Chain Saw Sharp,ener Instruction Manu,al

(E ~ [Q]




Description oldevice I ~pa rs pa rts, Exten t of d slivery

EC Deel alation of co ntorm ity Symbols,machine loperatrng instructions Charactens'tic nciss values

Proper use

Residual risks

Sa rely instruction s

Prep atin g for camm iss ion i ng Commissioning

Wo!l;in gi nsttuclio ns

Wml;in 9 with th e en a in s h a rpene r Mai nte nan ce a nd Co re


Technical data

Possl bl e faults

Description of. device, {spare parts


D~nOni iMUon

8otof)' tab Ie complete


S u ppo rti ng lanle


Mounting'screw (with spring)

Chain stop


Guide plate


Guide (ail


Lockinq nut


SetlinQ sere w (for grin d i ~g d~pth)


Grinding wheel (100 x 3,2,x 10'mm)






Ofl-OFF Switch

Gli ndinq head


Strew M4s 6


Nut M8,ssli·lockin q




Sofety labe I

1 p air of carbo n b rus he. (not shown)


Grinding wheel {1 00 X 4,5 x 10 mm)


Pro ts etl vs ,cover

Extertt of del.ivery


• :Rotary table, complete • Mounting nui

• Chain stop • 'I operotinQ manuel

D~ After !Inpacking, check ihecontsnts cif thebox

• T hat it is Gompi ete

• Check for possi bl~ ira ns port d a IIlsge

Repo rt "ny dama ge or missi ng items to -you r de a let, s ~pplie I' or the man utaclu re r im media tely. Co m p lai nts mad e' at a later date will notbe Bck nov'ledged.

EI ect ric at devlc es do n 01 go Into th e d ornestlc rubbish. Give'dGvicas, accessories and packaging to an ecofriendly mcycling.

- '

EC DeCJaraiipn OJ Confqrinity

accord i ng to 0 ilective 98.'37 E C

to which Ihis declaration relates corresponds to the relevant basic safely and health requirements of the Directive 9813l!EC, and to the requirements for the other relevant Dire clive s. .

2004/1 0 BIE G, 2006195/EWG

Symbols· machi he,

Carefully read . . ;.. ShU.t off e~gine

operator's manual I and remove

be fore ,h andiing Ih e • power cord

mschi ne. 0 bserve bsfo re

in strueuon s an d ,IQ] ~ pe rfo rmi ng

safety ru I as when .=" cl e MlIlg,

_ . QP e raf ng. '=bJ mai nte nance

or repa i r work

~\ ''tJII,

Attentio nl Ri sk of


clltling! Do not hold handsnto the rotatiilg disc!

ptoteclion gloves,

.6\. W~ardust '","I protection.

Wear eye and ea r protikllo n,

Symbols Operating lnstructlcns

T h reatened h .za rd 0 r h az a I'd ous .sl tuati on, Not o bsef'Jin 9 th i s i nstrucfion can lead to i ~iu rlesor cause d am age to p roperty,

Important Information on proper handling. Not o bset)iing th is' in slmctlon can lead to fau Its in the machine.

User information, This information helps you to use all the functions optimolly,

Assembly, operation and servicing, Here you a 1'9 8XP larnsd exactly what to do.


r:r."I to:;,L,;,l

DIN ENIS03744: .11195, DIN EN 11201

Applicalion of the machine. as chain sharpener wilh standard grinding wheel.

Noise pOIV@r level I Sound pressure level aUhe workplace

L'N,' " 91 dB (A)~ I LPA = 78dB(A) .

The val"es, given are .. niission v,lu8'. an d . mus I Ihe refore "01 . si mullan eo~sly' represen I sale wor~plaoo vtlue s 100, Allhough there is.. a. relationship b'et\l'j'een ernission and lmmerslon.levels, it Ci31P be reliably . deduced Wh elher Mdi! o~al preca uuo nary measu res are necessaryor n 01 .. Factors, wh ito can' inffu encs-the im merslon level curs nlly exisling atthe workpl ace include tile du ra)ion. of the .effects, ine sJ,eCial I,pe 0; the workroom, olher .noise sources, etc. 8.g.lIle nu 111 ber 9f mach ines' and cmer lldj~~ent processes, The. pe!ll1lssible workplace val"es can 'also ,alY 110m country 10 counlry. 'Tlli" 'I n forma:ion' sh auld however enable an 'i 111 pro'ied asss ssment of'lhe

da nger an d risk 10 be carried o ut, . .

