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Oct 2010 Micro Solutions

Oct 2010 Micro Solutions

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In ThIs Issue...
1. Grid -ConneCted Solar MiCro
inverter referenCe deSiGn developMent Kit

2. new diGital led liGhtinG 3. MiCroChip and future enGineerS
CliMb Mt. KiliManjaro with traCKinG deviCe deSiGned for e xtreMe low power and e xtreMe ConditionS

Microchip’s Grid-Connected Solar Micro Inverter Reference Design Lowers the Cost and Improves the Efficiency of Solar Power Systems
Free Reference Design and dsPIC33 ‘GS’ Family of Digital Signal Controllers Speed Development of Smart Energy Products for Worldwide Solar Power Market
The solar power industry is evolving to meet the requirements of a changing landscape, as it moves from a cottage industry to mass production. Solar design engineers are being challenged to optimize energy harvesting, reduce installation costs, and improve system reliability and efficiency while standardizing their designs. The Grid-Connected Solar Micro Inverter Reference Design with an advanced, high-efficiency topology design enables them to achieve these goals through digital power conversion techniques, supported by the unique features of Microchip’s dsPIC33F ‘GS’ series of digital-power Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs). The reference design connects to any standard solar panel and converts the panel’s DC output into AC power, which can then be fed into the public power grid. In a real-world application, multiple units can be connected together to achieve the desired power output. This reference design can help the solar power industry to quickly improve its inverter technology, through the use of more flexible and efficient digital power conversion techniques. The transition to digital power enables solar energy conversion to be maximized, while reducing the installation and overall costs of solar systems. Additional features of Microchip’s Grid-Connected Solar Micro Inverter Reference Design include: y Peak efficiency of 95% y Power factor of >0.95 y Output Current THD <3% y Maximum power point tracking of 99.5% y Nighttime power consumption of <1W y System Islanding to detect grid failure y Full Digital Control This reference design works with any photovoltaic (PV) panel that supplies a maximum 220 watts output. It comes in two versions supporting either 110V or 220V power grids. Both versions of this reference design are implemented using a single dsPIC33F ‘GS’ digital-power DSC, which provides full digital control of the power-conversion and system-management functions.

4. MiCroChip’S aCadeMiC proGraM on
road Motor Control tuninG Guide SweepStaKeS
5. offSet voltaGe
and o pen loop Gain – CritiCal aMplifier paraMeterS for Strain GauGe appliCationS

6. MaSterS 2010 phoenix ConferenCe wrap - up
7. eMbedded deSiGnerS foruM 8. MiCroChip around town: enerGy

harveStinG and StoraGe uSa
at theSe worldwide eventS

9. join MiCroChip

10. new MiCroChip traininG initiativeS 11. what'S new in MiCroChip


12. what'S new

at MiCroChipdireCt?

