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Published by: MariaAllauddin on Oct 16, 2010
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Project Charter October 14, 2010

Project Title: Project Start Date: Group members: Online Registration System

October 14, 2010
Maria Allauddin (1101), Mehmooda Zia (1682)

Introduction Registration system has long been plagued with slow and archaic procedures. Currently, the Institutes do this by setting up tables on registration day. Students each fill out a form, which is then submitted, to the Institute personnel. These paper forms are then sent physically to HQ where the information on the form is then keyed into a legacy registration system where the individual is tracked as a regular part-time student. The proposed system that will expedite registration is web based using ASP program to interact with an Access database. Users will access the system via the web and within the system both Institute personnel and Professors will have Intranet accessibility. Summary The online registration system (ORS) manages student enrolment and history in classes for the university. ORS should allow staff to manage schedules of available classes, students to manage their quarter schedules, instructors to manage their own class, and the appropriate parties to get information and statistics about classes. Basic keywords used in system will be:Student- Student will have a unique student identifier and other information maintained by the Registrar System Class-Each Class is a single offered section of an offered Course. Eligible students may enroll in a given Class section. Course-A Course is named and numbered offering from the Course Catalog by a given Department. The Course defines the content of the curriculum taught to students. Instructor-An Instructor is a person who teaches a given Class section. More than one Instructor may be associated with a Class section. Objectives The objective of the project is to streamline registration processes for students registering for the Institutes courses and allow ease of access to information for Institute personnel and Professors. The final product to be delivered to the client is a web-based application written in ASP with a back end MS Access database.To provides interactive interfaces for students, instructors, administrators, staff, and the public to access the system. An eligible Student will be able to register for a class. Moreover a Student will be able to drop a class based on certain conditions.


Scope of work y Ease of access to information y Workflow capability y Interface between legacy system and ORS y Web based application y Web based reporting capability y Functional and Technical Documentation y Training Primary stakeholders y Executive sponsors. y Implementation team. y Service requirement team. Email/Fax Address) Registration (Registration Status. and requires a prerequisite that is not met. Student Authentication/Change PIN. y Survey team. y Project manager. course name. Add or drop a course. y Users: . Course Status. teachers. y Project implementation team. Registration Schedule) Course search (Course id. It will last for 3 months and should be completed by January 2011. Project Deliverables y Online Registration System Student Profile (Student Address. display a computed value of current GPA) Registration Assistance (Stop a registration request course for error conditions: conflict. has already been registered and or completed) y y y y Source Code Software Technical / Functional Specifications Documentation Work Plan The project will start on the 14th working day of October 2010. coordinating staff. does not exist. course duration) Grades (View past grades to the last completed semester. Register for a course.students. 2 .

y 3 . Interfaces to other systems and/or products will be established at the beginning of the project and access to resources who are subject matter experts for those interfaces will be identified and dedicated on an as and when required basis for the life of the project Implementation of this software will be done in conjunction with technical experts for both external and internal interfaces where necessary.Approach y y y y y y y y y y y Develop a project plan and accompanying work breakdown structure Develop a communication plan including the identification of appropriate content and the channels of communication Gain commitment of resources for roll-out of staff and faculty portals Create and maintain issues log Document current business processes Determine project milestones as development strategy will be incremental development. Develop understanding of new application Develop system completion plan Develop plan for system testing Document general security requirements for password Develop standards of measurement via survey Out of Scope items y Calendar option to review any events y Calculating number of students enrolled in each course y Educational catalog y Staff information y Fee structure y News feeds y FAQ option Assumptions Assumptions and Constraints upon which the project is based are as follows: y y y All necessary funding will be made available for the entire life of the project All resources both internally and externally which are identified up front and throughout the entire project will be dedicated 100% for the life of the project on an as and when required basis.

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