) APE_AUDIO(4:0) GENIO(31:0) KEYB(10:0) XAUDIO(17:0) MCBSP2(5:0) SLOWAD(6:0) USB(2:0) AUDUEMCTRL(3:0) GENIO(31:0) SLOWAD(6:0) APE_UI XAUDIO(17:0) FLASH_AD(24:1) APE_AUDIO(4:0) FLASH_DA(15:0) PUSL(3:0) FLASH_CTRL(14:0) IRIF(2:0) UIDRV(5:0) UIDRV(5:0) UART3(1:0) GENIO(31:0) LCD(19:0) KEYB(10:0) CAM(12:0) MCBSP2(5:0) USB(2:0) UWIRE(4:0) APE_KEYB(10:0) AUDUEMCTRL(3:0) APE_GPIO(15:0) APE_GPIO(15:0) ARMIO(11:0) ARMIO(11:0) I2C(1:0) I2C(1:0) EAR(1:0) EAR(1:0) PWRONX PWRONX HCLK(8:0) LPRFCLK PUSL(3:0) SLOWAD(6:0) Customer Care / Service & Support Readiness / Content Creation Management Issue 1 11/2005 Copyright © 2005 NOKIA Only for training and service purposes Copyright © Nokia rights reserved.2005 Board version: 1py_02 APE connection overview Page Page 66(17) .9300i RA-8 Version: 1.02005. All 16.

B7.8V C4819 10n 100n C4207 10n C4200 2u2 GND V18 Vin ON/OFF LP2985ITLXBYP 1.C3.8_NOPB Vout C4211 2u2 GND C4212 10n GND GND GND Interface for Bluetooth audio Interface to control WLAN Control interface for CMT & PDA displays Master clock for audio DAC MCSI1(3:0) © Nokia 2005.8V N4202 VIO VEN N4200 VOUT VIN LP3981YDX VOUT_ BYP -2.8V GND C4818 C4818 1 /2 10n 2 /2 10n V28 C5003 10n GND C5000 100n GND C 500 4 10n GND GND 1.K9= GND D4801 C15 V28V28 V28 J4807 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 74LVC2G07DCK6 LCD_PXL0 LCD_PCLK LCD_PXL1 LCD_PXL2 LCD_PXL3LCD_HSYNC LCD_PXL4 LCD_PXL5 LCD_PXL6LCD_VSYNC LCD_PXL7 LCD_PXL8 LCD_AC LCD_PXL9 LCD_PXL10 LCD_PXL11 LCD_PXL12 LCD_PXL13 LCD_PXL14 LCD_PXL15 GND C5202 Control interface for Audio DAC. IRDA.J9= VSDRAM A7.8V X5200 R10 S4400 GND GND GND Video data for PDA display 11 6 F18 D20 D19 E18 C21 C20 LCD(19:0) Host wakeup for Bluetooth & CS for WLAN 0 1 2 3 4 5 COM_MCLK_REQ COM_MCLK_OUT UARTS_CLKREQ UARTS_CLKIO OSC1_IN OSC1_OUT OSC32K_IN OSC32K_OUT CLK32K_OUT CLK32K_IN MPU_nRESET nRESPWRON BVLZ MCBSP1_CLKS MCBSP1_BCLK MCPSP1_SYNC MCBSP1_DOUT MCBSP1_DIN CLK32K_CTRL CONF Y14 V14 R14 AA15 TX1 RX1 CTS1 RTS1 TX2 RX2 CTS2 RTS2 BDCLK2 APE_GPIO(15:0) P19 M15 Y8 W8 GPIO11 GPIO12 GPIO13 GPIO14 GPIO15 N20 N18 N19 N21 M20 ARMIO1 ARMIO2 ARMIO3 ARMIO4 ARMIO5 U19 N15 V8 T19 T20 TX3 RX3 M18 L14 ARMIO(11:0) MCSI2_CLK MCSI2_SYNC MCSI2_DIN MCSI2_DOUT ARM_BOOT W15 MCBSP2_DIN MCBSP2_DOUT MCBSP2_RSYNC MCBSP2_XSYNC MCBSP2_CLKR MCBSP2_CLKX P10 AA5 W6 W7 V7 Y6 MCBSP3_CLK USB_DP USB_DM USB_PUEN Y12 WIRE_SDI WIRE_SDO WIRE_SCLK WIRE_nSCS0 WIRE_nSCS3 U18 W21 V19 N14 P15 8 J4414 RXD J4825 14 13 12 11 V28 7 6 4 3 2 1 0 0 SD 5 TXD 3 TXD RXD 4 6 Vcc 7 VIO LEDC 2 GND 8 GND 9 J4413 2 C4492 100n 4 VBAT R4490 PWDWN LEDA 1 GND UART3( 1:0 ) 0 1 4V N4490 RPM960-H14E3A 2.3V C4820 10n C4815 10n C4809 10n GND C4811 10n C4816 C4816 1 /2 10n 2 /2 10n V18 C50 83 C5084 C5085 C5086 100n C4810 10n 10n 100n GND C5087 C5088 C5089 10n 10n 10n C4214 10u FB A1 VDD VSEL B1 B3 PVIN ISEL C1 C3 SWSYNC/MODE D1 D3 PGND EN D2 C4203 10n GND C4215 10u GND GND GND 100n GND C4209 2u2 1.D7= GND R5001 10k 7 3 2 1.57V LM2708HTLX-1.8V VIO 1 /2 10n SGND A3 VFLASH1 GND GND GND C4817 L4201 10uH C4208 C4206 100n 10u 1.8V V28 A9.8V V28 GND C4802 15p GND 4 P13 V15 G19 W19 J4808 6 3 2 1 PURX from UEMEK PUSL(3:0) GND _MR PFI GND _PFO _RESET VDD R4803 100k 1.57V_NOPB V15 10R C4807 100n S GND C4808 C4806 100n 10U V28 U//U 4V GND 3.2005 OMAP. QWERTY controller I2C(1:0) J4824 1 AA20 V18 V6 R9 Y5 W5 Y4 R18 R19 M14 P18 P20 Bluetooth.8V V28 R4801 10k 11 12 J8 D3 C1 E4 D2 F4 E3 J7 F3 G4 G3 G2 K8 H4 H3 K7 J2 J4 J3 J1 L8 K4 K3 L7 H7 N3 J4806 1 0 1 R10 33p 1 B4800 R13 2.08. IRDA.8V VSDRAM A2 GND VBAT V33 GND VDDSHV4 VDDSHV4 VDDSHV4 VDDSHV4 VDDSHV4 220k C4804 100n C4805 1u0 DPLL Power VBAT C4803 100n C4813 2 /2 10n C4814 2 /2 10n GND C4812 C4817 2 /2 10n 2.A1= GND A3.8V 4R7 C4490 4u7 GND GND IRDA XBUS: Main communication interface between StUF and OMAP StUF GENIO(31:0) Bluetooth control interface UART1(3:0) Bluetooth 4V AA21 Y15 V12 J20 K20 R21 U20 W20 AA7 V5 Y3 AA1 U2 B5 B7 A11 A13 B16 B18 A21 F20 N1 K2 G1 E2 B1 B2 0 4 GND 5 0 1 2 3 0 1 3 5 0 1 2 3 4 VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VDD VDD VDD4 VDD VDD VDD1 VDD2 VDD2 VDD3 VDD3 VDD3 VDD3 VDDA A9 Y20 M2 P12 F2 A3 AA3 Y1 J21 R20 B13 B20 Y21 1.8V SDRAM_AD(14:0) D5080 R5202 100k H7 H8 J8 J7 J3 J2 H3 H2 H1 G3 H9 G2 G1 0 G7 G8 BA0 BA1 _RAS _CAS _CS _WE 6 5 F2 F3 CLK CKE 4 3 F1 E8 E2 UDQM LDQM NC GND 2 GND 94 MHz bus TH58MBG04G1XG 33554431 MDOC Memory 1GB A1 A2 A9 A10 B1 B2 B9 B10 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 C8 C9 C10 D1 D2 D9 12 