Proper use-

• The ch a ln-sh arps ner is 0 n Iy inte nded 10 08 used in the doit:yoursel f a nd craft are a. In Ihe sta nd~rd version with mounted grindiJlg wheel (1 OOx3 i2 x 10 rnrn ,j, the. chain sharpener is'only inte,nded to .sharp~r(ch"ins used in hobby applications (114, 3.'8 hobby and 00325 chains).

An cptlonal gri~ding wheel (100 X 4,5 x 10 mm) is available for professional cuttlnqchalns,

• T lie' device may not be used t~ s harp~f either 0 bjecls, Otherwise" fherals a nsl(of inlury.

Us€ only grindinswheelsslIiliible for the machine.

• O~ tv chal ns may be worked lilal can be put down an d

guided securely. .

T~ e in tended us "g~ "1$0 i ~clu des co m pi i a il c e with tile operating, servicing and repair conditions prescribed by the manutacfurer and following the safety instructions Included In the i nsnuon 0 ns.

• The relevant accident Pl8velltion regulatio.ns for ·the opera Ii 0 n . as we II as. the other gen e ta Ilyac~ 110wleo ged .qccupatio nal rned iei ~e a nd safely rules must Q ~ co'mplied with,

• Any other use is deemed not to be use' as prescrlbed. The manufacturer is not liabl~ for any tYj}e of damage resulting from this: the user bsars'ths sole, risk;

Arp ilrary mod iii cati 0 ns of Ihe ch a i n sh a rpen er voi d. the liabi:ity of the ma~ufadurer for dall1~ges of all kinds res ulling from I~ em

Only persons lamillar wilh ths chain sharpener and i~s!rilcted about possible risks are allowedto prepare, op e rate. all d s e rvi ce thi s device Repair IVO rk may on Iy be periormed by us or a!lthoriZedsewice .agilnci~$,

The mach i ne may no I be used ill a pot€ Illially explosivs .e n vi ro nment or be expo s sd 10 the rain.

Even if used' pro pefly, resid ual ri s ks ca 11 ex ist .sve II if tM re le~aht ~ofety re g ulaftons are complied with due to liledesig n . d ete rm i ne d by the i nte ndM' pu rpose

Residual risks Gal,l ba·minimisedif lhe "Sale!ylnformalio.I1" and the 'lntsnded uoage" as well as the whole of lhe operaling nstrucflon s are 0 bserved.

ObserJi~g lh~s.e instructions; and takihg proper care, will reduce:(he risk of personal injury or d8mageto'theequipmeril.

Risk of i~jury to lingers and hands by touchinq the run~ing gOinding wheel..

Risk of i ~ju ry to fin gelS and hands by touch i ng the grin d i ~g whe e I in .areas not cove red, .

• Risk of injury by flyin 9 spa rks.

• Inhalation of grinding dust.

• Danger resulting from electric current, if improper con nsctl ng wireo are used

• To uch i ~g I ive pans of ope ned eleclrical compo nen Is.

• lmpeirrnent of hearing when working cnlhe machine for longer periods of timB ,...,ithout €ar protection.

lo,.addition, in splte 01 all the precautionary measures token, non-obvious residual risks can still exist,

'Safety lnsttuctlons'

& Chain sharpeners .can be dangerous when used 'improperly, TOe use of electrical tools requires the observation of baslc safety precautions 10. eliminate risk offlre, electrlcalshock and personal injuries.

