Introduction To Marico Industry

 Marico is a leading Indian group providing consumer products and services in the areas of Health and Beauty based in Mumbai  During 2009-10, the company generated a Turnover of about Rs.26.6 billion (USD 600 Million) 
The organisation holds a number of brands viz. Parachute, Saffola, Sweekar, Hair&Care, Nihar,Shanti, Mediker, Revive, Manjal, Kaya, Aromatic, Fiancee, HairCode, Caivil, Code 10 and Black Chic.  In addition to being a producer of consumer products the organisation also operates Kaya Skin Clinic (of which (as of 2010) 87 exist in India, 13 in UAE) and 1 in Bangladesh.  Marico was awarded Business Leadership Awards in the FMCG (Personal Hygiene) category (July 2007) by NDTV Profit.  Marico was rated No.1 of India's Most Innovative Companies by the Business Today Monitor Group Innovation Study.  Marico was one of India¶s 10 best marketers by Business Today-2006.  Marico was among top Eight India Global challengers according to Standard & Poor¶s

global rating of mid-size companies-2006.


essential fatty acids and water provide nutritional components for hair. vitamins. .Need For Hair oil  As hair is a part of body.  A healthy diet results in healthy body which finally results in healthy hair.  Deficiency of any of these results in not only health problems but also hair defects. it too requires nourishment which largely depend on ingestion of the food by the body.  Besides nutrition.  Proteins. minerals. grooming practices also play an important role in hair care.

a market leader in its category Synonymous with pure coconut oil in the market & is positioned on the platform of purity. Parachute thus enjoys tremendous equity. trust with every passing generation & loyalty in the urban as well as rural sectors of India Innovations in the packaging whether from the aspect of userfriendliness or aesthetics have and continue to help Parachute grow.Parachute Coconut Hair Oil  Parachute is premium edible grade coconut oil.    .

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