F8 F7 G9 F9 0 1 0 A8 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC D10 E1 E10 F1 F10 G1 G5 G6 G10 H1 H5 H6 H10 J1 J10 K1 K10 L1 L2 L9 L10 M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 M7 M8 M9 M10 N1 N2 N9 N10 P1 P2 P9 P10 RSRVD RSRVD RSRVD RSRVD RSRVD RSRVD RSRVD RSRVD RSRVD RSRVD RSRVD D4 D5 E4 E6 E7 E9 F4 F6 F9 J9 K2 NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC DATA IXO B9 B8 C9 C8 D9 D8 E9 E1 D2 D1 C2 C1 B2 B1 A2 GND 2. Board version: 1py_02 Version:Copyright 1.B3.8V K5= V28 K6= V28 H3.Nokia Customer Care Schematics / Layouts RA-8 OMAP.D3= V18 E3.8V 3 3 UEMEK SLEEPCLK 1 5= VIO 2= GND Y2 W3 W12 R12 12MHz 2.0_NOPB BYPASS K4M51163PE-PG1L_PBFREE = XABUS lines C5201 N5200 VEN Audio DAC Page 7(17) Page 7 .8V = Battery door open V28 MMC_CLK / SCLK MMC_GND / GND 6 7 14 P11 V11 R11 V10 W10 W11 2.8_NOPB SENSE C4201 2u2 33n C4202 GND GND GND C5001 100n GND GND 1. All9300i rightsRA-8 reserved.0 16.8V N4800 TPS3103E12DBVR 4 5 6 GND VIO R4804 100k R4802 100k NFBE0 NFBE1 L3 M8 NFWE NFOE NFWP NFRP NFADV W2 U4 V4 W1 L4 J4801 J4802 NFCS0 NFCS1 WAIT/FRDY NFCS2 NFCS3 FCLK M7 M3 M4 N8 J4805 24 19 20 21 18 0 1 3 4 5 6 J4803 J4804 G20 G21 H15 H18 H20 GND Time delay Y10 V9 AA9 W9 0 14 17 15 16 27 4 3 2 1 Audio DAC StUF MCBSP1(4:0) GENIO(31:0) Digital audio to audio DAC XABUS: Serial interface for audio data transfer between DSPs of StUF and OMAP AA17 1 7 R4805 GND m connector 17 D14 18 GND B15 3V GND MMC connector R5200 EMIF04-MMC02F2 R5201 22k R20 MMC_CMD MMC_CLK MMC_DAT0 19 R1 R2 R3 R4 KBR0 KBR1 KBR2 KBR3 KBR4 G18 F19 H14 E20 E19 2 MMC_CMD / DI 3 4 5 MMC_GND / GND VMMC / VCC GND R4421 100k MMC_DATA / DO Battery door switch GND 8 C5200 1u5 R4807 15R 0V = battery door closed 2.E7. Audio amplifier Hinge flex connector. WLAN APE_KEYB(10:0) XBUS UART2 FDATA P14 100k 0 1 2 J4820 J4821 J4822 J4823 SCL SDA GPIO0 GPIO1 GPIO2 GPIO3 GPIO4 Hinge flex connector ARMIO(11:0) 6 7 8 9 10 V15 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 NRESET_OUT 6 GND 0 1 2 3 FADD N4 N2 N7 P2 P4 P7 R2 R3 R4 T2 T3 P8 U1 U3 T4 V3 T18 V20 C4800 33p 2 0 1u5 C5203 GND 6 FLASH 5 R4810 10k H12 CAM_EXCLK MMC_CMD CAM_LCLK MMC_CLK CAM_D0 MMC_DAT0 CAM_D1 MMC_DAT1 CAM_D2 MMC_DAT2 CAM_D3 MMC_DAT3 CAM_D4 CAM_D5 KBC0 CAM_D6 KBC1 CAM_D7 KBC2 KBC3 CAM_VS CAM_HS KBC4 KBC5 CAM_RSTZ TDI TDO TMS TCK nTRST nEMU0 nEMU1 STATIC_VALID R4800 2x2k2 1620105 J4800 C4801 V28 16 2.8V V28 V18 R5000 10k 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 GND 11 5 12 H2 G2 F2 E2 G3 F3 E3 D3 D7 F7 G7 D8 E8 A0/DPD A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 A8 A9 A10 A11 A12 J2 J3 D6 _CE _OE _WE G8 H9 ID0 ID1 F8 G4 F5 E5 L6 H8 G9 _LOCK IF_CFG _BUSY RST_IN CLK _DMARQ _IRQ K3 J4827 R4808 6 22R 7 0 SBANK0 C10 13 SBANK1 D10 14 SADD J4814 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 NSRAS NSCAS NSWE A2 H9 C3 NSDQML NSDQMU B3 D4 SDCLK SDCLK_EN D9 12 C9 0 SDRAM J4810 J4811 J4812 J4828 J4829 J4813 0 1 2 3 4 5 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 SDATA D4800 OMAP 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 2. APE Power supply Bluetooth MCBSP2(5:0) WLAN UWIRE(4:0) Hinge flex connector HCLK(8:0) USB(2:0) Customer Care / Service & Support Readiness / Content Creation Management Issue 1 11/2005 Copyright © 2005 NOKIA Only for training and service purposes QWERTY keyboard. MMC. APE power supply 4V SDRAM_DA(15:0) = XBUS lines VBAT SDRAM_CTRL(6:0) 2. WLAN IRDA interface BT UART Y13 W13 W14 AA13 V13 W16 8 Y9 Bluetooth. WLAN KEYB(10:0) 7 8 9 10 MCSI1_DIN MCSI1_DOUT MCSI1_BCLK MCSI1_SYNC COM_SHUTDOWN P9 R8 W4 GPIO6 GPIO7 GPIO8 GPIO9 Hinge flex connector Audio DAC. MMC.57V A5 A7 B10 B12 A1 VDDSHV5 VDDSHV5 VDDSHV5 VDDSHV5 VDDSHV5 VDDSHV5 VDDSHV5 V2 R1 P3 L1 H2 E1 C2 VDDSHV6 AA11 Y16 VDDSHV7 L21 VDDSHV8 U21 VDDSHV9 V4200 D 2SK3019-TL G GND N4201 1.57V VDDSHV1 VDDSHV1 VDDSHV1 A15 A19 E21 VDDSHV2 AA2 VDDSHV3 Y7 C4813 1 /2 10n C4814 1 /2 10n R4202 R4806 V15 1.C7. QWERTY controller H4 L4 J5 J6 L7 H7 K8 L3 J4 K4 L5 K7 J7 L8 J8 Level shifter D18 B21 C19 G14 H13 A20 B19 C18 D17 D16 C17 B17 G13 A17 C16 D15 B9 G9 C8 G8 B8 D8 C7 D7 B6 C6 H8 C5 D6 B4 C4 D5 GND GND DATA IXO 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 J4809 B14 C14 G12 D13 C13 H11 D12 C12 G11 D11 C11 H10 G10 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 CS0 D5000 A 1u0 VMMC 10n 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 SDRAM 32MX16 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 VIN LP3985ITLX -3.J1.