Before commissioning this product, read and keep to tile following advice, A'iso observe the preventive regulations of. your protesslonal assoclatlon and thesatety provisrons applicable In the .. rsspectlve 'COUllt[\" in order to. protect yourself and. others from possible injllry,

CDi Pass thesaiety lnsfruclions on to all persons who work with th B mach i ne,

CD, Keep mese s8fely i nstrucfions in a safe: pi ace.

• Make yourself famitiar wit,h lhe equipment beiore using it, ilyJ.eadingand un.derstaildingthe o,reratlng lusnucilons. Do not use (he machhe for unsuitable purposes {see "Normal inlended use")

Mo un [ th e mach i Ile 0 n a non-skid and.lsve I 9 round.

AVOid ab normal postu re Ells ure ihal you .. have sta nd ina secure stand i ng posi 110 n an d mai uta i 11' you r ba lance at a II trnss

B~ atteJltive, Be' cil)'eful what, yo u do ._8 e h§v~ se ns ilJty When \'/orking, Do.not use theAeyice wilen yOU are nrec 'Or una er the in il!l e nee .of . .drugs,a lcoho! or m edicame Ilts.,D'~e .. moment. of carelessness when using, the devlce"an result in sene us i nj!"i es.

Wear Suitable wo[k Clothes!

- do no I weal 100 se- fitliil 9 clothes or jewellery; th ey can

catch in moving parts, .

- 'Gloves." ild sl ip·proaf sh ass



- wear a hair-net if your half is long Wea r pro te ctive ctotfi i ng

s~fety goggles

- ear protection (Sound int.enslty level at workplace .can

exceed 78 dB (All - dust mask

Keep your workplace in an orderly condltlonl Untidiness can res ul t in accld ents

18k" into' eonslderafion snvironmental influences: - bo not use the device in mo ist Of wet ambie nee,

- Do not expose the chain sharpener 10 rain,

- Do Q~I)' workl'lith suffldent visibility'conditions, Provide

for gOQdillumination,

• Nsver leave the cpsrsflonal machlne unattended.

• Persons under the age of 18 must not Qperaie Ihe ~evice Ke e p ot h er persons away,

Do not allow other persons, especially .chlldren, to touch the, tool or cable. .

Keep them away from your working area

• Do not overload lh e mach in el Y QlI work be~e rand safer in the given performance range,

Only operate the machine With complete and correctly atlachedsaf ety eq U i P m e nt an d do not a Iter anyt hing 0 n the mach i ne that cou Id i m pal r the's afezy.

• Do not use anygrindillg wheels which do not comply, WiUl the lndlcatsd charactsrlstlcs 01 this lnslrucucn manual.

.& The use of. other tools and other accessories may present <I risk of i"jury to you.

• Worn and defective grinding wheels (cracks, ltnbalance, chiPPll1g, etc,) must be replaced immediately.

• Ensure a firm seal of the grinding whsel.

Switch the rnachne off and remove the malns plug from the soc ket when

- 'C8rryi~g o~t repair works

- maintenance and cleaning

- E I ih1in atlori olfa Ill1 res (i ncilid in g fre e i ng a bloc ked

grin ding. \"h eel) - Storage

- Leaving the chaIn sharpener leven in case of short-

tsrrn in terru ptlo ns)

• Caution! Grinding wheel runs after! DO not brake Ille g'rin d in 9 wheel by ~an d or using lat.eral pressu re.

• Maintain your chain sharpener with care: - Keep tlie device free of oil and grease ..

- Follow tile malntenance lnstructlons and the

. instruction, fo r loa I e xcha nge.

• Ch e ck ,he III ac Iline for possible dam ag e:

- Before ciJntinuili~ to use the rnachrne, Ihe protective devices must be inspected to ensure that they work peliectly and viitht" e i r i nte nd ed fllnptio n.

- Check whether tile movable parts function perfectly ,and do not slic~'or whether.thepartsare.demajed, All paris mu st be prope rly mall nted a nd all con d lnons met to en sure lh e nawless 0 peraho n of lhe cha in s harps nsr.

- Unless otherwise indicBled in (he operating instructions, damaged safety devices ami parts must ,be properly

repaired or replaced by an au 1M rised works hop (or by the .men utact urer), .

