Logistical Urbanism: The Space of Food

“Globalization has made possible that the urban landscapes born from food’s flows take a superficialsimilar shape everywhere: from the rural areas to the city center or from food terminals to big food markets, cartographies leave similar traces behind” “Over the last century, food delivery systems in large urban centers, although largely overlooked by planners, economists, and politicians, have undergone a critical transformation towards keeping the retail giants from gaining complete control of the food supply system.” Nina Marie Lister, Food “For all their mess, noise and nuisance, markets bring something vital to a city: an awareness of what it takes to sustain life... Markets are contradictory spaces, but that is the point. They are spaces made by food.” Carolynn Steel, Hungry City: How food Shapes our Lives

spaces of a modern food system

spaces of a modern food system

evolution and scales of food systems
1-node producer as consumer hunter-gatherer

2-nodes farm-to-table informal food trade community supported agriculture

3-nodes farmer-to-market-to-table village type


infinite-nodes regional/global modern food system

A decline in non-for-profit for public benefit wholesale food distribution centers An increase in private corporation food distribution centers

regional/national/global food sheds

urban america

truck volumes betwenn zones

agricultural america

case study by pierre belanger: ontario terminal market

wholesale food distribution centers

central market mexico city, mexico 327 hectare site

rungis paris, france 232 hectare site

hunts point food distribution center mexico city, mexico 24 hectare site

tsukiji tokyo, japan 9 hectare site

ontario terminal market toronto, ontario 6.7 hectare site

philadelphia regional wholesale market philadelphia, pennsylvania 6.3 hectare site

new covent garden market london, united kingdom 6 hectare site

carrier dome syracuse, new york 7 hectare site

new york city: hunts point food distribution center

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