Audio amplifier Page 8(17) Page 8 .08.0 16.8V VDAC C2118 1/ 2 1n V28 L4100 N2100 LM4855ITLX_NOPB GND Audio DAC I2C(1:0) D9 F9 G9 E9 1 0 OMAP A1 A9 J9 J1 MCBSP1(4:0) 2 3 J4101 J4100 4 1 J4102 J4103 9 H1 J2 F1 G1 J3 _CS AVDD VMID SDIN SCLK MICBIAS MODE RLINEIN NC MICIN LLINEIN NC NC NC RHPOUT ROUT LOUT LRCIN DIN LHPOUT LRCOUT DOUT XTI/MCLK BCLK XTO CLKOUT A4 A6 A7 GND "VAFR" "XEAR" "VAFL" C1 A3 A2 D1 2 0 1 GND E1 J7 J5 H8 H7 H6 H5 H4 H3 H2 G8 G7 G6 G5 G4 G3 G2 F8 F7 F6 F5 F4 F3 F2 E8 E7 E6 NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 B8 C2 C4 C5 C6 C7 C8 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7 D8 E2 E3 E4 E5 GN D C2119 1 /2 100n C2119 C4104 R4100 39k C4105 7 100n 0 LOUT 2 /2 100n A1 2 /2 100n 1 /2 100n 100n A3 D4 ENB CLK DATA SPKRoutSPKROut+ B2 D2 ROut+ ROutLOut+ LOut- B6 A7 D6 E7 Rin Lin Bypass Phone_inHS Phone_inIHF 10k R2117 4k7 8 A5 B4 C2114 R2110 3k3 C2115 1u5 APE_AUDIO(4:0) GND C2113 C2114 C2116 GND R2116 4n7 1 LHPOUT GND GND VBAT VBAT QWERTY flex connector IHF_P R2 115 2 /2 VWM16V GND GND GND XEAR(3:0) R2111 10R R2112 10R C3 C5 4V R2113 10R R2114 VBAT "XEARP" 1 "XEARN" 0 "XEAR L P" 2 "XEAR L N" 3 System connector 10R GND C1 GND C7 C2117 2u2 GND GND R4101 47R GND GND 10 XAUDIO(17:0) HCLK(8:0) UEMEK OMAP GND Customer Care / Service & Support Readiness / Content Creation Management Copyright © 2005 NOKIA Only for training and service purposes Issue 1 11/2005 1 /2 100n R2109 4k7 GND 2 /2 100n GND H9 J8 J4 HPGND HPVDD DGND DVDD BVDD AGND C4103 10U C4102 100n B9 A8 C9 B1 J6 A5 GND C2113 ROUT R2108 2 10k VDAC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC NC 27p 100n N4100 SN0404109ZQER E3 E1 E5 600R/300mA C4101 C4100 C2118 2/ 2 1n IHF_N 3 Version: 1. audio amplifier 11 12 6 7 4 OMAP SYNC CLK DOUT J2120 13 J2121 J2122 APE_GPIO(15:0) L2110 MCZ1210AD221T 1 4 2 R2115 1 /2 VWM16V Audio amplifier 2.Nokia Customer Care Schematics / Layouts RA-8 Audio DAC. Board version: 1py_02 Audio DAC.2005 9300i RA-8 Copyright © Nokia 2005.8V 2. All rights reserved.

Nokia Customer Care Schematics / Layouts RA-8 Bluetooth BT CLOCK REQUEST WLAN CLOCK REQUEST D6031 74LVC1G32YZPR 1 1 4 2 2.8V VBAT 100k R6054 5= V18 3= GND R6056 100k N6031 VIn TK63128B-G C6044 1u0 GND VCont 8 G6030 GND 100R +Vcc KT21P-UCW28N OUT -38.0 GND C6041 0u47 GND C6042 1u0 GND OMAP SYSCLK 100p APE_GPIO(15:0) GND UART1(3:0) 1 2 0 3 D7 CLOCK_REQUEST 4 IO1 IO2 IO3 IO4 IO5 IO14 IO15 C6 B7 D5 A6 C4 B4 F7 VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS HVM_VSS VSSA VSSA VSSA1 VSSA1 VSSRF B8 G8 H7 A5 A2 F4 H4 D1 G1 G2 F3 WLAN_GEMINI_EN 0 WLAN_GIU2_FREQ WLAN_GIU1_STATUS WLAN_GIU0_RF_ACTIVE 3 2 1 HOST_WAKEUP WLAN_BT(4:0) 11 ARMIO (11:0) WLAN OMAP GND GND C6043 0u47 GND 16. Board version: 1py_02 Bluetooth Page 9(17) Page 9 .2005 9300i RA-8 Copyright © Nokia 2005.8V 4u7 BT_WAKEUP BT_RESETX GND GND G5 F5 G6 E3 VLDO_OUT BBLDO_IN KA_OUT EXTEN H6 G7 D8 A3 H8 B3 F8 H5 A4 D2 F2 F1 B1 A1 C2 H3 G3 G4 VBAT VDDS3R VDDS18 VDDS3L VDDS3R_F VDDS3L_F VDD VDD VDD VDDA VDDA1 VDDA4 VDDA5 VDDA6 VDDA8 VDDA9 VDDA10 VDDA11 V28 VIO_1V8_BTH 2.4MHz GND GND GND GND GND C6052 4p7 GND GND Bluetooth N6030 PBRF6150DZSLR MCSI1(3:0) OMAP PUSL(3:0) UEMEK BT_RF WLAN 0 1 3 2 2 C7 C5 A7 B6 AUD_DO AUD_DI AUD_FSYNC AUD_CLK B5 D4 C3 TMS TCK TDI S LEEPC LK T6030 LDB182G4505C-110 6 1 ANT L6031 2n2H L6030 22nH OMAP PCM_OUT PCM_IN PCM_SYNC PCM_CLK 4 C6031 15p 3 TX RTS RX CTS E5 UART_TX E7 UART_RTS_P E4 UART_RX E8 UART_CTS_P TDO E6 TX_DBG A8 FREFP E2 H1 H2 B2 C1 RFP RFM ANATST1 ANATST2 F6 E1 C8 D6 SLOW_CLK FREFM HOST_WAKEUP BT_WAKEUP EMRST C6030 4V C6033 VBAT VBAT_BTH 1 2 2.400M-T VOut C6045 1u5 C6051 10p System clock for WLAN & Bluetooth LPRFCLK WLAN R6058 38.8V V28 FLASH_2V8_BTHH C6036 4u7 GND Customer Care / Service & Support Readiness / Content Creation Management Copyright © 2005 NOKIA Only for training and service purposes Issue 1 11/2005 C6037 1u5 GND C6038 1u5 C6039 100n GND C6040 100n GND Version: 1. All rights reserved.08.