For more information, visit: http://www.microchip.com/SMPS


Microcontrollers • Digital Signal Controllers • Analog • Memory

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a virtual exhibit hall. add a more stylish user interface. CA 10/26 MODULES ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Adding USB to your Embedded Designs Connectivity Solutions for Embedded Designs Touch Screen Sensing and Graphical Displays Touch Sensing Solutions for Keys and Sliders Smart Energy Monitoring Smart Power Conversion Designing for Optimum Energy Usage Signal Conditioning for Embedded Applications Exploring MPLAB® Development Tools FREE All attendees of the one-day. Learn how to apply these technologies into Smart Energy through discussions and demonstrations led by Microchip’s expert staff. convert or use energy more efficiently. IN Montreal.MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY’S microSOLUTIONS Monthly E-newsletter . visit: www.microchip.com/EDF to see which six modules will be presented live in your area. run more complex software. CA San Jose. PA Raleigh. NY San Diego.microchip. Microchip’s Worldwide Embedded Designers Forum (EDF) is one-day seminar designed to give you the tools and knowledge needed to take your design to the next level and help you stay ahead in today’s competitive environment.microchip. interactive chats. control. AZ Toronto. IL Dallas. Microchip has the latest technologies and products to help you design products for the emerging Smart Energy market.com 2 .com/EDF City Atlanta.October 2010 S IP SH R BLE SO A N L O AI SP AV Whether you’re looking to monitor. add USB connectivity and save money on development and system BOM cost. GA Boston. FL Philadelphia. Six of nine focused modules featuring the latest technologies in low power. Attendees of the FREE Virtual Embedded Designers Forum learn from and interact directly with industry experts and technology providers via 12 presentations including keynote presentations featuring Energizer® and Google PowerMeter™. MI Indianapolis. NY Rochester. 2010 7 AM – 3 PM PST www. THE VIRTUAL EDF DATES & LOCATIONS NOVEMBER 2. TX Denver. For a complete list of worldwide locations. MA Chicago.com/EDF Microcontrollers • Digital Signal Controllers • Analog • Memory RETURN TO FRONT PAGE www. human interface and connectivity will be presented in each seminar. measure.microchip. ON Date 10/21 10/27 10/20 10/27 10/26 10/27 10/26 10/21 10/28 10/29 10/26 10/28 10/28 10/21 10/19 10/19 Location Hilton Garden Inn Sugarloaf Microchip Training Center Microchip Training Center Microchip Training Center Courtyard Boulder Louisville Courtyard Detroit Farmington Hills Hilton Garden Inn Fishers Holiday Inn Montreal Airport Microchip Training Center Embassy Suites Airport Marriott Philadelphia West Hilton Raleigh-Durham Airport Holiday Inn Rochester Airport Country Inn & Suites Mira Mesa Microchip Training Center Microchip Training Center Microchip Training Center Orange County.com/VirtualEDF Microchip & Digi-Key are pleased to bring an online component to support designers who are unable to attend one of our in-person seminars. CA Tempe. All content from the live event is then archived and available on-demand for 12 months.microchip. live seminar will receive a Single Cell (AAAA Battery) Demo Board! Low Power Real Time Clock with mTouch™ Sensing Technology • MCP1624 Low Voltage Boost • AAAA Energizer Battery • PIC16LF1933 • MCP9701A Temperature Sensor • Two mTouch Sensing Buttons Brought to you by: www. display. QC Orlando. and gain access to a comprehensive collection of educational material and resources supporting Microchip and the Smart Energy market. CO Detroit. Please visit our web site at www. All nine modules (and more!) are available in the Virtual EDF (See side bar). Modules are packed with practical information and advice on how to achieve the lowest power consumption.

For more information about the Digital LED Lighting Development Kit.com Microcontrollers • Digital Signal Controllers • Analog • Memory 3 . architectural lighting. which are necessary for a complete product and lower the overall system cost. such as headlights. The dsPIC33 ‘GS’ DSC and this reference design allow developers to create a 100% digitally controlled ballast function. Reduce Size and Improve Efficiency Microchip new Digital LED Lighting Development Kit helps LED lighting designers who are challenged to meet the rapidly expanding demand for green. while including advanced features such as dimming and color hue control.microchip. This development kit enables designers to quickly leverage the capabilities and performance of the dsPIC33 ‘GS’ series of Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs).October 2010 Microchip’s New Digital LED Lighting Development Kit Makes it Easy to Add Intelligence and Improve Efficiency in LED Lighting Applications Free Reference Design and dsPIC33 ‘GS’ Family of Digital Signal Controllers Helps Lower Product Costs. customers can easily customize and differentiate by making simple modifications to the control software.MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY’S microSOLUTIONS Monthly E-newsletter . including power-conversion circuits. Benefits offered by the digital-power techniques in this reference design and the dsPIC33 ‘GS’ series of DSCs include: y Reduced System Cost via higher integration y Higher Efficiency using digital-control techniques y Flexible and reusable designs y Advanced features implemented in software Additional key features of Microchip’s Digital LED Lighting Development Kit include: y Color control for RGB LEDs y Flexible input voltage support. LED replacement of fluorescent tubes and incandescent bulbs.microchip. daytime running lights and signal lights. By using the flexible dsPIC33F “GS” series of DSCs. visit: http://www. This reference design enables our customers to develop LED lighting products that are 100% digitally controlled and are very cost effective. such as AC-toDC and DC-to-DC conversion. including both Buck and Boost topologies y Fully dimmable y Full digital control y Fault protection y Fully controlled with a single dsPIC33FJ16GS504 DSC LED lighting applications supported by Microchip’s LED Lighting Development Kit include dimmable LCD backlighting. The dsPIC33 ‘GS’ DSCs can support an entire system implementation for LED lighting products. to develop LED lighting products. smart energy technologies while differentiating their products. and automotive lighting applications. signage. along with functions such as Power Factor Correction (PFC). Automotive lighting products include exterior applications.com/stellent/idcplg?IdcService=SS_GET_PAGE&nodeId=1406&dDocName=en549342 RETURN TO FRONT PAGE www.

