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Effective Communication

Effective Communication

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Published by: Aileen Ludovico on Oct 16, 2010
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The Communication Process .

Common Ways We Communicate COMMUNICATE .

The Communication Process .

‡ BARRIERS TO COMMUNICATION Distractions Noise Emotions Language differences Poor listening skills .

a skill ‡ ³We were born with two ears with a mouth.‡ Hearing Vs. learned process.´ . natural and passive Listening .physical as well as mental process. active. so that we might listen twice as much as we speak. Listening Hearing ± physical process.

‡ Importance of Listening Good listening reflects courtesy and good manners Listening carefully to instructions of superiors improve competence and performance The result of poor listening skill could be disastrous in business. employment and social relations Good listening could improve social relations and conversation .

‡ Essentials of Communication (DO¶S) Always think ahead about what you are going to say Use simple words and phrases that are understood by everybody Increase your knowledge on all subjects you are required to speak While listening. always make notes of important points .

‡ Essentials of Communication (DO¶S) Always ask for clarification if you have failed to understand one¶s point of view Repeat what the speaker has said to check whether you have understood accurately .

do not glance here and there as it might distract the speaker .‡ Essentials of Communication (DON¶TS) Do not speak too fast or too slow Don¶t assume that everybody understands you While listening.

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