8V C6308 1n0 GND V28_WLAN_RF C6303 1u5 GND GND 8 C6410 GND 38.8V 1.8V C6300 22u J24 G23 V18_WLAN_VCO 1.8V if WLAN active 3 D6303 74LVC2G34YZPR 5= V18 2= GND 1 APE_GPIO(15:0) 4V VBAT 0 J6313 GND 6 R6304 5= V18 2= GND 0R GND C6307 1u0 C6305 100n C6304 100n 1M0 R6300 GND 2.8V 1. Version: 1.8V 1.8V V18_WLAN_DIG V18_WLAN_RF J6312 GND C6315 100n C6360 220p C6317 100n C6313 C6314 100n 1n0 C6357 1n0 1.8V 1.8V 1.8V R6410 0R A10 B10 A9 B9 C6359 C6356 C6361 6p8 6p8 6p8 GND 1.8V V18_WLAN_DIG C6316 4u7 SPI_DIN SPI_DOUT SPI_CSX SPI_CLK HOST_IRQ GND C6309 1n0 C6319 1n0 C6355 100n C6310 100n GND GND GND C6320 C6321 1n0 1n0 1.8V 1.8V 1.8V 1.8V 1.2V C6311 33n V12_WLAN_CORE GND R6354 C6322 C6323 C6324 1n0 1n0 1n0 G1 H1 J1 H2 G2 F1 F2 TRSW+ TRSWANTSEL+ ANTSEL- N5 M5 N4 M4 REF_CLK OSC_EN SLEEP_CLK D24 E24 H24 L24 N19 N22 N18 PMU_CREF M18 A17 A7 N1 M1 M12 M7 M8 M10 M11 A1 A2 A11 A8 K1 K2 J2 N7 N12 LOOP44 VCO_CAP PA_RREF PA_RREF MODE4 MODE3 MODE2 MODE1 MODE0 VDDA VDDA VDDA VDDA VDDA VDDA VDDA VDDA VDDA A6 A4 VDD_VCO VDD_QLO N3 VDD_BIAS C6325 1n0 C6326 1n0 4k7 C6352 150p 1.8V R6303 GND GND 1.8V 2.2V V12_WLAN_CORE C6358 6p8 1.8V 2.8V 1.8V GND E23 N23 K24 D23 M22 K23 C6301 C6302 1u5 2u2 GPIO8 GPIO7 GPIO6 GPIO5 GPIO4 GPIO3 GPIO2 GPIO1 V4_SEL B16 C16 B18 C18 B19 G22 H23 H22 D22 GP28_0 GP28_1 L1 L2 GND GND GND GND V18_WLAN_DIG 2.8V 1.8V 1.8V 2.8V 1.8V V18_WLAN_RF N24 L23 K22 M23 L21 UART_SOUT UART_SIN GND N10 N13 F23 TMS TRSTn TDI TDO TCK PMU_RSET V28_WLAN_RF PMU VDIG C6318 1n0 TX_OUT TX_RSRV TX_GND TX_GND TX_GND TX_GND TX_GND PWM TX_CONF PWM_SENSE RF_ACTIVE V1OUT STATUS V2OUT FREQ V2XOUT POWER_UP V4OUT FB_V2 FB_V2X VBAT VBAT Q_TEST+ VBAT VBAT Q_TESTI_TEST+ VBAT VBAT I_TEST- 1.8V 1. All rights reserved.4 MHz LPRFCLK Bluetooth 1n0 A23 A24 J6304 J6305 GND V18_WLAN_VCO 0R C6351 1n0 C23 A19 B22 C24 B20 L17 C6348 1u0 GND C6312 1u5 LNA_IN+ LNA_INLNA_SHIELD LNA_SHIELD LNA_SHIELD LNA_SHIELD LNA_SHIELD PA_BIAS PA_BIAS PA_DET1 PA_DET0 V28_WLAN_RF 1k2 C6346 1n0 C1 D1 B1 E1 E2 D2 C2 M2 N2 A12 B12 C19 C20 A22 C21 4 1 2 GND GND 4396247 N6300 STLC4370 V18 D6304 74LVC2G34YZPR ARMIO (11:0) Z6300 GND GND 4= GND C6398 100n GND I/O 2450MHZ NC 14 17= GND 5 V28 8 I/O D6305 74AVC2T45YZTR GND RF _PATT ERN 1 RF 2 G G 3 X6300 ANSW-P 10 A14 A18 E14 E15 L13 N9 N14 E16 VDDD VDDD VDDD VDDD VDDD VDDD VDDD VDIG A15 A21 B17 B24 F24 G16 G24 M24 N16 N21 A5 A20 VDD_CORE VDD_CORE VDD_CORE VDD_CORE VDD_CORE VDD_CORE VDD_CORE VDD_CORE VDD_CORE VDD_CORE VCO_LOOP VIO RSRV_GND RSRV_GND RSRV_GND RSRV_GND RSRV_GND RSRV_NC RSRV_NC RSRV_NC RSRV_NC RSRV_NC RSRV_NC RSRV_NC RSRV_NC RSRV_NC RSRV_NC RSRV_NC RSRV_NC RSRV_NC RSRV_NC RSRV_NC RSRV_NC RSRV_NC RSRV_NC RSRV_NC RSRV_NC RSRV_NC RSRV_NC J23 L18 M16 M17 N17 B13 B14 GND C12 C13 C14 D14 D16 G14 H14 H16 J14 J16 K14 K16 L12 L14 M13 M19 M20 M21 N6 N20 J6311 J6310 GND AGND= GND DGND= GND C6327 100n GND Customer Care / Service & Support Readiness / Content Creation Management Issue 1 11/2005 Copyright © 2005 NOKIA Only for training and service purposes Copyright © Nokia 2005.8V GND R6301 C6347 82p GND 1.8V 1.08.8V 1.8V 2.Nokia Customer Care Schematics / Layouts RA-8 WLAN BT_RF V28_WLAN_RF VBAT 421B034 4 3 5 C6345 2p 7 C6330 4u7 2 GND 6 UEMEK PUSL(3:0) N6301 RF5924_ES3 C6340 6p8 8n2H 2.8V 2.0 16.8V GND 1 PEMD9 N6302 SleepClk L6300 Bluetooth 2 p7 C6344 GND 4 RXIN- TRSW-M 7 5 RXIN+ TRSW-P 6 12 P_DETECT ANSW-M 9 13 VCC 15 PA_EN BTH 2 TXIN OUT 11 1 3 16 GND GND BT / WLAN antenna 2 C6335 220p Bluetooth WLAN_BT(4:0) R6402 0R WLAN clock request C6338 47p GND GND 4 0 DIR 2 3 A1 A2 1 VCCA VCCB 7 host_irq 6 tx_conf B1 B2 8 C6349 10n GND C6399 100n GND GND 1 6 6 5= V18 2.3= GND 4=open gate MCBSP2(5:0) J6306 J6307 J6308 J6309 1 0 3 5 OMAP D6303 74LVC2G34YZPR 2.8V V18 1.2005 9300i RA-8 Page 10 Board version: 1py_02 WLAN Page 10(17) .