during two separate climbs. longitude. Wenn. Microchip engineering intern Tim Moffat built the devices. Now that both Wenn and McAneny have just completed their climbs. Kilimanjaro With Tracking Device Designed for Extreme Low Power and Extreme Conditions Engineers Launch Blog About Experiences Designing Custom Tracking Device and Climbing World’s Highest Free-Standing Mountain Microchip's own Darren Wenn and Future Electronics’ Chris McAneny are engaged in a practical design exercise to take extremely low power tracking devices to the top of Africa’s famous Mt. featuring the Company’s eXtreme Low Power technology. who won his battle with testicular cancer.October 2010 Microchip and Future Engineers Climb Mt. and operated for the duration of the climb on two Energizer® Ultimate Lithium AA batteries. McAneny is climbing to raise money and awareness for the Everyman Male Cancer Charity. called “Extreme Low Power in an Extreme Location”. The tracking devices are designed to run for more than two months on a single charge from two Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries. The devices are based on Microchip’s 8-bit PIC18LF14K50 microcontroller.microchip. a barometer and a temperature sensor. which are used to log altitude. visit: http://www. System components include a GPS receiver. UTC time. The goal of the blog is to provide engineers with an entertaining way to learn about designing a device that has to operate in extreme conditions with a limited battery-power budget. in fulfillment of a promise he made to his then 23-year-old son. Kilimanjaro. Additionally. The Intrepid Team Darren Wenn Chris McAneny Tim Moffat To see the teams blog.com Microcontrollers • Digital Signal Controllers • Analog • Memory 4 .MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY’S microSOLUTIONS Monthly E-newsletter . such as temperature and barometric pressure.eetimes. limited-series blog on the new EE Life Community site from EE Times. barometric pressure and temperature.com/electronics-blogs/4206378/Extreme-low-power-in-an-extreme-location RETURN TO FRONT PAGE www. visit their blog to find out how everything went. which tracked the climbers’ locations via GPS while continuously taking various measurements. During their preparation for the climbs. McAneny and Moffat launched a joint. latitude.

check out: www. CLICK HERE! RETURN TO FRONT PAGE Information available at: www. Facebook Fan Pages (click on the name to view) Microchip Technology Inc. VA. academic-friendly tools along with literature.com Contest ends December 31st. Virginia. Fan Site Microchip En Espanol PIC32 Regional Training Centers Academic Support Fan Site LinkedIn Groups MASTERs Project Analog microSOLUTIONS is distributed monthly. please visit http://www. Microchip’s Academic Program will be attending this year’s annual Frontier’s in Education (FIE) conference in Arlington.com www. October 27 through 29.MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY’S microSOLUTIONS Monthly E-newsletter .com/academic Join the Community! Enter the 2010 MCU Challenge! Win 1 of 3 Apple iPads® or many other great prizes! By designing an MCU circuit based on the 8 Bit Microchip PIC MCU utilizing a SchmartBoard|ez development board. Visit us online at www. Arlington.schmartboard. If you would like to be added to the mailing list. For more information on Frontiers in Education.org/fie2010/ or contact the Academic Program at Academic@microchip.com.com HAVE YOU SUBSCRIBED? Microcontrollers • Digital Signal Controllers • Analog • Memory 5 . 2010.microchip. textbooks and the opportunity to ask questions on all things Microchip.microchip. Our booth will have hardware demonstrations of general purpose.fie-conference.microchip. For datasheets and other information.October 2010 Microchip’s Academic Program on the Road: Next stop: Frontiers in Education Conference.

