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Becoming a Cyborg

Becoming a Cyborg

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Published by: 0hm0na on Oct 17, 2010
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Becoming a Cyborg

one-shot Written By: sweetsmile Completed: 5/20/2008

I should have listened, when she started saying weird things. I was too thoughtless then. --------------------³JunGyu, do you know how to become a cyborg?´ she asked me. ³A cyborg?´ ³Yeah, a cyborg,´ she said, smiling. ³No,´ I answered, frowning at her. How random can she be? ³I know,´ she said proudly. At first, I played along with her. ³How do you become one?´ ³You really want to know? You¶ll find out soon,´ she said laughing, but her eyes were grave. Our conversation ended there, but her obsessions for cyborgs continued on. ³What would you do if you became a cyborg, JunGyu?´ I was a bit annoyed with her by then. ³I don¶t know. I don¶t care.´ And then, one day, I finally snapped at her. She called me in the middle of the night, drunk, still babbling on about that cyborg crap. ³I think« I¶m becoming one, JunGyu«. I think I¶m becoming one«.´ ³WHAT IS UP WITH YOU AND CYBORGS ALL OF A SUDDEN?´ I screamed at her. ³IF YOU LIKE THEM SO MUCH, GO FIND ANOTHER BOYFRIEND WHO LIKES CYBORGS AS MUCH AS YOU DO!!´ I hung up the phone and went back to sleep. After that, I didn¶t see her for a couple of days. She didn¶t call me or answer my calls. She wasn¶t home, at school, or even work. I got a bit worried. Was I too harsh that time? But I mean, who wouldn¶t be in a bad mood after waking up in the middle of the night? As soon as I called her again and left another message for the twentieth time, I heard my cell phone ringing. I flipped it open immediately and saw her number being displayed. ³Hello?´ I said, almost screaming. ³What¶s wrong with you? Do you know how much worried I

And for some reason. as you realize there is no one to hear your muffled cries« or wipe away your tears.Have you ever cried.´ her mom said quietly.Have you ever laughed afterwards. She was crying for help when she was talking about cyborgs.Have you ever sobbed in the darkness? When you feel like there¶s nothing but the vast space. ³I think this is for you. . It was her mom. ³how in the world am I enduring everything so well?´ when in reality. As soon as I got to her home. to a point you feel your chest numbing? And then did you wonder. When you would RATHER have walls smothering around you. I sensed trouble. I saw her.. When you know there is no one to sympathize with the pathetic you.. It was titled: ³The Process. It¶s the moment. betraying your pride and eventually pitying yourself? Crying when you know you¶re the wrong one« crying when you know you don¶t even deserve to shed tears. Her wrist was bleeding. on the floor of the living room.was for the last two days?´ But it wasn¶t her. doubting your sanity? Have you laughed so hard. wanting their plastic eyes and mannequin smiles? Have you ever felt« like a cyborg before? I should have known. 3. But what made me finally realize and literally break down crying was a piece of paper her mom handed me. To: JunGyu´ 1.Have you ever wished« everything would be so much better if you did not have this thing called µheart¶ and could not feel anymore? Have you ever been envious of lifeless dolls. 2.. with a bloody knife next to her. And when I barged in. I couldn¶t believe what I saw. there a couple of police cars parked. you know you should be breaking down and crying again? Have you ever been scared of your indifference of pain? 4.

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