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A Project on CSR Activities of TCS

A Project on CSR Activities of TCS

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Published by: shkarekar on Oct 16, 2010
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A Project on CSR activities of TCS

Introduction .

Objective of the Project .

Business of TCS .

CSR activities of TCS Environment Education Health & Safety .

Environment ISO 140001 certification Electricity Consumption Water Consumption Paper Consumption Waste recycling through Vermiculture & Biodigester Green Building Initiatives E-waste Handling Carbon Emission .

Education Academic Interface Program Suryodaya Rural IT Quiz IGNITE IsighT National Education Conclave TCS Adult Literacy Program .

Health Telemedicine solutions Silicon Locket Disease Surveillance System Bio-Informatics solution .

TCS Maitree Education/Skill Development Enabling Societies through core competencies (IT) Environmental Sustainability Health Awareness Economic Empowerment .

Problem Statement Environmental degradation Illiteracy .

Interpretations & Findings Increase in ISO 140001 Certified Centers to 19 Reduction in Paper Consumption by 25% Reduction in Printer Cartridge Consumption by 45.6% Achieved literacy figure of 1.20.000 Increase in AIP workshops conducted by 60 .50 % Increase in Electricity Consumption by 6% Increase in E-waste disposed in responsible manner by 38.50% Increase in quantity of Sewage water treated by 215% Increase in quantity of Bio-degradable waste recycled 11% Reduction in Carbon offset by 0.Data Analysis.

Recommendations .

Conclusion .

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