8V 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 V18 BAV70W V4400 KLIGHT DRVEN DLIGHT 4V VBAT 1.8V V28 OMAP UWIRE(4:0) R4419 100k 3 4 0 1 2 13 12 V28 R4420 100k IN1 IN2 IN3 IN4 IN5 IN6 IN7 IN8 IN9 IN10 C1 C2 GND GND OUT1 OUT2 OUT3 OUT4 OUT5 OUT6 OUT7 OUT8 OUT9 OUT10 GND GND GND E1 E2 E3 E4 E5 D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 C3 C4 C5 5 4 3 2 1 8 10 9 7 6 APE_GPIO(13) GND J4405 J4404 J4406 A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 IN1 IN2 IN3 IN4 IN5 IN6 IN7 IN8 IN9 IN10 C1 C2 GND GND Z4401 OUT1 OUT2 OUT3 OUT4 OUT5 OUT6 OUT7 OUT8 OUT9 OUT10 GND GND GND GND LCD(19:0) 0 1 2 4 3 E1 E2 E3 E4 E5 D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 C3 C4 C5 18 17 4 9 8 11 16 7 6 12 13 14 15 5 5 4 3 2 1 GND EMIF10-COM01F2 7 1 2 3 4 10 6 0 8 9 J4410 J4411 A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 IN1 IN2 IN3 IN4 IN5 IN6 IN7 IN8 IN9 IN10 C1 C2 GND GND A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 IN1 IN2 IN3 IN4 IN5 IN6 IN7 IN8 IN9 IN10 C1 C2 GND GND Z4402 OUT1 OUT2 OUT3 OUT4 OUT5 OUT6 OUT7 OUT8 OUT9 OUT10 GND GND GND KBC5 KBC4 KBC3 KBC2 KBC1 10 0 1 2 3 19 GND EMIF10-COM01F2 5 4 3 2 1 OMAP A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 F_UWIRE(4:0) R44 25 3 /4 100 k R4425 2 /4 100 k R4424 100k APE_KEYB(10:0) R4425 1 /4 100 k OMAP E1 E2 E3 E4 E5 D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 C3 C4 C5 7 1 2 3 4 10 6 0 8 9 1. Board version: 1py_02 UI flex connector Page 11(17) Page 11 .8V 2.8V V28 V1 8 L4401 600R/100MHz C4408 1u0 R4413 GND ESDA14V2-4BF2 GND GND F_LCD(19:0) GND Z4403 EMIF10-COM01F2 5 11 13 12 15 14 19 17 18 16 J4412 J4408 J4407 J4409 R4401 330R GND Customer Care / Service & Support Readiness / Content Creation Management Copyright © 2005 NOKIA Only for training and service purposes Issue 1 11/2005 OUT1 OUT2 OUT3 OUT4 OUT5 OUT6 OUT7 OUT8 OUT9 OUT10 GND GND GND GND 5 11 13 12 15 14 19 17 18 16 E1 E2 E3 E4 E5 D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 C3 C4 C5 GND Version: 1.8V 2.2005 9300i RA-8 Copyright © Nokia 2005.8V 1.8V 2. All rights reserved.8V 1.08.8V 2.8V 2 1 0 V28 R4425 4 /4 100 k 8 7 9 10 F_APE_KEYB( 10: 0) Z4400 EMIF10-COM01F2 8 10 9 UEMEK 7 6 R4427 PWRONX 10k 1.Nokia Customer Care Schematics / Layouts RA-8 UI flex connector EAR(1:0) UEMEK DLIGHT 3 4 KLIGHT 4V UIDRV(5:0) UI flex connector VBAT X4402 1 R4410 0 APE_GPIO(12) EARN EARP PWRONX KBR0 CS3 CS0 KBR2 KBR1 SCLK SDO SDI KBR3 KBR4 ESDA14V2-4BF2 4 3 GND APE_GPIO(15:0) 6 2.8V 2.0 16.8V 1.8V 1.

6V/15V/0.8V GND V18 6 1 3 S126 12 EARN EARP PWRONX 5= V18 3= GND UWIRE(4:0) C112 220p 15 C109 100n GND SCS3 SCS0 4 3 ~4V if unpressed GND 2 2 1 0 SCLK SDO SDI 16 7 8 6 APE_KEYB(10:0) 3 4V CMT Keypad Lights VBAT APE_GPIO(15:0) 8 C104 LCD(19:0) 68p J100 4 EN 7 Cx 6 GND 5 Vin 1 Is 2 EXT 3 C105 1u0 C106 1u0 C11 3 220p GND C100 100n GND R1 06 4 3 5 2 6 1 J101 V101 CL-270S-WHHE-D-TS V102 CL-270S-WHHE-D-TS GND GND GND J102 2.2005 2005. Version: 9300i RA-8 Board version: 1py_02 Flex foil Page 12(17)Page 12 . All rights reserved.8V if lights on U//U 10 0 1 2 3 19 3 6 C103 2u2 C108 100n N101 TK11851LTL-G 2V if lights on 13 4 5.8V 4V C110 2 20p 17 Z3 V28_1 4 3 B100 S114 5 X102 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 DGND VLED+ VLED1VLED2DGND VDDI DGND DGND VDD RES CS DGND SCL DIN DOUT DGND VSYNC HSYNC DE DGND PCLK DGND R0 R1 R2 R3 R4 DGND G0 G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 DGND B0 B1 B2 B3 B4 S115 1 6 0 GND Row 3 9 S116 S117 10 S121 S118 7 RIGHT Row 4 S122 S119 8 S123 S120 # 9 S124 S125 C Customer CCare / SService i & SSupport Readiness di / CContent CCreation i Management Issue 1 Copyright 11/2005 © 2005 NOKIA Only for training and service purposes Copyright1.8V 1.Nokia Customer Care Schematics / Layouts RA-8 Flex foil Level shifters D100 74LVC2G34DCKR Earpiece Hinge flex connector 2.08.05J 5 4 3 2 1 KLIGHT DRVEN DLIGHT V28_1 1 2 3 4 SDA 5 CSX 6 7 RESX 8 SCL 9 10 11 VDD VLED+ 12 C111 220p D101 74LVC2G34DCKR 12 2.8V VLEDVDDI 5= V18 3= GND UWIRE(4:0) GND X101 6 1 APE_GPIO(15:0) 9 10 GND C114 100n CMT display connector D101 74LVC2G34DCKR Z6 V28_2 VBAT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 D100 74LVC2G34DCKR Z1 2.8V V28 _2 C102 100n PDA display connector GND GND Z2 GND GND GND GND APE_GPIO(15:0) 13 GND UWIRE(4:0) 4 2 1 0 LCD(19:0) CMT keypad Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 2 1 3 Col 4 Col 5 4 5 18 17 19 16 UP CMT2 CMT1 6 S101 S102 2 PUSH END SEND 7 Row 1 S106 1 DOWN 2 5 6 7 8 9 10 CBA4 1 2 3 4 S109 S108 S107 4 3 S105 CBA3 1 2 1 4 3 S104 S103 11 12 13 14 15 CBA2 CBA1 1 Row 0 2 3 4 S110 3 0 1 2 3 4 * 2 Row 2 8 S111 S113 S112 4 LEFT GND Z4 R10 4 33R R1 03 3 3R Col 0 GND Z5 GND APE_KEYB(10:0) C101 100n R1 05 UMD 3NTR N103 GND 5= V18 3= GND 1 GND 1PS79SB31 GND 4 R1 02 820R R1 01 820R V103 GND 18 17 4 9 8 11 16 7 6 12 13 14 15 5 2 UMD3NTR N102 GND L100 22uH Vovp 4 Vfb 5 ~10.8V 1 5= V18 3= GND X100 V18 C107 27p Power switch 1.0 © Nokia16.