- Do m aged or illegi b le safely wa rrmqlabe Is shou Id be

re place d i III III e d iately.,

Do not allow an y tool key to be pJ ugg ec I Q I

Before switching on, theckalways th'at wrenches and ~dJu ,tin 9 lools a re remove d

• Slore unused equlpmant in' a dry, locked place out of the reac h of ch i Id ran.

Electrical safety

De$ignof the connecuon Gable according to IEC 60245 IH 07 RN-F) with a core cross-profile section oj at tea.,t

1 Smm' for cable lengths up to 25 m

• Lon 9 and th i n con necno 11 lin s s rssu It m a potential d ro p The. motor does not reach any longer ils maximal power, the lu neti 0 n of the device IS redumd,

• Plugs and coupler outlets 011 connscflon cables must be mads 01 rubber, non-rigid PVC or other ihermeplasnc m ate rial of same mscha m CB I stabi lity . or be cove red with th is m atsrlal.

The connector of. the connecflon cable. must be splash' proof

Wlle~ ru~ni~g the connecfion llnecoserve-that ft does not interfere, is not squeezed, bendedand the pluqconnection does not get we!.

Wi~d off completely the cable when using a cable drum

Do not u $e the ce b Ie fo r pu rpo ses for whic h it is not m sant, Prot ect th e cable ag ain st heat, 0 it. an d sharp edg as, Do not use the cable to pull the plug from the socket.

• Protect yo ursel f ag a in st al ectn c shocks, Avoi d to uc hing earth ad . parts with you r bod y (e. g, pi pes, heating apparatus, co 0 ke rs, fridges etc),

Reg ularly c heck .the extension -ca bles and mpl ace them ii I hey are damaged.

Do not use any dele ct i ve con n ect i on c a bias.

• Do not sel up any provlslonalelscsical connections, N ev er by,pa ss protective d ev Ices or deadiva!e th em,

it The electrical connection or repairs to electrical parts cif the. machine must be camea out by a certified eiectnci a n or 0 ne 0 f am c usto mer ,,8 rvlcs po nts. toea I regu I ation s - es pecia Ity regard 1i19' pro teclive I1'l sas ures - m List be obse rved.

it Repairs to other parts of the machine must be carried out by the man ut ac tu rer or one 01 his' cII,(omer ss rlice points,

it Use on Iy 0 rigm a I s pare parts, acces wries a nd s pscial accessory pa rts. Acelden ts can arise for th e user throu 9 h lhe use of other spare' parts: Tile manufac'tureris riot li~ b Ie fo r a nY_d" m sge or I nju ry rssu Iti ng, fro rnsuch action.


Preparing for commissioning

CD To ec hieve pe rfect iu nctlo n of the mach ine, io lIow the notesg iven in these i nslructions

You must stllf do the iollovling:

Mou nt the rota ry tabl e

Se t up the device sec urely

IZI Assem.bling the rotary table ~

1_ P lace the rota ry table (lion 10 the s u pportJn 9 wbl e (21 2, Th read the me u ~tin 9 nu II 7) 9 n the lock i fig screw,

Mounting the chain sharpener on a work~'ench

For sec ure hand lin g; the device must be rn 0 u 11i~d along th e edge (if a workbench 01 table (see,!i! ' boltomillustralion), Use all three [!Xing painls ifpossibls. Eirit make sure that the recess fo I' th e sa'll chain 18 rna ins free, and th e lockin 9 nut remal ns accessible.

Hint: We recommend the addll,ional placement of aruober pod to red uce noise 0 nd vi bratlon {not incl uded in sec pe of deliverY).

'The small parts required ror lTIounting are not included in the scope of delivery, Use nis following for this'Ru,pr;;,e

POSitiOIl Dellcrjplien
1. Hexane nalserew M 8
2. W"sher l'J.Bmm
3. Hexagon nul M 8, selt-lockinq • PI ace !he dev ice a t a locatio 11 (hat meets the followm 9

co ndilio ns: .

