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exquisite craftsmanship in jewellery & a tag of being . biggest & still growing local market for gold.  It also indulges itself in disseminating latest information to its jeweler-members through a monthly newsletter. exhibitions.INTRODUCTION  Gem & Jewellery Trade Council of India (GJTCI) is a council formed to enhance & boost the jewellery trade of India by resolving various issues of the trade by escalating various to the relevant high authorities. Indian Jewellery industry is armed with millennia-old talents. festivals etc. workshps. various educative & trade-motivational events such as seminars.  GJTCI is formed with a motto to unite the jewellery trade to showcase its potential nationally as well as internationally.

technology. machinery Guidance & assistance to members Conducting events/exhibitions/seminars Dissemination of information Identifying trade promotion activities Conducting workshops for craftsmen and impart training in jewellery designing and manufacturing .OBJECTIVES:Sourcing design.


Asmi and ' amas through its arms and associates Gili was the first branded jewellery introduced in India. Maya. which retails some of the reputed brands like Gili. produce and sell high-quality jewellery brands worldwide & helps the customers in getting the maximum Value ± For ± Money in the process. Established in 1966. Nakshatra.  The very basis of their existence is to successfully develop. Vivaaha and Giantti.  The Group markets its products under the brand name of Gili. Asmi. 'damas. GGL is the only company. Nakshatra. . Gitanjali Gems Ltd (GGL). Sangini. is one of the earliest diamond houses in India.

The Brand factory:  In 1994 the group introduced India¶s first ever branded jewellery Gili. Rated as a super brand. The first jewellery brand that brought diamond jewellery within the reach of masses. the brand still ranks as one of the top ten jewellery brands in the country. .  Gili¶s primary brand value is ³Genuine diamond and gold jewellery at affordable prices´.

Business Strategy  Continue to grow retail operations  Expand market penetration for branded jewellery  Increase market share in India and other international markets  Increase jewellery manufacturing capacities and develop infrastructure .

most desirable and fastest growing jewelry brand in India. . select from the best jewelry collections available in the Indian market. India's most respected and widely diversified business conglomerate  Tanishq challenged the age-old jeweller's word with TATA's guaranteed purity  Tanishq also introduced professional retailing in the dis.promoted by the TATA group. where women can shop with comfort and peace.organised Indian jewelry bazaar. Tanishq is India's largest. Started in 1995. without worrying about the purity of the jewelry they are buying. as well as. Tanishq is the jewelry business group of Titan Industries Ltd .

and second. .Tanishq .Integrated Marketing Communications  Tanishq s marketing strategy focuses on making it the most desirable brand of jewellery in India. drawing new customers into its sixty stores located across the country. Tanishq is rated as one of India's most aspirational brand of jewellery.  The company has two key marketing objectives-First. which Tanishq has witnessed during the past years.  Successful demand generation through a slew of marketing measures is. at the core of the rapid. building long-term relationships with the existing. profitable growth.

TANISHQ MARKETING STRATEGY  When Titan launched Tanishq in 1995. Titan decided to change its strategy on two fronts: ‡ Value proposition ‡ Retailing. and good after sales service. Titan realized that there was a huge untapped market for branded jewellery in India.  The Tanishq strategy for the coming couple of years relies on two things ² increasing penetration in the domestic markets and going abroad in order to diversify its revenue portfolio. .  Many potential customers thought the products were over priced and associated the brand only with the rich. The critical success factors in the business were quality. fashionable design. Hence.

COMPARING BOTH THE JEWELLERY HOUSES: V/S  Points of differences between Gili and Tanishq:‡ Gili: 1) It is dependent on other retail outlets and malls 2) Specialized in iamonds products 3) It has wide range of products under diamond and gold ‡ Tanishq: 1) It has self outlets of its own 2) Speaclized in Bridal Jewellery 3) eals mostly in Stones and Gems very less collection for iamonds .

Guarantee of Authenticity of its products. b) provides with certificate of Authenticity  Employee Safety. a collection of ethnic Indian jewellery Gili to attract its costumers and satisfy its consumers comes up with strategies like:a) Gili promise i. etc.  Corporate gifts Collection: The Brand is very much popular in the market for its Corporate Jewellery Collections  Gili also comes up with special offers on top selling products Online shopping concept is also adopted by Gili . Environmental Protection Standards. Satisfaction Index. Sales & Distribution  In 1997 Gili introduced Rivaaz .e.Marketing Strategies. Medical Availability.

 Tanishq has not only developed a national retail chain with uniform and transparent practices and policies but also maintained consistency of retailing standards across all these stores on an ongoing basis. Chennai. Mumbai and New elhi.Tanishq jewellery is sold exclusively through three types of stores namely (a) Company operated stores (b) Management Agent stores and (c) Franchised stores  Tanishq have Company operated stores in Bangalore. Calcutta. .

Gili is specialized only in iamond Pendants.  If I was in position to advice the company to increase the sales. which needs proper cost analysis to compete well. how would I do it?  Gili should advertise its products in a rigorous way so as to bring it to end user¶s notice.CONCLUSION  Which Brand according to me is better & why?  Gili. Tanishq offers ethnic Indian jewellery which is not preffered by majority of the customers. Gili also need to expand in other cities of India where it does not exist now. it offers a wide range of 18-carat gold and diamond jewellery that has been designed to appeal to the contemporary Indian women. hence it should come up with a new specialty range to attract more and more costumers. this will lead to an opening of new market for the brand Gili¶s Collection price range is more expensive than its competitors. . It reflects the Indian woman.