May 6, 2009 Office of the Chief Counsel

This letter is in response to your Freedom of Information Act request dated June 8,2008, and subsequent request dated March 17, 2009 for records on the Save a Life Foundation, National Guard Youth Challenge Program. Specifically, you were seeking records pertaining to the relationship to the National Guard and any National Guard and Youth Challenge Program representatives; the relationship with the Department of Defense (DoD) and DoD employees; any records on National Guard or DoD training programs involving the foundation; any records pertaining to any National Guard or DoD funding of the foundation; and any correspondence to and from the foundation or any of its representatives. Your request was assigned case #08-084. A search for responsive documents by knowledgeable staff in the National Guard Bureau Public Affairs Office, Illinois National Guard State Headquarters Public Affairs Office, and the National Guard Bureau Office of Athletics and Youth Development failed to locate any records that would be responsive to your request. You made your initial request on June 8,2008 to the Office of the Secretary of Defense; therefore we have not referred to your request to their office to conduct any additional search for records. If you are not satisfied with this action, you may appeal to the appellate authority, the Director of Administration and Management, Office of the Secretary of Defense. To submit your appeal, you should write directly to the Defense Freedom of Information Policy Office, Attn: Mr. James Hogan, 1155 Defense Pentagon, Washington, D.C. 20301-1155. Your appeal should include a copy of this letter, be postmarked within 60 calendar days of the date of this letter, should cite to case number #08-084, and should be clearly marked "Freedom of Information Act Appeal. This concludes the processing of your request. If you have any further questions regarding your request please contact me at (703) 607-3195. Sincerely,

Jennifer Nikolaisen Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Act Officer National Guard Bureau


^ ^ i 9 2008

WASHINGTON, DC 20301-1155

Ref: 08-F-1282

This is in response to your electronic June 8, 2008, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the Department of the Defense, seeking records related to the National Guard's Youth Challenge Program and the Save-A-Life Foundation (SALF). The National Guard, who operates their own FOIA office, would have cognizance over any records that may be found to be responsive to your request. In consideration of this fact we are forwarding your request to them for direct response to you. You should direct any questions oi comments to the National Guard at the following website, http://www.ngb.arm>j'.mil/sitelinks/foia.aspx or the following address:
i •

Chief, National Guard Bureau Attn: NGB-JA (FOIA) 1411 Jefferson Davis Highway Arlington, VA 22202-3231 (703) 607-5901 This action closes your request with this office. There are no assessable fees associated with this response in this instance. I Sincerely,

S^H i Will fdammer S S Chief