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1 Padanaram Road, Suite 207/208, Danbury, CT 06811 Tel: (203) 748-7680 Fax: (203) 748-0007 Email:

A $billion Nagarjuna Group Company

.Magna Infotech A Premier IT Company ‡ Associate company of Nagarjuna Group ‡ Nagarjuna Group asset base of over $1 billion with holdings in: ‡ Fertilizers & Chemicals ‡ Power generation ‡ Refinery/Petroleum ‡ Information Technology © Magna Infotech Ltd.

.. Global Staffing. Netscape. ‡ Financial: ‡ Merrill Lynch. ‡ Services: ‡ Vanenburg Business Systems. © Magna Infotech Ltd. ‡ Medical: ‡ Roche. Bausch & Laumb.TOSHIBA.. etc« ‡ Telecommunications: ‡ Verizon. CitiBank etc. MCI. Mellon Bank. Sprint etc. Pfizer. etc. Solectron. Dominion Semiconductor. Concert... etc. Ethan Allen. Novartis.Magna Infotech Interest ‡ Manufacturing: ‡ IBM.

.SAP Experience j Nagarjuna Group j United States Army j Northeast Nuclear j Shell Oil Company j Panasonic j Arabian Industrial Fibre Co. j LTV Steel © Magna Infotech Ltd.

.SAP Experience j All Major Modules j SAP Configuration j SAP Customization j SAP Upgrades j GAP Analysis j SAP Interface with 3rd Party Systems j SAP Report Writing © Magna Infotech Ltd.

.The Magna Philosophy ‡ A brick by brick approach ‡ Provide services that exceed Clients business goals ‡ Encourage creativity and team work ‡ Continual improvement ‡ Exceed Client expectations © Magna Infotech Ltd.

Bristol ± UK and Hyderabad. .Magna Infotech company info ‡ Full IT Service provider ‡ State-of-the-art software development centers in Danbury USA. UK. France & India ‡ Client base continues to grow ‡ Expertise in current and emerging technologies ‡ An expanding list of satisfied Clients ‡ A ISO9001 certified organization. re-certified revision 2K © Magna Infotech Ltd. India ‡ More than 400 workstation available worldwide in the US.

Magna Infotech± Global Infrastructure ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Own software development facilities in US. . software and communication resources Access to 128kbs international satellite link Talented pool of skilled technical personnel © Magna Infotech Ltd. hi-tech multimedia studio Latest hardware. India Full fledged. Europe.

EJB. DHTML. functional. .Java. MS Access ‡ Baan technical. C++. JSP. PHP. MFC. Windows NT/2000 ‡ Internet Technologies . AWT ‡ VC++. Swing. Sybase.Expertise ‡ Unix and variants. SQL Server. Perl. VB. ASP. DCOM ‡ Oracle. e-solutions ‡ SAP ERP Practice ‡ BPCS Practice © Magna Infotech Ltd. COM.

Cost Benefits ‡ Cost-effective solutions at our offshore & offsite software development centers ‡ No compromise on quality ‡ Benefits of low overhead passed to client ‡ Clients get more experience for a lot less © Magna Infotech Ltd. .

.Magna Experience ‡ Business growth prominently through client referrals ‡ Completed large projects  Web advertisement manager for large ISP  E-commerce for major music and TV producer  Online transaction processing  Info-portal for major newspaper  Inventory Management Project for the Largest Furniture Company  And Many Others © Magna Infotech Ltd.

Technical Team ‡ Graduates from reputed universities ‡ Screened technically and personally ‡ Average of 5 years of industry experience ‡ Subject matter experts ‡ Low turnover rates resulting in continuity and timely completion of projects © Magna Infotech Ltd. .

Technical Manager Magna Infotech consultants have the right technical expertise.Client Testimonials Magna performed very well. I would recommend Magna Infotech resource for telecommunications related services. dedication and hard work of their consultants in mission critical projects. Manager . Director. We could not have completed the project without them. Additionally. They maintained good project control with shared communications and avoided delay in response by staffing appropriately. Magna¶s offshore philosophy is somewhat different from most I have previewed. This has been proven by the efforts. skills and they have delivered their best efforts to my projects. which gives them an edge over the rest. .Client Server Application Development © Magna Infotech Ltd. Magna Infotech believes in partnering itself in the whole process of the projects. Magna carries various areas of expertise which they can pull from when needed. Information Technology Magna Infotech has been providing software services to my organization. Senior eBusiness Executive We have had a good partnership with Magna Infotech and are happy with the technical knowledge and professionalism demonstrated by Magna team members. sincerity.

. ‡ Thorough screening process ‡ State of the art Magna training center ± Used by clients as well as Magna employees © Magna Infotech Ltd.Magna Infotech Consultant Services ‡ Consultants are Magna employees ‡ Access to experienced talent pool.

‡ Project is implemented ‡ Magna & client complete acceptance process © Magna Infotech Ltd.Magna Development Methodology ‡ Magna & client develop shared business goals ‡ Magna & client define project requirements ‡ Milestones and deliverables are agreed upon ‡ Project Plan is developed ‡ Project status is reviewed periodically for quality and completion criteria. .

.Magna Infotech onsite development services ‡ Use of client resources ‡ Day to day interaction between client PM and Magna Infotech onsite developers ‡ Client owned Processes ‡ Cost for requirement deviations controlled by Clients PM ‡ Convert some fixed cost into variable © Magna Infotech Ltd.

Magna Infotech offsite/offshore development ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Shorten time to deliverable Reduced cost Pooled Magna resources Prioritize internal resources Increased efficiency in use of resources Providing a low cost of IT services to the business © Magna Infotech Ltd. .

UK and India Off shore development center at Hyderabad also has experience with US business practices ‡ 100% committed to Client satisfaction © Magna Infotech Ltd.Why Magna? Quality and timely delivered SAP solutions with client focus. at extremely competitive cost. . How? ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Low overheads Rich & varied experience with SAP AG. SAP America State-of-the-art infrastructures in the US.

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