but also in designing appropriate signal conditioning to deal with these issues. visit: http://ww1. For a strain gauge bridge that produces 10 mV at full scale. encompassing measurements of temperature. assume an amplifier has an open-loop gain of 120 dB. For example. To get around this limitation. pressure. or about 11 bits. strain and a variety of other physical phenomenon. they are not widely available and may not be cost effective. humidity. a system designer can select an amplifier with more open-loop gain. A strain gauge uses electrical resistance in order to quantify the amount of strain caused by an external force. an amplifier that has an offset of 1 mV and configuration for a gain of 500 times would produce an error voltage of 0. For a typical amplifier. Several considerations must be made when selecting an amplifier or amplifiers to use in a gain stage. The remaining 66 dB is the open-loop-gain margin that is available to ensure linearity. due to the high amount of gain that may be required. Introduction to Strain Gauges Before jumping into a discussion of amplifiers and signal conditioning circuitry. Perhaps a better solution would be to use an instrumentation amplifier. Another solution is to use multiple-gain stages to achieve the overall desired gain. 125 dB 120 dB 100 dB 75 dB 50 dB 25 dB 54 dB Open Loop Gain Available to Ensure Linearity Open Loop Gain Used For Amplification 10 100 1k 10k 100k 1M Figure 1: Open Loop Gain vs. the amplifier must have enough open-loop gain to provide the required amplification. System designers must be diligent in not only selecting the correct sensor for their application. so 54 dB of the amplifier’s open-loop gain is dedicated to providing gain. For example. the circuitry must provide adequate headroom so that the signal does not saturate the amplifier or the ADC. Offset Voltage and Open-Loop Gain Depending upon the output swing of the bridged gauges and the full-scale input of the ADC. In addition. the open-loop gain remains constant over a certain frequency range and then begins to roll off at 20 dB per decade. Any voltage offset due to the amplifier will be multiplied by the gain.MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY’S microSOLUTIONS Monthly E-newsletter . We will also assume that the bandwidth of the amplifier is sufficient to not be a factor for the frequency of interest.October 2010 Offset Voltage and Open-Loop Gain – Critical Amplifier Parameters for Strain Gauge Applications The world of data acquisition is extremely diverse. This change in resistance can then be measured and the magnitude of the applied force quantified. Such an amplifier can handle a gain of 500.loop gain of 100 dB to 120 dB. the amplifier-offset error could result in a measurement error of 10 percent. Conclusion Strain gauges are found in a wide variety of applications. at a gain of 500.microchip. but would probably limit the overall performance of the system. Frequency 10M For detailed App notes on Strain Gauges. from electronic scales to measuring the torque on a steel beam.microchip. it is imperative to ensure that the amplifier can provide the required gain and still maintain acceptable linearity.com Microcontrollers • Digital Signal Controllers • Analog • Memory 6 . the offset voltage of the amplifier becomes critical.pdf RETURN TO FRONT PAGE www. which is specifically designed to provide high gain and good performance. First.5V at the output of the amplifier. When selecting an amplifier to provide signal conditioning. Although such amplifiers exist. Secondly. the analog signal may need amplification by 500 times or more. such as a traditional two or three amplifier instrumentation topology. By definition. and generally has better voltage offset and drift performance relative to a discrete instrumentation amplifier circuit. A gain of 500 is approximately 54 dB.com/downloads/en/AppNotes/01030a. as mentioned above. This implies that the amplifier is linear to approximately one part in 2000. while still maintaining performance. Each application presents its own design requirements and challenges. “strain” is an alteration due to an external force. Most general-purpose amplifiers have an open. it is worthwhile to quickly review strain gauges. as shown in Figure 1.