- secured against slipping

- Ire e of v ibr ation s

- el}en

- clean and d,ry'

- free of trippi ng haza rds

- ad eq ~ate lig h I

Mains eonnscflcn

:Compare the voltage listed on .the device (ype' plate, e.g 240 V, wilh the mains voltage and connect li]e chain sharpe ner to 1 he Co rres pon ding and pro perly 9 roun d ad socket.

CD Alte mati ng cu rre nt mote r Use a s hockprool plug, mil i ns . I voltage 240 V with residual current circuit breaker and 10 A inert fuses

Use connecflon cable, orext~n$ion cable respectively with a cress secflon of at lsast .1.5 rom". on

Do not ,U5e any device where the switch can no] be switched on and off, Damaged switches must be repaired or re pta cedi m med i ate I y by the cu 51 om er 5 e rvl ee,

IZI Press 'I" of the ON -0 FF switch,

switching off

o To turn off Ih e device, pre OS '·0" of the ON·O F F oW itc 11.

Working lnstructlons

& Beiore GO m m e nc ifl g IVO rk, en su re 'the follol'li ng:

Wo rkplace .)id ied?

• ·H as the chain s harpe ner been perman a ntly mou n ted 0 n a workb~nch?

• You may nOI start-to operate t~e machine until you have read Ihe se 0 peratingin struchons , observed . all the :instructions given and installed the machine as described'

Working with the chain sharpener

The p mteqliverover, (20) . m list COV€f the grind i I1g wh_eel W much ilS possi qle.8

~6r th s.slec k~o the bom - screws t 14} and ad i ust Ihe protective cover appro priatel'y.

Always keep yo ~r hands at a sale d i$\~ nee to the, rotaf n9 9 rill_~i n'g 'IIh~el.

Use 'the lactol'y,installe(lgrindi~g wheel.only 10 sharpen ch ain s 1I S ed i 11 hobby appl ic~tio", (1/4, 318 ho bby and 0,325 chains), (An optional grinding wheel 100 x 4,5 x 10 rnrn, is available for professional culling chains,

Do 1'101 U S8 a ~y dam aged gri nd ing wh eels or such th at have ch o.llged their shape.

Sta rt l'Iorkillg onl,y, aile I' tlm 9 n nd i ng wheel h as reach ed its rnaxlrnu m.spee d

o niy c hain s may be. \Yo rkedth at can be put dovm an d guided sacu re Iy

IA Ensu re th at you atways co ITI ply with th e s aiety W instructions given on p. 11


Working with the chain Sharpening chains

ft\ I'd;;'

Illl '

Before making any settings to the device: switch off the device

wait for the shutdown of the grinding wheel

pullout main plug

Grinding all culting links ~,- ~

To grind the cu!tlllg edge of a cutting link. proceed as lollo'.'ls'

1. Setting the grinding angle Loosen the locking nut (7) 10 turn the rotary plate to epp rox. 30' and retig hten the

locking n ut. ~ .

CD The cutting edges of the cuttlllg links are normally g ro U 11d at an a ngl e betl'le e n 30 a m1'35'

Loosen the mounting screw (3b) and place the cutting chain In the guide rail (6) between Ihe guide plates (5). m

3. Fold the chain stop (4) down and pull the chain toward the back until the cutting link to be ground rests against the stop

4. Pull the grinding head (13) against the cutting link for exact alignment. Set the distance with the help of the mounting screw (3 a) so th at lhe 9 ri ndin g whe e I to uehss th e cutting link. In addition, adjust the grinding depth With 1M setting screw (8). @)

5. Tighten the mountinq screw 13b) chain is fixed in plaee.rn

5. Carefully grind the cutting €dge of the eultiilg link.

& To avo'd damages to the chain, grind as briefly as poss i bte 'and do not re move more materia I than n ecs s sa I'{ rn

7. Gnnd every second cutll~g edge by performing steps 5 and 6.

CD Mark the lirst cutting link by a chalk mark or lhe like This will help you avoid grinding cutting links twice.

