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Notice the Click Shop

Notice the Click Shop

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Published by Nur Afeza Nordin

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Published by: Nur Afeza Nordin on Oct 16, 2010
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The Click Shop, Lot 846, Jalan Long Yunus, 15200, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Tel : 09-7448585 20 – 21 December 2010 Dear Valued Customer,

You are cordially invited to our first promotional event of The Click Shop. We will give a lot of discounts for those who come to our event. So, your presence is requested for the business at hand. We hope that you will come and enliven the atmosphere of the event. Below is the details of the event :

Time: 10.00 A.M – 10.00 P.M Date: 20 - 21 December 2010 Location: Kota Bharu Mall


NUR ATIFAH BT NORDIN Admin Manager TheClickShop.net

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