AJM Megan Guiab 21 1.

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One day, back when I was 13, I was on my way to meet my friends who said they needed to speak with me. Back then, I was really clumsy so naturally, I tripped. When I stood up, my friends had already found me. One of them grabbed my hand and took me in their arms. They cried and told me that I have changed. They reminded me of the many wrong things I did to them, to others and myself. I cried with them. Since that day I have been striving to be the best person I could be. I am sure my being positive will see me through. I will be a better daughter. myself. A better student and friend for others and

I will learn from my mistakes. I believe in myself. I I will take on any

would not forget myself in the process. challenge. I will follow God.

As I started my teenage years, I was taught a significant word. It is “Kaizen.” Kaizen means never-ending efforts for

improvement. I have applied this into my daily life. I would not give up. I will keep pushing through. I will not give in to

temptation. I can accomplish this dream if I believe. Perhaps, I will even die trying.

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