USB testing. using USB or Ethernet. but also lots of goodies including a USB Flash Drive with all the class materials. and a large number of tools for development of PIC micro devices.3 GHz. A Microchip Premiere Third Party Partner which is dedicated to making software development tools (such as TCPmaker) to help developers communicate data between their devices and a PC. Bootloaders and the ever popular Plant Tour. knowledgeable individuals that contacts in various different technologies could be made and. The Exhibitor area allowed related vendors to show and demonstrate tools and products to reduce overall system development time as well as complementary products that could be used in designs.October 2010 Microchip MASTERs 2010 Phoenix Conference Wrap-up Almost 600 engineers increased their knowledge for current and future designs at the Microchip MASTERs Conference in Phoenix. if required. The energy and technical ability at this Conference allows solutions for any problem to be developed and the tremendous breadth and depth of experience from attendees and staff is great to be a part of.tracesystemsinc. New Products introduction. the Friday evening event where prizes were won! Congratulations to our #1 Supporter of the MASTERs 2010 Conference. Don’t miss the 15 Year Celebration Technical Training for Embedded Control Engineers MASTERs 2011 MASTERs Pre-Conference – August 22-23 MASTERs Conference – August 24-27 JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort. they utilize all these acquired skills to reduce their design cycle times and eliminate the fear of not being finished on schedule. There were many drawings and prizes available including an iPAD® and other electronic gadgets especially at Casino Night. AZ Online Registration opens early April Discounts for Early Bird Registration and more! RETURN TO FRONT PAGE www. AZ. On returning back to the office and lab. had the most website visitors click on the Microchip banner link. Full Speed USB. at www. accessed during a critical project development.MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY’S microSOLUTIONS Monthly E-newsletter .28th.com. Trace Systems Inc. August 23rd . There were many great opportunities to network with these experienced. and Windows PC software development to control hardware. a MASTERs shirt and a Certificate of Completion. This year everyone took home not only an increased wealth of knowledge on many different topics. During the Conference the attendees were able to visit the Microchip Store and purchase development tools at special low cost Conference prices so they could take them home and begin working on their project immediately using the tools they learned about in class. Phoenix. These engineers improved their knowledge and experience during the classes they selected on topics such as Getting to Know our Dev Tools.com Microcontrollers • Digital Signal Controllers • Analog • Memory 7 . Introduction to Linux.microchip. Trace Systems has a complete development and testing lab for product prototypes. a journal with their notes. with digital and analog /RF test capabilities up to 1.

developers.com Microcontrollers • Digital Signal Controllers • Analog • Memory 8 . healthcare. bioelectric • Energy storage technologies: batteries and capacitors • Ultra low power electronics • Market and technology analysis and forecasts Join Jason Tollefson. automotive. collocated with the wireless sensor network show.October 2010 Mi c r o c h ip A r ound Tow n – G e t t he la t e st up dates b y cl icking HERE! Join Microchip at the Annual 2010 Energy Harvesting Conference – Booth #9 Microchip will be participating in this International conference and exhibition assessing the applications. Product Marketing Manager at Microchip Technology as he describes how to "Take Low Power Design to the eXtreme" Presentation Summary • Introduction to Microchip's eXtreme Low Power (XLP) Microcontrollers Complementary Analog • • Applications of XLP in Energy Harvesting Speaker Biography Jason Tollefson is Product Marketing Manager for Microchip Technology's Advanced Microcontroller Architecture Division.A from the University of Phoenix. Jason holds a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota's Institute of Technology. technologies and opportunities for energy harvesting and storage. photovoltaic. piezoelectric. It is the World's largest event on the topic. investors. potential users and market forecasts as well as giving the latest technology developments and trends.asp RETURN TO FRONT PAGE RETURN TO FRONT PAGE www. retail and other industries Case studies: assessment of paybacks from energy harvesters • • Energy harvesting technologies: electrodynamic. His responsibilities include new product definition and low-power marketing for Microchip's PIC18 and PIC24 product lines. This IDTechEx event. today at: http://www.com/energyharvestingandstorageusa10/index-eh. Jason worked in new product development for eight years before moving to marketing.idtechex.MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY’S microSOLUTIONS Monthly E-newsletter . specializing in low-power products. system integrators and government representatives. government. is the meeting place for users. thermovoltaic. and a M. with 400 attendees and 30 exhibitors anticipated. suppliers. Topics covered at the event include: • End user needs and experiences. manufacturing/industrial. focusing on the uses. Register online. building automation.microchip.B. from users in oil and gas.

