POEMS ON INDEPENDENCE Composed by Bioprocess Harbant A CHILD’S DREAM MEREDEKA in my dream Right or wrong, true or false, May be I am wrong

, I saw Meredeka in my dream. I saw birds flying and singing in the air, I saw clouds shadowing the sky, I saw the sunrise brightening the day, I saw people dancing and merry-making, I saw an atmosphere of peace surrounding me, I saw Malaysia as a developed nation. I wish my dream is true, Or, I keep my dream in my lonely heart Be there as my sweet memory.

MALAYSIA LAND OF GLORY Oh Malaysia,‌ land of glory and sunshine, I greet thee with salutation. Your mountains, valleys and forest Remind me of the beauty of Nature Your people show love, joy and progress, They form a mosaic of different cultures. Your children reflect the moon and stars of tomorrow That will take the country to greater heights. Your development in science, education, commerce, and technology Brings pride to all. Indeed you are great Oh Malaysia A land of peace, prosperity, and glory, I humbly bow before thee.

This is the day we fly our flag of freedom from east to west. and justice to our minds. This is day we pray for the prosperity and progress of the Nation This is the day we tell the world That we live in peace. and brotherhood. This is the day we stand up high in pride. liberty. purity. This is the day we remember those who fought for independence Without shedding a drop of blood.THIS IS THE DAY This is the day we celebrate our independence. That brings courage. . harmony. perseverence.