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Checklist for Kitchen Planning and Design

Checklist for Kitchen Planning and Design

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Published by: Rahul Shrivastava on Oct 17, 2010
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Checklist for Kitchen Planning and Design

1. How many persons are living in your household? Adults Child(ren) 2. Do you have somebody to help you in the household and kitchen? Daily _____ weekly _____ occasionally _____ never _____ __________ (in cms.)

3. How tall is the person who works in the kitchen the most?

4. The efficient arrangement of the stove and sink depends on this, so are you: Right-handed Left-handed 5. If both are available, which form of energy would you prefer for the cooking well? Electricity __________ / Piped Gas ________________

6. When working in the kitchen do you also use:

Hi-fi Television Internet

7. What’s your house like? • Shell completed • Structural modifications possible still in the planning stages

8. Where are the family meals mostly eaten? ______________ (Does the client need a salad counter)

Where are the doors and windows in the room for your kitchen? (Please include on your sketch.Kitchen Details: The layout of the room for your kitchen. How large are the doors including the frames? Width (in cm) _________ Height (in cms) _________ 7. How do the windows open? Inwards ___ outwards _____ side-hung_____ bottom-hung _____ How large are the windows including the frames? • Width (in cms) _______ Height (in cms)______ • Height (from the floor to the sill of the window) ________ 6. The following questions are intended to help you not to forget anything.Shaped G – Shaped Peninsula Island Open . 5. Galley / Parallel Straight Line U shaped L .) number of windows number of doors 4. 4.) length (in cm) width(in cm) 2. and the available installations are often virtually immutable factors for your planning. pls take the necessary measurements 3. 1. 3. 2. Its floor plan. 5. 6. 8. 7. How large is your kitchen? (In the case of rooms with many nooks and crannies a simple sketch will help. What kind of kitchen would you opt for 1. How high is the room for your kitchen from floor to ceiling? (in cms) _____ Everywhere Yes No If No.

rather than cupboards.8. etc. How is the kitchen supplied with hot water? from a central supply / from a separate flow heater 11. What forms of energy are available in the kitchen? Electricity ______ Natural Gas ______ 12. Is there an air conditioner in the kitchen? If yes. to store food? 16. What material and colour scheme will you be choosing for the kitchen walls? 15. what would you use it for…. Cooking Preparation Storage Salad / Breakfast Counter Washing up 9.? (Note stacked heights) Much Average Little . vases. services. and other large table implements? Much Average Little Tableware. What material is used for the kitchen floor? 14. dishes. How much storage space do you think you’ll need for: Bowls. Can a break be made in an outer wall for the duct from an extractor hood? 13. Where … indicate exact position in the sketch Dimensions – Width (in Cms) ____ Depth (in Cms) _____ Length (in cms) _______ 10.. Do you prefer a pantry. • • • • • If you opt for an island.

and other glass articles? Much Average Little Cutlery (services.Coffee/tea things. Which fittings for optimised utilisation of storage space should now be incorporated in the plans? • spice pots rack/sauce jars • kitchen rolls • foil and cling film (incl. carafes. Implements for preparing food)? Much Average Little 17.? (Stacked heights!) Much Average Little Glasses. Can the sink be placed in front of the window? Yes _____ No ___ 21. etc. tear-off) 20. sets of knives and spoons. Which recess fittings do you want over the worktop? • Recess cabinet with louvre shutter • Function railing with accessories kitchen shelf – list of accessories 18. services. Do you need a tall cabinet to house the refrigerator in your kitchen? . jugs. serving and carving cutlery. Lighting: Light mount element (under the overhead cabinets) with halogen lamps or fluorescent tubes and sockets Halogen lamps (installed in base of carcase) Fluorescent tubes behind screen Light mount element installed on walls 19. Do you need the following in your kitchen: • an extending table? / stand alone table in the room? • a computer or TV in your kitchen? • Salad / Breakfast Counter 22.

23. . No. in the tall unit. Unit Description Inbuilt / FreeSta nd-ing Model Dimensions (W x L x D) Capacity If available Existing / To Install Position *** 1 2 3 4 5 Refrigerator Microwave Conventional Oven Hood Hob / Cooktop 6 Cooking Range 7 8 Dishwasher Wine Cabinet 9 Food Processor 11 Any other *** Specify where the appliance needs to be installed eg.. under the counter. Appliances : Would you prefer to source yourselves or should we provide the same with the kitchen: _________________________ Sl. in the island if any etc.

24. • • • What type of kitchen design would you choose spontaneously? modern wooden kitchen in the designer style comfortable wooden kitchen in the farmhouse style white kitchen coloured kitchen . FITTED SINKS AND TAPS • Single Bowl only • Single Bowl with drain board ____ ____ • Single Bowl with small ancillary bowl and drain board • Double bowl with drain board • Double bowl without drain board • ____ ____ ____ - Stainless steel (matt brushed or gloss) quartz or granite composites enamel ______________________ • Bio – Disposers (Crushers) required / not required _____________________ • Waste outlet : is it in the wall / floor : ______________________ • Sink Faucet : Platform mounted / Wall mounted ____________ Sink Mixer / Sink Cock ___________ Soap dispenser Stop valve for dishwasher Installation : • • • upright sink flush-mounted sink sink beneath worktop 25.

minimalist kitchen? Do you want a vibrantly exotic kitchen. Do you want to have an upright cabinet on the worktop? • yes. stainless steel louvre shutter • yes. glazed door • yes. aluminium louvre shutter • yes. Which recess design do you prefer? Recess panels in worktop colour Recess panels in front colour glass panels Stainless steel panels Tiles Painted 28.• • • • • extravagant kitchen with matt or high-gloss painted fronts professional kitchen in a high-tech look with a lot of tainless steel and glass purist kitchen without handles and with reduced design language Do you want a neutral. full of colour? 26. Which worktop material pleases you most? • Granite / Marble / Corian / Stainless Steel / Laminate / Agglomerate __________ 27. any other – specify __________ • No . Do you want the overhead cabinets to be 72 cm high? _____ Else specify ________ 30. Do you want glass cabinets or shelves to relieve the row of overhead cabinets? yes _____ no _____ 29.

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