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ALPHABETICAL LIST OF PARISHES: Pah oy isa Tate sae espa Gist wth St Sonos Maasai Srmuneaton inespae Tne receiving ao ViNanon MINRESDOTE Smarter rot Gt with 5: Oorin, Nols ice aneapon Ro roctoal fares Sacer Tonwod oung AVENE TR aretrl farse [a eng Ste WSL Berroa CSR. sonar Tel Norcal are esomoeon Sent aud No srocoral rarer Sones oe Timeapo No soca rarer Bersed Seamer Sant Pad lod rane ena OE TE GSE TO MET UCT ieee ara Gates of Sa Fol par ech parah for Se Vib de Pau Grete Tiaeap om To srt canes Comundad Sagrado Corian ae aris” Mirna Sse Be Serine Snot pari, hs omerniy acl corporaton Terps oe GENES Tor TORTS TSBOTGN WR ROS SST NS TE ‘str uth st Ros of na Epohane Toon nae Ti sro range Sood seme rae TET Noro range Saran an oo Tae a rad SDSS WN ONT Ca ae ned Ser NSLS Sarda ans aia ostrucwal ange Fon chines Sine Poat Taide rc GTB wh Mary Te eies Vin Sa Tal Forces Teepe Tere wit Se Arthony of Padi, St Cement, and St Hedi al Minnespls Stanton af aaua receiving arch ma Tanto Pa osttwal ange ornare Mianespat Chater with Sena Fa Wau, arepoTe ovpnare oT Was Te srutual dare Fairer nea ssa ange iowssiee Saint Past Tear ange arr Gooch Tay rece Ta a Coo Ble Crean Oy BTR Fairy South Sn PT Tay ecg ore Sout Fa ede mam Taree Tie ctrl charge fa etn dtr wih Se Arden, Cn inmacte Cone Coors Fa Te seas ange inact Conception Tons Tare for rot CTAB WI TOR HOW VEE ve Toa Gow NG WaT inmate Conception of aQioug——— Wadon Tis sata change etn aster wih Naty of Mary Cen) inmost Conception Witeroan Tae or srr aloSraton with St Bonace 3, on cs: move nara ae WATS Bae Inmate Heat of Many Tanne Teal ge Ferret innespal Tara GE Tire cheat Canon Comer Sane rul Ta roaaT age ary Motier a the hard Borie Ho rocursl canes Rayoneenotreoe, Rowe Teac ae aterty of ened Wa Sint Pa a aarranyRaaeeme Monae ost aly Redeare seco prah or St Conc, Ran Sale WNL PRT, SEAS esti Ton Saitou Po Mere wth Our ny of Grace, ns Our Lady af Grae rece atch nest hi Tay veer Taerted for aroctred colstorsbon wth inmaciste Concept, lon ‘move tonard cuter wth immaciot Conceoson Tamara Cea To sratra change eng Garo lh rvs dateConepton St Wane, Maan Fat of Our tod Sint Fod No sro anes Fatty ofthe Bssed Veg Beomingtoe To sot cangs Dortaay ofa ea, ‘ur dy of ace GENRE pA TO MGA Hay TY STOP DertaayeF Soedsape Sint PT ‘aed for stored claboraton wih St Mathew, Sa Pal and S- WRaa] WER SSR FAUT Daria oT cous TnesooTs To suture change ‘Durteayof Mount Comal espa Tie sacral ree Durtoay af Peace eso Te satura chee Dartaay alvin Minespsie To arora chee ior aan Fae Te arora change Fresenttan ole Deed gn May ——Mapirwond To arora canes Reensavor Turns Te arora change Seed tear Fale To sora change Seed ear Rashoty aster wih St rego NOTH AT Seedieor Santa To stra change Spee and TT Tore ‘Gis wth St. Ane, ae nS ana he ApS Cra Sense Sant Pao TGenied for sutured cotaboraton wit St Columba, Sat Paul Nove Toward Guar wi Sc COUN Scans oer ase wh St. abet An elon ass Shanes Sa Pau Tsvoaural anee Seabee GT aneapoo srocurl aaree Seine an To ror ange Ua een Ste wh HO Tt Wea] Sanson Santa Tere with Mater of he Besse Vr, Sait aul Mater fhe Weed WPan TENET Seinen oe Santa No rural ange Senne Fame iter Se. ter 36a LreRO wT Tara The Apo, COT Same Taser Testor ange Sc amet mapa eas stro ange Scantbonyof Paes aneapo Si athoy f Poa Scag Sa Tor Waly aes