electronic-displays. Using a low-cost. 2011 Join Patrick Heath. motor-control digital signal controller with comparators. steppermotor energy consumption is optimized.” Solar power chargers are convenient. Battery Power 2010 Dallas. 2010 Join Keith Curtis. Still. in that they provide a completely wireless power system.com Microcontrollers • Digital Signal Controllers • Analog • Memory 9 . This control method provides a significant step speed increase of up to 25 times faster. At the same time.com/bppt-conf10/bp10_reg. The secret is a unified system that handles maximum power conversion for the solar cells.microchip. While this method works well.php Register for one or more of these great events at the links above! RETURN TO FRONT PAGE www.batterytechexpo. a closed-loop. where the faster the voltage ramps in the motor phase.com/register. today’s wireless systems are becoming more and more complex. Strategic Marketing Manager. while decreasing both cost and board space. Learn how when using a converter topology efficiency can be increased. including tradeoffs and the role of load regulation. while still providing an adequate security level. as he discusses “Techniques for Improved Stepper Motor Control. Drive and Automation Systems 2011 San Antonio. Register online. Whether the application is a security system (e.October 2010 JoiWhat’s rNewh ip At The Fol l ow i ng Wo rldwid e E ve n ts n M ic o c in Microchip Literature? Visit our Technical Documentation page at www. This involves a tradeoff between cost and performance. by controlling the currents. For consumer goods. a remote keyless entry system for the automotive industry. Register online at: http://www. TX Oct 19-20. wireless sensor or access control). the stacked efficiency of the various switching converters typically results in a loss of 20 to 30 percent.microchip. Another significant advantage of this control technique is a marked reduction in the motor noise level.php Wireless Congress Munich. Register online at: http://www. it is not optimized for energy efficiency nor speed. Director of Applications Engineering and Applications Engineer respectivly as they presents “Latest Advancements in Wireless Systems” As demands for security in wireless deployments increase.MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY’S microSOLUTIONS Monthly E-newsletter . battery charging and load regulation. This presentation will discuss the topology in depth.de/registration. current-control mode of operation can be implemented." Typical stepper motor control uses an open-loop.g.com to view the documents. voltage-control method. today at: http://www.html Motor. good designs can obtain good result with relatively limited resources.batterypoweronline. 2010 Join Vivien Delport and Christian Toma. the quicker the step is taken. Germany Nov 10-Nov 11. TX March 1-2. Unfortunately. Technical Staff Engineer as he presents “A Simple Topology for Solar-Charged Battery Systems. cost must be kept as low as possible. wireless systems requiring secure authentication also need higher levels of security. or an authentication system. a keypad.