8V L ’ Space / \ V28 S072 ROW 9x S070 5 row5 S053 S055 BackSpace 8 I S073 S054 S071 +9 GND ROW Ax S030 S026 S039 OUT2 GND 5 row2 GND CO L( 7:0 ) S021 S020 4 row1 Tab 6 7 5 3 4 3 2 S019 S018 1 ROW 4x 1 S029 S027 6 row6 Hall switch for lid K N010 TLE4917 R011 100k 3 Q PRG Vs 6 1 Gnd Gnd Gnd 2 4 5 O # VKBC S052 ROW Bx S028 Enter . All rights reserved.Nokia Customer Care Schematics / Layouts RA-8 QWERTY keyboard IHF speaker B010 1 2 Audio amplifier Qwerty keyboard IHF_N IHF_P COL xE COL xC 0 COL xA COL x8 2 1 COL x0 x2 COL 4 3 COL x4 5 COL x6 6 7 KB_COL(7:0) col0 col1 col2 col5 col4 col3 col6 col7 2. EMIF02-MIC02F2 Z4406 VKBC 0 P S043 S065 S040 S042 7 row7 S041 Shift C013 Shift R012 14V/50V 100n S066 ROW 1x GND GND S056 8 row8 GND Menu Ctrl S078 S068 ROW 2x 9 row9 Chr Right Arr S069 ROW 8x S077 Down Arr S076 Upp Arr S064 Left Arr S075 10 row10 S100 Engine Module (1py_02) Issue 1 11/2005 Customer Care / Service & Support Readiness / Content Creation Management QWERTY keyboard (1cp_09b) Copyright © Nokia 2005.45= GND 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 8 5 10 11 9 GND G ND 7 6 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 EMIF02-MIC02F2 Z4404 GND 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 S012 S011 S015 S016 S013 S017 S014 X4401 GND R 443 0 100k S010 row0 OUT2 GND IN2 OUT1 IN1 EMIF02-MIC02F2 Z4405 Esc Q S031 2 ROW 5x IN2 OUT1 IN1 S022 S023 R W S032 6 S024 7 S025 S035 S034 S033 T S036 Y U S038 S037 1 Caps 2 0 A S044 1 2 3 4 8 5 10 11 9 ROW 6x S045 G S048 S047 S046 X Z C S058 S057 ROW 7x F D S S049 H S050 J S051 3 row3 B V S061 S060 S059 M N S063 S062 4 row4 Space 2. CO 4 GN D GND GND GN D P 2 CO 3 CO 1 11 row11 JOYSTICK GND Page 13 .8V V28 Desk KB_ROW(11:0) Messaging Telephone Documents Web My own Calendar Contacts QWERTY flex connector C4403 1u5 0 C4404 10n GND ROW 3x GND 7 6 0 RO W(11 :0) Qwerty controller D4400 COP8TAB5HYQ APE_GPIO(15 :0) 36 14 3 CKI _RESET OMAP I2C(1:0) IN2 OUT1 IN1 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 F0 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 J0 J1 J2 J3 J4 J5 J6 J7 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 I2C_SDA I2C_SCL KB_IRQ 12 13 14 15 20 21 22 23 L0 L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 L6 L7 C0 C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 37 38 39 40 16 17 18 19 G0/INT G1/WD G2/T1B G3/T1A G4/SO G5/SK G6/SI G7/CKO 2 1 44 43 32 33 34 35 6 7 5 10 5 6 11 3 4 1 2 0 1 0 ARMIO(11:0) OUT2 GND J44 16 J4415 J4417 2 3 2 1 0 42= V28 41.

7Vpp Vc3 2.8Vpp (Edge on) 2.1.63V ~2.7Vpp 2.7Vpp dep.8Vpp (Edge on) Version: 1. All rights reserved.4MHz 1747 .7Vpp - Band EGSM 900 GSM 1800 GSM 1900 Channel 37 7 00 6 61 RX 942 .1 GND (Line RFAUXCONV 0) TXC GND 33R C7708 RFin_ 850/900 2 Vtxb_ 850/900 3 Vdetect_ 850/900 4 GND (Line RFAUXCONV 2) AFC C7512 100n R7712 1 StUF (Line Genio 6) GND C7704 10n GND 0.1.76V ~ 2.0 16.9Vpp .7Vpp = Edge on R7507 B10 D4 D5 D1 B6 A4 B4 22 4k7 C7508 100n GND C7600 22p (Line RFCONV 0) 1.5Vpp dep.6MHz 3495.Nokia Customer Care Schematics / Layouts RA-8 RF part EG SM RX GSM1800 RX GSM1900 RX EG SM TX GSM1800 TX GSM1900 TX Vc1 2.2005 9300i RA-8 Copyright © Nokia 2005.08.3Vpp .8V 26 4.8V C7509 100p VR3 GND C7510 100p DC+ TXC TXP TXA C7514 NKG3138D J10 K10 K9 R7504 VC 26MHz G7501 GND GND 6k8 UEMEK J7508 GND 0.5MHz 25 20 Vbat_ 19 Vpctrl_ 18 1800/1900 RFIn_ 17 1800/1900 Vtxb_ 16 1800/1900 GND 15 10 GND 11 Vbat_ Vdetect_ 1800/1900 14 12 RFOut_ 1800/1900 Iref_ 1800/1900 13 C7710 10n C7709 27p R7710 GND GND RESNET_1DB C7718 1p5 GND T7700 LDB211G8010C-001 3 1 5 5R77 870R GND 100R GND 23 Z7700 R7705 SAFEK897MFM0F04R13 RESNET_ 1DB In Out In GND 5R77 870 R R7717 1k0 0.7-3.6MHz 3760MHz 2.5MHz RF G VC/TX ~2.32V TX 897.1.8V 4 2 O UT IN GND C11 D11 B11 A11 A10 A9 INM_G_RX INP_G_RX INP_D_RX INM_D_RX INP_P_RX INM_P_RX C1 LNAB_P GND C7503 C7504 220p 2n7 GND F8 E8 F10 F11 NC6 NC7 NC8 NC9 G10 G11 H10 H11 GND RXI RXQ B9 LNA_P L7 L6 INP_LO INM_LO J2 OUT_CP L3 VC_1 VB_EXT RB_EXT R7503 J11 L11 SDATA SCLK SLE RESET DISEL G4 F2 G2 F4 H2 D8 4k7 VP_D_SEL R7509 OSC_IN OSCBUF_REF L1 L2 R7511 100n GND GND 22k 6k8 4k7 VBAT IN C7705 4u7 OUT C7702 1u C7515 2n2 C7513 1n0 ~4V R7506 100R GND GND 10n VB_DET DET VPGCTRL_FB VPECTRL_FB VPCTRL_G VPCTRL_P VPECTRL1 B3 VPECTRL3 R7505 100R C7701 27p C7516 MODOUTP_G_TX MODOUTM_G_TX A2 A3 OUTP_G_TX OUTM_G_TX RFBusData RFBusClk RFBusEna1 Reset 21 20 2.4Vpp .75V 27 VR1A VR4 