Bea DOS. Sc AUER South Sin Pa Tage win Wy Ty, Sout oi Pau Hay Ty a eeaing sah Soin Taneapa Tere wih Sige, Meeapoi St Ondgel i receng parish Samar Tears eg wh Se Tn the angels Union Wi, Sone engin Se Scho Teles St Thomas, St Thomas sat Wenceau, Ne rogue St Wenceausreehing oar Sohn the ng, St Sells, and Wencesios Bunge ema pe caw Sa PT Tesvuctual darge Seema alone Tie ctrl ange eng rw Aan Naw Toung RRCTET Scena Beco Ne svuctwal aang Se eenfaee espe er with A Sits Rap Se eentace ‘an Bonar Taened osc aeboratan wth focus COCRSUGT, WOTTON aaa Taste Sra secon oth for Rus, Mrnenbo Serger oT oneen Tiron oscil care Sree Ten erg with Mos ot Raoeemer Wargame MOR Ty Redcat ean SSR Sumi Sait ast Ge ih Sac San Pu Seater Terdan Designate 5 ota ofS Paik Tovar ‘norton of SP rdon 5 ceci Saat Teancval cree ose pen ie wih SMa Soe TS MT NST Somer Teapot Merge wth oh Cron SE AY aT PROD, Sad HAST An INGOT ARON TPT rooms Tana (dened for ral od GTSDOSTON WN Se AISTSS SIR PUT Te Tara eT wT RET Se couraer Tale oot ‘Merge wth oly Tiny, Goodhue snd St. Many Blecher, Ho Tony receng Barz eae Bonin Ne srctual saree aaah Ts Gir wih Agata, CORE Fema ar = TORSO Taos Fae Tie svat charge (heng Caner wa Soap Tove IE] Seon” Tange ‘Designate oratory of St arolone Ways encratary ot surtolomen ayete ‘SL Gerd Maal ta Pa Temecula Sc Gregory the a Thanh Gas with Sores Hea CRT Sched anes erp wih ly Crows St eho T dan, STH C, ia MaRS, Aaya PE ‘Sreehing ph ieee Tames Tie set dare Semen esse ier to gotta ager WSU Mae Carer ang an WSL MT Sonny onto We svuctual charge Serpe chara Tie svoctual charge Sciaates onan ise with Ske, Cea Samer Sant aut ‘Ter eceirg pte for SW SS, SR TROT ETOH RTT CDOTS wns sania at Pu " rove toward cluter at stom the Care = Simnatae Taare No structural ange Sciam Sot Pal Merge with acl Bayon St Po SPT aon eC TET Sciam Nema [a No soca ange Selanne Bop Daron No structural ange Selanne saps Bectior No actur change SEiaknahe tape Ts Tens wih. Gene, CERET GENER ENE DO Siem saps Sor Tosca change Scanmneeapa Te BEN To rota change Scion ine bape Soese Ro rear cree Stromnine sane Tera To rota change Tv Sein Caer WR. Ma Rampton sed any New Fa Strom eevee ootins ster to pote merger wh Sse Rept Scrat heeneet Te ona dee Tr stctured laocaton wih Sore Maplewood Tae Toward ane WAN SCOT State Gangs Tn Metge wiht ered New Pogue Se oseph, Lesion St Scho, Heeb. 5 Thomas St Thoma nd Wes ew Praga ence ee pe Sameer Tea ana dered for ducted eotboraton wih aly Wy South So Paul nove toward ar 8 TaN TY Sorepr Deira ‘Ger wh St. Mary of etohona, Deano i extng dare wih Pte Dera) Store Rosie Gato ott ergr wih St Joba te fangs. Nopin: Sr osepr Tenet Teas with Se Boned, New Pago, St lobn the args, Union HI Se Sar TT St Thomas, st Thomas and St ences, New Prague St Wenceslas veceuing parish Jobe Evang St Scholtes, ad St Wencatavs baling rman open ape Teas Rostra ange Soseph Tie To ror change ng TE wah SPW Cannon FART Stoeph Tor Fale To rotrl ange Tn Sing cue wa Se Fae over Panes Ton FT Stoseph Ween No roura ange Scoseoh West Santa Roars ange Sc oseph te Wore Masi Gove Roarodvral ange Slugs of he ate atone Rostvocurl darge Eoeeer Tinnesese Tema ara ‘Se Leonoa of For Waar Mneapsis Ginter th Hoy Name Mneapale ‘Stina no france Sant Pa Nowracal carey Sct Gearwater Conte wh S eats STATE ‘Sc moesena Gelder Tey Ro roca ange Mar Sanco Rostutrlange Sewer Shatonee