After you register for a class. In the By Location section of the search page. all you really need is some specific information or instruction on how to perform a simple task like how the UART operates or how to set a break point in MPLAB.com Microcontrollers • Digital Signal Controllers • Analog • Memory 10 . For a complete list of classes and locations. Sometimes. its effectiveness can be hampered by the need to travel to the classroom. however.microchip.microchip. visit www. select the Show Live Online Classes Only radio button and click Search. To help overcome this obstacle. The first of these will begin appearing near the end of the year and will be focused on our new development platform MPLAB X. the costs and time associated with travel may make attendance impractical.com/rtc and select Find classes > Search. the less effective the training becomes to the point that you’d be as well off never having taken the training. your access code and instructions will be sent in the confirmation email. These are the same instructor led classes optimized for online delivery. To see the schedule of live online classes. The more these conditions aren’t met. visit www. To help our customers get the most from the technical training we offer. If the knowledge you need is not available in a convenient location when you want it. Microchip is now offering several RTC courses via the internet using Microsoft Live Meeting. While classroom based training is a great opportunity to interact with a knowledgeable instructor.com/RTC RETURN TO FRONT PAGE www. These new programs continue Microchip’s objective of serving our customer to give you the freedom to innovate.microchip. You don’t need to wait for the class you need to come to your town or travel to attend: take the class when you need it from the convenience of your office or home. Microchip is rolling out two new training initiatives to supplement the courses given in our network of Regional Training Centers (RTC) and third party trainers.MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY’S microSOLUTIONS Monthly E-newsletter .October 2010 New Microchip Training Initiatives For any training program to be effective it needs to provide the right information at the right time in the right place to the right people. We are currently in the process of creating self-paced instructional modules that can be taken on demand whenever you want.

MXDEV. PICDEM. dsSPEAK. PIC. dsPICDEM.microchip. B1 Silicon Errata PIC24FJ256GA110 Family Silicon/Data Sheet Errata PIC24FJ256GB110 Family Silicon/Data Sheet Errata PIC18F87J90 Family Silicon Errata and Data Sheet Clarification PIC32MX3XX/4XX Silicon Errata PIC24FJ64GA004 Family Silicon/Data Sheet Errata PIC16F193X Silicon Errata PIC32MX575/675/695/775/795 Silicon Errata PIC24HJ256GPX06A/X08A/X10A Family Silicon Errata and Data Sheet Clarification dsPIC33FJ256GPX06A/X08A/X10A Family Silicon Errata and Data Sheet Clarification dsPIC33FJ256MCX06A/X08A/X10A Family Silicon Errata and Data Sheet Clarification PIC16F1826/27 Silicon Errata PIC24FJ64GA104 Family Silicon/Data Sheet Errata PIC24FJ64GB004 Family Silicon/Data Sheet Errata PIC18F87J11 Family Silicon/Data Sheet Errata PIC16F/LF1946/47 Silicon Errata PIC24FJ256GB210 Family Silicon Errata and Data Sheet Clarification PIC18F86J72/87J72 Silicon Errata and Data Sheet Clarification PIC24FJXXXDA1/DA2/GB2/GA3 Families Flash Programming Specification 80342B 80368J 80369K 80432E 80440B 80470E 80479F 80480C 80482D 80483D 80484D 80485F 80486C 80487E 80495C 80497B 80504B 80508B 39970B User's Guide Family Reference Manual F1 Evaluation Platform User's Guide PIC24F Family Reference Manual.com to view the documents. MiWi. MPLAB. ECAN. In-Circuit Serial Programming. Type Doc.A. PICmicro. rfPIC and UNI/O are registered trademarks of Microchip Technology Incorporated in the U.net. Linear Active Thermistor. mTouch. Select Mode. PICC..MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY’S microSOLUTIONS Monthly E-newsletter . Title DS No. Hampshire. MPASM. Title Visit our Technical Documentation page at www.S. REAL ICE. MPLIB. 10-Bit ADC with 4 Simultaneous Conversions dsPIC33F/PIC24H Family Reference Manual. dsPICDEM. Section. ECONOMONITOR. Type Doc. KEELOQ.A. UniWinDriver. Omniscient Code Generation.S. Parallel Master Port (PMP) Programming Specification The Microchip name and logo. All other trademarks mentioned herein are property of their respective companies.A. MXLAB.S. TSHARC. MPLINK. Watchdog Timer (WDT) PIC24F Family Reference Manual. © 2010. SEEVAL and The Embedded Control Solutions Company are registered trademarks of Microchip Technology Incorporated in the U. ICSP Mindi. SQTP is a service mark of Microchip Technology Incorporated in the U.net. Section 9. HI-TECH C. CodeGuard. and other countries.October 2010 What’s New in Microchip Literature? Doc. Application Maestro. WiperLock and ZENA are trademarks of Microchip Technology Incorporated in the U.A. DS No. the Microchip logo. FanSense. PICtail. PIC32 logo. PICkit. HI-TIDE. Doc.A. PICSTART.com Microcontrollers • Digital Signal Controllers • Analog • Memory 11 . Microchip Technology Incorporated. RETURN TO FRONT PAGE www. dsPIC. rfLAB. Application Note Data Sheet Maximum Power Solar Converter Implementing an LCD Using the PIC16F1947 Microcontroller MCP9800/1/2/3 Data Sheet MCP1790/MCP1791 Data Sheet MCP6441 Data Sheet MTS2916A Data Sheet MTS62C19A Data Sheet MTD6501C/MTD6501D Data Sheet MCP444X/446X Data Sheet PIC18F6393/6493/8393/8493 Data Sheet PIC24FJ64GB004 Family Data Sheet PIC24FJ64GA104 Family Data Sheet PIC16F/LF1946/47 Data Sheet PIC16F/LF720/721 Data Sheet 01211B 01354A 21909C 22075B 22257A 22259A 22260A 22263A 22265A 39896C 39940D 39951C 41414B 41430A 41401B 39697B 39737A 70299C Errata PIC18F6623/6723/8623/8723 Rev. PICDEM. KEELOQ logo. MPLAB Certified logo. Analog-for-the-Digital Age. Printed in the U. 49. PICC-18. .S. FilterLab.S. All Rights Reserved. dsPICworks.microchip. Octopus. and other countries. Total Endurance. Section 35.