VR6 VR5 L7500 600R/300mA RF IC C7605 22p GND C7603 22p GND Antenna C7506 100n C7604 22p GND In G X7600 28 GND L7603 18 nH C7607 L7604 1p0 L7602 In Out Out GND T7500 LDB213G6010C-001 R7512 3 RESNET _2DB 1 5 11 R6 29 24 4n7H L7601 2. on TX PL 2.35V R7510 47p 10R GND UEMEK J7501 30 GND C7518 C7601 (Line RFCONV 2) J7500 OUT_BB1_I OUT_BB1_Q L10 H8 R7600 1960MHz GND C7502 180p OUT1 GAIN OUT2 GND VCC C7602 47p VANT_3 VANT_1 VANT_2 CP_DTOS_I CM_DTOS_I NC4 NC5 VrefRF01 R7502 6k8 VC C7519 5p6 Z7603 NWA19P_G E11 E4 E2 5k6 ENFVK3W2F07 47R VBB VRF_RX VLO VPRE VCP VDIG VF_RX VRF_TX VPAB_VLNA GND 5n6H R7601 K11 D10 K7 H6 K2 G1 L9 C2 A7 GND R7501 VCC G7500 N7500 HONI56F_TFD1E C7705 TXI_0 TXI_180 TXQ_0 TXQ_180 L4 K4 K5 L5 REFOUT H1 RFTEMP H4 NC1 NC2 NC3 B5 D6 K8 VTX_B_G VTX_B_P VTXLO_G B7 A8 D7 J7511 18 J7510 J7509 TXIM UEMEK TXQM (Line RFCONV 4-7) TXQP RFCLK RFTEMP StUF UEMEK (Line SLOWAD 6) GND GND 15p C7706 4 2 15p C7719 GND GND GND 1p5 Power amplifier 23 Iref_1800_1900 UEMEK R7701 Iref_900 L7701 600R/300mA C7700 Customer Care / Service & Support Readiness / Content Creation Management Copyright © 2005 NOKIA Only for training and service purposes Issue 1 11/2005 1.6MHz 3 685.7Vpp 2.8V 33R 10n GND N7700 J7506 TXP TXA 5 Iref_ 850/900 6 RFOut_ 850/900 GND 7 Vbat_ 8 GND C7713 10n 9 Vmode GND GND C7714 10n GND Vpctrl_ 22 850/900 Vbat_ 21 GND Vbat_ 870R C7715 1n0 GND C7520 15p GND GND C7721 1p0 897.5MHz 436 R VC2 VC3 VC1 ANT Out Out GND 100n 18nH Z7600 GND GND C7505 Z7601 SAFEK942MFL0F04R13 942. on TX PL 2. Board version: 1py_02 RF-part 1n0 10R Mode StUF (Line Genio 9) GND Page 14(17) Page 14 .1. on TX PL (Line RFICCNTRL 2:0) GND Out F1 E1 J7502 J7503 J7504 J7505 GND R7707 GND 0.8MHz 1880 MHz VCO/TX 3589.6MHz 3 920MHz VC/RX ~ 2.9Vpp .6Vpp dep.7Vpp Vc2 2.7Vpp 2.6Vpp 19 dep.4MHz 1842 .8 MHz 1960 MHz VCO/R X 3 769.43V ~ 3.7Vpp = Edge on B1 A1 MODOUTP_P_TX MODOUTM_P_TX A5 A6 OUTP_P_TX OUTM_P_TX B2 H5 B8 C10 K3 D2 H7 E10 L8 K6 K1 J1 G8 GNDRF_TX2 GNDBB_TX GND_LNA2 GND_LNA GND_BUF GNDRF_TX GND_BB GNDRF_RX GND_LO GND_PRE GND_CP GND_DIG GNDF_RX GND 24 870R R7715 J7512 GND GND (Line Genio 5) StUF (Line Genio 7) TXIP VR2 RF9250E5.8V 4n7H GND VR7 R7500 R7602 5R6 GND C7500 1n0 47R Antenna switch C7501 10p L7600 436R GSM850/900_Rx DIPLEXER GSM1800_Rx GSM850/900_Tx G SM 180 0/1 900 _Tx EZFL836QB11A_ES13 GSM1900_Rx GND Z7602 SAFEK1G84FC0F04R13 1842. on TX PL 56p J7507 1.03V ~1.73V GND GND VC =0.

Page 15 .Nokia Customer Care Schematics / Layouts RA-8 Signal overview Issue 1 11/2005 Copyright © Nokia 2005. All rights reserved.

UI C C013 N N010 R R011 R012 S S100 A8 A8 A9 A9 X3 1cp_09b C D9 D9 Z 12 V14 V14 U 14 U 14 E9 W 14 D7 D8 E8 D8 E8 D8 D D 100 D 7 D 101 E 7 L L 100 W 14 N N101 W 14 N102 T14 N103 U 14 R R101 T14 R102 T14 R103 V14 R104 V14 R105 W 9 R106 W 11 S S 104 B13 S 105 B11 S 109 B9 S 110 B8 S 126 E 12 V V101 W 11 V102 W 9 V103 W 14 X X101 D 8 X102 Y12 C 100 C 101 C 102 C 103 C 104 C 105 C 106 C 107 C 108 C 109 C 110 C 111 C 112 C 113 C 114 Issue 1 11/2005 Customer Care / Service & Support Readiness / Content Creation Management Copyright © 2005 NOKIA Only for training and service purposes 1bd_10b Version: 1.0 16.08.2005 Copyright © Nokia 2005. 9300i RA-8 Board version: 1py_02 Component finder UI Page 16(17) Page 16 .Nokia Customer Care Schematics / Layouts RA-8 Component finder. All rights reserved.

08. Version: 1.0 16. engine module A A2200 A6030 A7000 B B2200 B4800 C C2000 C2001 C2002 C2003 C2005 C2006 C2007 C2008 C2009 C2010 C2011 C2012 H 4 F6 C2013 K8 H9 C2014 H 4 A7 C2015 B4 C2026 L5 G9 C2070 D3 K6 C2100 E7 C2101 D2 D3 C2102 G7 D7 C2103 F7 D7 C2104 F7 K6 C2105 L8 K4 C2106 K7 J3 C2107 K8 K4 C2108 K7 K8 C2109 K7 H4 C2110 K8 H5 C2111 G8 H5 C2112 G8 C2113 C2114 C2115 C2116 C2117 C2118 C2119 C2200 C2201 C2202 C2203 C2204 C2205 C2206 C2207 C2208 C2209 C2210 C2211 G4 G5 G5 G5 H5 G3 G6 F9 G7 G9 G9 G6 F6 E7 E7 E9 E9 E9 E9 C2212 C2213 C2214 C2215 C2216 C2217 C2218 C2219 C2220 C2221 C2222 C2223 C2224 C2225 C2226 C2227 C2330 C2331 C2332 E9 F9 F9 G7 F8 F8 G7 E8 F9 F7 E7 E8 E8 E8 E8 E8 E9 E7 E9 C2333 C2334 C2335 C2350 C2351 C2353 C2700 C2701 C2702 C2880 C2881 C2882 C2883 C2884 C2885 C2900 C2901 C2902 C3030 F8 F8 G6 B4 E6 E9 B6 A6 A7 E6 E6 E5 E6 F6 E5 E7 E7 E6 E5 C3031 C3032 C4100 C4101 C4102 C4103 C4104 C4105 C4200 C4201 C4202 C4203 C4206 C4207 C4208 C4209 C4211 C4212 C4214 E5 E4 I6 I5 G6 G6 G6 G6 E5 F6 F4 E4 E4 E5 D5 E5 E4 E4 D4 C4215 C4403 