ists to gotetal mer wit Mary haope and War of he Pureton avon Seni Bales erg wih S- Cube Selle ek apd Wo} Ty, Goodhue ol iy reabing 75h Sense Tew er Ts Hara change fe eve Gs wh Sohn the pti Veron snd St Math, Rem pAT aay Tetaner ‘eto pote arg wi Se Nery eur Taonga wi Se He] uy Sain PT Te store ange Scary Satopee ster to potent igo WS Many ape a Marya Te Pareto oe Stary Swat ‘Csr wh St. hares, Saypert in easing canter witht Wise, Seater Stary Wave Testor ange Sc maryatceociows ‘elo. ister wih St foseph Deane and et Dano Semana ae Fi Toso ange Se wry t hee Wate searate Tstrocra ange Scar ofthe Porton Shahopee isa potaal tger WIS Mark akapen sod Nar ane Scmates co Trot ange (ening ctr wi She Bap, Verran SAT Many Nw TT SMe Sana ‘later th St ic! es Sait Planted for seared colabortion wi) ‘ur Lay of Guaalupe, Sun Pal; move toward eluter with Gur 3d of Guadalupe camer Tan Tesora canes Semenaer Tey Tisroirl ange eg Sar oA One ESAT ‘Smieraer Fine aa Tisstrarl nang i enting utr wh St Pou, Zomba] Sense rake svar ange Scrse San eT Teed os 20 TSENG WO AGER IS TTR CRT WN ABET Sense Sater ‘hater wth Charis. Bayport etng cater wih St Many Sate] Seta West San Pad ‘ater ith St Maen, Sint Pau dense er ractured osaborston wT ‘Gury of Guaslupe, San Fal; move toward er vith Gur lady of Gandaine =a cr Teena or rr easbraton wih GuarSan Ang, Cada, move toward CT WAN Goan RE Soa Soe Herod aren Scoar esoai Hesarocrs ane Schaal iyo San Pel Bayon ren SPA ar Th SPT NTS To UE ‘lsborton wth essed seamen, Sit Pl move toward cer wi Slesed Serent aa a Tosrocral ares Sra Teer GO TSE eros rarer Scranc Tarn To ror tanger SeugnSe SUCH, an wo OTST PTE Scrana Dak ow eros range Soran Sin Pa lor th Co SPT re Shela “late th Hos Hoy Reeser MOMRgSTE hm Tara To tour range Sra Tart Ti srl change eg Gur wi Mca Fe aT Serer Delo ‘hater wth st. Mary escochowa, Geant str wih TORE DOaTaT rer Medots Ro socal ange Seer orth Pa ostocwraoanee Serer held lotr wth char NCATE Speer er Sin Pod sro range Snip TanesooT ostiocuraoanee Shaw Gennon fe Ti stor ange Teg Dae WANT aa TS) srarx Wate bee sttocuraaange iio ear Te aoc cha Sencar Raed ‘Gs wi St. Peter RENT Sra cotage Co Tssrutoal ange wt Comps cist er Fea Tere with ena New Fagin St To he ange UnoW AT, Sova ‘St Thomas, St Thomas and St Wencesus, New Prague St. Wencelus rece =P St JohmtheEvrgea st Scholes, and Wencesousbalngs eran open SSepher neapo otro ange Theres Deephaven Ro arta change Sethomae Se Thomas tare with St ened New Wage Sl he Hangs Union RI Tose, TouiOn ‘St stole, Hetaelbeg ana Wencesaus, New Prague St Wercesaus seeing pes; ‘John he fvarga, tr Schouten, se St, Wenceslas alings ern open ‘Thomas becet Tear rata changs SThomaeware Sant Paar ruta hangs ‘SC Thonaethe ABATE ‘Santa erg with essed Sone, SH Pour Tomas epee NET ‘Sc thamas the poate Corcoran ister wih. Petron Pu Laveto abd Ae, Rare ‘3c Thomaa the Apostle Tinneapote Testu ange Scion Tract cana icine Tarot change Sevetora Vitor Tio rota change Se vincent Fa Boon Pa soca change Ec vincen Pa Sant Pad erg wth ata TST Pa Cane oT SE Pa Tea DTT Ee Wenceur New Poa 3 Wencelus i rectvng path fr St Bedi, ew Prague Jha he ange UST, St oseph, Lerten, St Scholtes, Heielbr,and St Tomas, St Thomas Sto he Evangeit St Schatea, nde Wleneeiue bigs roman ope aE, Tier Ro rote change Tie church of Gena ae nese Sats tobe detarned Tanstgaraton Cae Teac