microchip. • Receive low-cost and secure microcontroller programming directly from the • Seamlessly integrated into your microchipDIRECT account • Code verification service prior to production • Cost-effective • No unit minimum order requirements • Quick-turn fulfillment (programmed orders typically ship within 48 hours) www. www.com Microcontrollers • Digital Signal Controllers • Analog • Memory 12 ..MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY’S microSOLUTIONS Monthly E-newsletter . inventory and support directly from Microchip Technology. • The largest inventory of Microchip products • Secure ordering using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) • Competitive pricing on all Microchip and third party products • Apply for a Microchip business account and credit line • High volume price quotes • Assign PO and internal part numbers to your orders • Schedule and change order delivery dates up to 12 months out • Change/add multiple ship to locations to your account • Check order history and delivery status on-line and much more. microchipDIRECT offers.microchipDIRECT.microchipDIRECT.com making it easier to find 3rd Party Development tools that compliment Microchip’s solutions and low-cost..October 2010 What’s New @ microchip DIRECT microchipDIRECT Now Makes It Easier To Find 3rd Party and AcademicFriendly Development Tools! Two new categories have been added to www. regardless of order size..microchipdirect.com/programming RETURN TO FRONT PAGE Microchip factory with ink dotting.com 3rd Party Tools Select 3rd Party Tools from the Development Tools Menu: Academic Tools Select Academic Tools from the Development Tools Menu: Would you also like secure programming directly from Microchip? microchipDIRECT allows you.. How to access the new categories: Select the products pull-down menu: Are you having problems getting inventory? Buy Direct From Microchip Technology using microchipDIRECT Microchip offers the most comprehensive on-line resource for pricing. ordering. labeling and tape and reel options www. academic-friendly tools for educators and students. to have your application code programmed into a PIC® microcontroller prior to delivery.

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