C4404 C4408 C4490 C4492 C4800 C4801 C4802 C4803 C4804 C4805 C4806 C4807 C4808 C4809 C4810 C4811 C4812 D4 I3 I3 C2 L7 L6 K6 K6 L5 H3 H3 H3 K5 H6 H5 K6 K4 K6 K4 C4813 C4814 C4815 C4816 C4817 C4818 C4819 C4820 C5000 C5001 C5003 C5004 C5083 C5084 C5085 C5086 C5087 C5088 C5089 H3 H3 I3 K4 K4 H5 F6 H4 I6 I6 I5 I6 K2 K2 K2 K2 K2 K2 K2 C5200 C5201 C5202 C5203 C6030 C6031 C6033 C6036 C6037 C6038 C6039 C6040 C6041 C6042 C6043 C6044 C6045 C6051 C6052 I7 G6 H6 H7 G9 H9 F9 F8 H9 F9 G9 G9 F9 H9 H9 H8 H8 H9 H9 C6300 C6301 C6302 C6303 C6304 C6305 C6307 C6308 C6309 C6310 C6311 C6312 C6313 C6314 C6315 C6317 C6318 C6319 C6320 K8 K8 J7 K8 K8 K8 J7 I9 H9 H7 I9 H8 H8 I7 I9 I7 J9 I7 J9 C6321 C6322 C6323 C6324 C6325 C6326 C6327 C6330 C6335 C6338 C6340 C6344 C6345 C6346 C6347 C6348 C6349 C6351 C6352 I7 K8 J9 K7 J9 J7 J9 I9 I9 I9 I9 H8 H8 I9 J9 I9 J9 J8 I9 C6355 C6356 C6357 C6358 C6359 C6360 C6361 C6398 C6399 C6410 C7500 C7501 C7502 C7503 C7504 C7505 C7506 C7508 C7509 H7 I9 H8 I7 H7 I9 H9 I8 J8 I7 B8 B8 B9 B9 C9 C8 B8 B8 D8 C7510 C7512 C7513 C7514 C7515 C7516 C7518 C7519 C7520 C7600 C7601 C7602 C7603 C7604 C7605 C7607 C7700 C7701 C7702 D8 D9 C6 D7 C6 D7 D6 B9 D7 B6 B6 B6 C4 B5 B5 B7 C4 B4 B3 C 7703 C 7704 C 7705 C 7706 C 7708 C 7709 C 7710 C 7713 C 7714 C 7715 C 7718 C 7719 C 7721 D D2200 D2800 D4400 D4800 D4801 C3 D4 C6 C6 E4 D4 D4 C4 C5 C4 C6 C6 D6 F8 F5 J2 J5 F6 D5000 D5080 D6031 D6303 D6304 D6305 F F2020 G G2400 G6030 G7500 G7501 J J470 J471 J472 J473 J474 J5 I3 H8 J9 J8 J8 K5 D9 H9 B9 D9 H4 H4 H4 H4 H4 J999 J2025 J2026 J2027 J2031 J2033 J2060 J2120 J2121 J2122 J2703 J2800 J2801 J2802 J2803 J2807 J2808 J2809 J2810 M4 K6 K6 K6 D4 E6 I4 G5 G5 H5 D6 G4 E7 F6 F6 F6 F7 F6 F7 J2811 J2812 J2813 J2814 J2815 J2816 J2817 J2818 J4100 J4101 J4102 J4103 J4404 J4405 J4406 J4407 J4408 J4409 J4410 Top Issue Customer 1 11/2005 Care / Service & Support Readiness / Content Creation Management Copyright © 2005 NOKIA Only for training and service purposes F7 F6 F6 E7 G6 F4 E7 E6 H5 I5 H5 H5 D3 D2 D2 G2 G2 F2 F2 J4411 J4412 J4413 J4414 J4415 J4416 J4417 J4800 J4801 J4802 J4803 J4804 J4805 J4806 J4807 J4808 J4809 J4810 J4811 E2 G2 M7 L6 K3 K3 K3 I5 K5 I5 K5 L5 I5 J7 I5 H5 I4 J4 J3 J4812 J4813 J4814 J4820 J4821 J4822 J4823 J4824 J4825 J4826 J4827 J4828 J4829 J6304 J6305 J6306 J6307 J6308 J6309 J3 J4 J4 J7 G4 F5 E6 G5 G5 I7 I4 J4 K3 J9 J9 J7 J7 K8 K8 J6310 J6311 J6312 J6313 J7500 J7501 J7502 J7503 J7504 J7505 J7506 J7507 J7508 J7509 J7510 J7511 J7512 J7799 I7 J7 K7 J7 C8 E7 F4 F4 F4 F4 F4 C8 B8 C8 C8 C8 C8 B9 L L2000 L2001 L2002 L2003 L2004 L2005 L2100 L2101 L2110 L2200 L2330 L2331 L2332 L2333 L2334 L2335 L4100 L4201 K5 K5 J4 K7 I4 I5 C2 L8 G3 F7 E8 E8 E8 E8 E8 F6 I6 C5 L4401 L6030 L6031 L6300 L7500 L7600 L7601 L7602 L7603 L7604 L7701 N N2001 N2070 N2100 N4100 N4200 N4201 N4202 C2 H9 H9 H8 D8 B7 B7 B7 B7 B7 C4 K3 D3 G5 H6 F5 D4 E4 N 4490 N 4800 N 5200 N 6030 N 6031 N 6300 N 6301 N 6302 N 7500 N 7700 R R2001 R2002 R2003 R2004 R2006 R2007 R2008 R2021 M6 G4 H6 G9 H8 I8 I9 I9 C7 D4 F9 K6 K6 J4 K7 H5 I3 K2 R2044 R2071 R2100 R2101 R2102 R2103 R2104 R2105 R2106 R2107 R2108 R2109 R2110 R2111 R2112 R2113 R2114 R2115 R2116 J3 C3 E7 C2 G7 G7 K8 K7 K7 K7 G5 G4 G5 H4 H4 H5 H5 G3 G5 R2117 R2200 R2217 R2251 R2350 R2352 R2353 R2354 R2700 R2900 R2901 R2902 R2903 R3000 R4100 R4101 R4202 R4401 R4410 G4 F9 G8 F8 E6 G6 G6 G6 D6 E7 E7 E6 E7 E4 G6 H6 D4 G2 D3 R4413 R4419 R4420 R4421 R4424 R4425 R4427 R4430 R4490 R4800 R4801 R4802 R4803 R4804 R4805 R4806 R4807 R4808 R4810 C2 D2 D2 G3 G4 G4 G4 I3 L6 H6 K4 G4 H6 H5 H6 K5 I6 J4 F5 R5000 R5001 R5200 R5201 R5202 R6054 R6056 R6058 R6300 R6301 R6303 R6304 R6354 R6402 R6410 R7500 R7501 R7502 R7503 K6 K5 H7 I7 H7 G8 I8 H9 J7 I9 J8 K8 I9 I8 K7 A8 C9 C9 B8 R7504 R7505 R7506 R7507 R7509 R7510 R7511 R7512 R7600 R7601 R7602 R7701 R7705 R7707 R7710 R7712 R7715 R7717 R7718 C9 C7 C7 D7 D7 D7 D6 C9 B6 B6 B7 C3 D3 D4 D4 E4 D3 D4 F8 S S4400 T T6030 T7500 T7700 V V2020 V4200 V4400 X X2020 X2021 X2060 X2700 X4401 X4402 X5200 X7600 Z F4 Z4400 Z4401 H9 Z4402 C8 Z4403 D5 Z4404 Z4405 L5 Z4406 C6 Z6300 F4 Z7600 Z7601 A4 Z7602 M6 Z7603 K3 Z7700 C7 H2 D2 I7 C4 G4 D2 F2 F2 I2 I2 I2 J9 B4 B7 B7 B6 D6 Bottom Copyright © Nokia 2005.Nokia Customer Care Schematics / Layouts RA-8 Component finder. All rights reserved.2005 9300i RA-8 Page 17 Board version: 1py_02 Component finder Engine Module Page 17(17) .

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