8 Turn the rotary table to·30· of the other side and grind the remaining culling e.dges as described above, S

Setting the depth limit distance

o nee all cutti ng edges of th e cumn 9 Ii n ks have been sh a rpenad, your c hai n wi II be sharp bu I may poss i bte n 01 cut. For this reason, a depth limit distance must always be observed (= distance between depth limit and cutting edge). Ths is usually 0.5 - 0.8 mill.


Cutting link



& A depth limit distance that is too great represents a risk of kickback.

Forth is purpose, yo u rnu SI ch ec k the distance according to th 8 specifications of your chain and file it ofl with a me if


Depth limit

Maintenance and. Care

Before each maintenance and cleaning work: switch off device

- wait for the shutdown of the grinding wheel

- pull out.main plug

Replacing the grinding wheel e, ~. ~

• Do not use ~ny damaged grinding wheels or such that have changed their shape.

• Do not use any grinding wheels which do 1101 comply with t he in d ie ated c h eracts rlstics of tn is i nstrucfio n rna n ual

[ZJ Replacln~ the grinding wheel

1. Loosen lhe screws (14) and remove the cover (1 OJ. ~

2. To lee k til e 9 ri nding wheel, ins ert a screw drive r or malidrel14 mm dia.) in the hole provided.1!l

3. Loosen the Ilul (15),

CD Right-Iland Ihread

4 Remove ths nul, the . front fia0ll.s (16), the grinding

wheel (9) and the rear lIange (16).\:

5. CD C lea n th e flan ges

6. Reassembly is done in the opposite sequence.

For maintaining and cleaning, removed security devices must unconditionally be mounted properly and proved again.

Use only on g i~ a I parts. Oth e r pa rts can res ult in un e xpecte d damages and injuries.

CD Note [he followin 9 to keep your c hai n sh a rpener functioning:

Clean and oil all moving parts regularly (sxcepl for lhe drive syste In).

• R€ move dust and dirt with a c loth or a brush.

• Clean the verit slots after each use.


• Clean the mach in e only dry.

Do no! use solvents for the sYl1lhelic parts (petrol. alcohol, these can damage the synthetic parts,

CD Never use any greasel

[@f Use environmentally acceptable spray oil

Technical data

1& (~\ pullout main plug , I \D-,


Type MOdel

Mo lorrali~g p. Cu tling speed v

Mains voltag:e I Mains frequency Hand-arm Vibration a,'hw

G,inqing Wheel

o x Ulickn ass XchQle Ii?

Weigh I apPL 2 iIg

EMlioQl 320 iN

- 40 mls NOV-150Hz 3.52 m/s2


0lQO x3,2 x 0 10mm (0100 x 4,5 x 010 mlli)

• Store unused equipment in a dry. locked place out ot the reach of children.

• Before extended storage, please observe the following to increase the service life of the device and to ensure-srnooth operation

- thoroughly clean the device

Possible faults


Before each fault clearance - switch off device

- wait for the shutdown of the grinding wheet

- pullout main plug

Iliii!f After each fault clearance, put into operation and recheck all security installations.

Faull Posslbte,'caUse Remedy
Chai n sharpen ar does not ope rate. :> no power !l Check powe r su p ply, power soc kat and ,fuse
:l Exte nsion cab Ie defec t :l Check exte ns ion cebls, exchange defect
cable immediately
:l Main plug, motor or switch defect !l Have motor or switch checked by an
approved electrician or replaced by original
soars parts
Chain sharpener grinds with e Exts nsion cab Ie defect o Check exten 51 0 11 cable ,exc hange defect
i ntsrruption s cab Ie 1111 III ediately
e Internal fault, _" Please contact the affersates service.
e o NiOF F butte n defective -. Please contact the aftersales service.
Grinding wheel becomes hot !l Grinding \Vheel is dull or defective !l Replace grinding wheel
Motor is humminq, grinqing wheet stops !l Grinding Wheel is blocked !l Remove object
Unusual vibralions !l Grinding wheel rs defective :J Repl ace 9 ri Mi ng whee I 8

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